Bitter over circumstances of life

He said several times as the bus approached, “don’t pray for me”.

This morning as myself and another lady where taking about Christ as we waited for the bus, I looked across the street and noticed a man walking. I yelled out to him, “God bless you today!”. He replied, “God doesn’t exist!”. I watched him walk over to the next bus stop across the street.

His bus came and I noticed that it parked there for a bit. I couldn’t see him because the bus blocked my view. Then the bus left, and there he stood. I heard him cussing to himself and the bus drove off.

I had been relating to this lady how a lot if times if we will listen to someones story we will begin to understand why they don’t want nothing to do with God.
Then I noticed the guy starting to come our direction towards the stop where we were waiting.(he was a ways down the road and unable to hear me). He immediately began to complain about how his bus wasn’t going to come for a while and that he would now have to take a longer route to get to where he was going.

I said that I was sorry that he couldn’t catch the bus that he wanted. He went into talking about how that God is mean and that he is the cause of all his problems. I assured him that that was not the case. He said that God is like a person who has a magnifying glass and goes around burning up ants. Such was his feelings towards God because of things that have happen in his life.

Then he said something that really let open the flood gates. He said, “where was God when my wife of 26yrs. cheated on me?”. He said that he had been a member of the “seventh day Adventist” church all that time. I assured him that it certainly isn’t about religion. He went on and complained some more about his problems.

Again I said that I was really sorry about his situation and tried to let him know that God loved him and is wanting him to turn back to him for his help. About that time, his bus showed up and I said that I would be praying for him. He yelled out to me, “don’t pray for me!” and got on the bus. I told the lady who was next to me, “well, he can’t stop me from praying, thank God for that”.

This is just one case of many people that have become bitter over circumstances of life. They have blamed God and have become angry and bitter toward him and anyone or anything that reminds them of Him.

These are tough situations to come across. It is all to common. People who have had experiences in life where people have hurt them or have let them down, basically have two choices in life.

1. They can turn to God and receive His forgiveness and thus be free from bitterness towards people that have did them wrong. Forgiveness can only be found in Jesus.
2. They can choose to not turn to God and hold on to that bitterness and thus become a person who is eaten up with all the cancer of bitterness.

All of us have had circumstances in our life that we could have chosen to become bitter over. By God’s grace that he gives us we can stay free from bitterness. Praise God!

Please remember this man in prayer. Thank you.


4 Responses to “Bitter over circumstances of life”

  1. cindyinsd Says:

    I think that one big reason people become bitter toward God is that they get these expectations that if they do certain things, their life is supposed to be happy. Reading some of John Eldridge’s books has opened my eyes to this phenomenon (to which I was a victim along with probably most of the people on the planet). We really believe that it’s God’s responsibility to organize and orchestrate the lives of people who look to Him so that they will be pleasant and happy in (at least) most respects. Not so!

    We were born into the midst of the war of the ages–a spiritual warfare between good and evil. Talk about epic–this war between God and Satan has been going on since before mankind was created, and will continue for a thousand years after Jesus takes the throne of planet earth. We have an enemy who is determined to destroy us. If he (Satan) can’t get to us spiritually, he’ll do his best to at least make our lives hell on earth.

    Why does God allow this? For one thing, God can’t very well stop it without taking away the free will that He gave to human beings. Imagine if every time someone planned some evil against another person, God intervened and made that evil of no effect. God would be taking away the free will of the would-be evil doer and his ability to affect his environment by choosing to do evil.

    But what about the times that bad things happen and it’s nobody’s fault? It’s an accident or an illness or “just one of those things”? God’s ways are higher than ours. He may allow these things to show off the faithfulness of His people, to chastise His people or get their attention, as a testimony to “pre-believers” or even to our brothers and sisters, or simply as a means of bringing us home when it’s time to come home. I haven’t exhausted the list of reasons God may have for allowing painful things into His children’s lives, but one thing we can be sure of, and that’s His love for us, and that He doesn’t allow anything into our lives except for our good and/or the good of others. And He’ll never allow anything that will cause us lasting harm.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post (as always!)


  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks, very well said.
    Blessings to you!

  3. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. We see the mounting levels of bitterness and anger in the world and are reminded of the intensity of the battle for souls. The enemy is continuously seeking to run out the clock on his captives by focusing theior attention upon the dreams that didn’t manifest, the promotion that went to another, and of course, the things that “just seem to happen. I had a grandfather who passed away when I was still in my teens. His last years were spent in unimaginable bitterness. Angry about this person who “did him wrong,” angry about “that situation that didn’t pan out” and what have you.

    And I see it all around me. Folks continuously bitter about a plethura of things. Many times it centers on serius issues and oftentimes it’s about things which are completely irrelevant. May we all be atuned to the Spirit and ready to respond to these priceless souls when we encounter them.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  4. Richard Says:

    So true. I also see it everywhere.
    Yes, may God help us to take full advantage of the opportunities. Time is certainly short.
    Thanks bro

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