Remember Jesus!

“The call to focus on Jesus is a call to life” (a quote from the book “God in the flesh” by Don Everts, InterVarsity Press).

For the past few month’s God is calling me to a deeper, more clearer and more simplified relationship with His Son, Jesus. I am also falling in love with Him like never before.

I am not one that goes around recommending all kinds of books out there to read. I believe that the Bible should be our main book to read and study. If we are not careful, we can spend all our time reading everything but His word and thus be deceived by man and His teachings. So we need to be very careful. I have only read a few books over the years outside of the Bible.

I felt a stirring in my spirit a few weeks ago when I began to search, read and study the life of Jesus in the four Gospels. I sensed that He was going to also lead me to some other books on the subject. Last week during a lunch break, I went over to the book section, and found a book titled, “The greatest words ever spoken” by Steven K. Scott. It is an awesome book that deals only with the words of Jesus. I spent my lunch hour checking it out.

Today, I went by a local book store where I minister out front from time to time. I tried to find this book, but they were all out. However, I found this book, “God in the flesh” and sat down with it for a while. What a fantastic book. If your interested in more about Jesus’ life, I highly recommend it.

Here are just a few quotes from it:

“It’s hard to remain focused on Jesus because we have become too sophisticated. The Gospels are so simple and straightforward that we sort of graduate on to Paul. Where the meaty theology lies.”

“It’s difficult to remain focused on Jesus because we too often give in to a culture that gags on Jesus. Over time we let his name slip from our vernacular. Jesus has always been a stumbling block.” (I might add, so get over it)

“So we become all about Jesus and the end times.” (or I might add, Jesus and the sabbath). “And our curriculum shifts, ever so slightly, away from the person of Jesus. Or maybe it’s Jesus and gifts of the Spirit, or Jesus and the church growth theory, or Jesus and worship styles. It doesn’t matter what specifically we are tempted to focus on, it’s the trying to focus on two things at once that enters us into dangerous ground.”

The Apostle Paul’s writing to the church at Corinth. “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified” (1 Cor.2:2) “Paul knew that next to knowing Jesus Christ and him crucified, all else paled in comparison.” “Paul was a simpleton, when it comes right down to it. He wanted to know Jesus. And to know Jesus crucified. In the end nothing else mattered to him.”

Yea Jesus! He’s the best who ever lived! Let’s all get to know him more! We won’t be disappointed!


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