Children and the spiritual realm

I am convinced that children sense something in the spiritual realm. They of course can’t speak about it like you or I can.

How do I know this is true? Well, on numerous occasions now there have been little children that have come up to me, or have passed by me as I was either preaching or just standing there holding out a tract. They are diffidently attracted to what is going on in the spirit.

Their look on their faces tell some kind of story and it’s not superficial.

First off, I am talking about children in the age bracket of three to five years old. Their look on their faces is more than curious. Yes, you could say that when one of these little ones pass by as I am preaching they no doubt wonder in their little minds what is that guy doing. I will give you credit for that. But it is deeper than the surface of that thought. Especially when one is just standing there saying nothing.

Examine this case for instance:

Today, I was standing on several corners in the downtown area. I had just picked up some of my newest tracts from the printer. I had sensed that the Lord wanted me to just get them into their hands, He would do the rest.

So, I had noticed this mother of three children pass me by on three different corners at three different times. The first two times, I had pretty much noticed all three kids. Their ages where probably nine, six and five. Two girls and the youngest was a little boy of five (my best guess).

Each time they passed by they would all look at me as to try to figure out what I was doing. This is common with children, I have found.

However, the third time they passed by the little boys eyes caught mine before he came close, and we both kept eye contact as they passed by. The boy kept walking with his mother and siblings down the sidewalk. I kept my watch on him and he would turn around every few steps and look back at me.

They were almost a block away, when he turned around to see me. I leaned out a bit so he could see me because of the people standing next to the wall where I was. THEN I WAVED TO HIM. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPEN NEXT?

HE WAVED BACK! He was just about a block away. I prayed that God would raise him up to be all he was created for.

Now in my spirit, I know that this is very deep. It is deeper than I can grasp.

Is it because?

This little guy was someday going to be a real man of God that would turn the world upside down for Jesus?

Someday he would be doing the same thing? Standing there handing out tracts?

Did the spirit of God in him know what was going on and that is why the boy showed signs that he knew what was taking place, he just couldn’t come right out and say it?

Whatever was going on, I know it’s spiritual and I know that God loves little children and He is manifested in them.

“Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them.” (can you imagine this?)

“But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.” (Matt.19:13-15)

This just came to me:

In heaven we are going to be with All the children that have died when there were young. Think about it. All the little ones that went out by no choice of their own. Those who were “aborted”. Those who were “killed”. Those who died because of some “incurable disease”. They all received a “Free Ticket” to heaven. How awesome is that! Does God love children or what?



9 Responses to “Children and the spiritual realm”

  1. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Blessings Bro,
    Yes, I agree that these “little ones” are pure. Sounds like you had a real spiritual connection with him. Almost like he wanted to stop his mom and go over and sit on your lap to hear you talk about God :-). I reminded of the bible quote that says something to the effect “raise up your children in the correct way they should go, and they will not veer from this path later in life” Only if the mother had stopped, then the little boy would have had “more” of an impression of this preacher of God.

  2. Richard Says:

    Yes it was awesome indeed!
    Unfortunately, I have seen mother’s steer their kids from hearing “the preacher”. This grips my heart. What accountability they have before God. I wrote a post along this line, back some time ago.
    “Mommy what was that”
    God bless you bro!

  3. fireball3316 Says:

    that is awesome. i so agree. i know our kids age 7 and 4 have this amazing faith and sense about God that I WANT! when my son was 3 he had a dream about the return of Jesus. we hadn’t even gone into detail about that with him or read about it much in his bible. but he had some real specific biblical details in his dream, and more than that – HE was different – when he told me about the dream you could FEEL something and he was confident and amazed – by nature he was usually a shy quiet kid who NEVER did news at playgroup – for the first and only time he did news that day and told his playgroup leaders and mates. i love hearing my kids pray. and their delight in things God does. thanks so much for all you have shared on your blog and also in your life! merry christmas and may you draw nearer to our saviour in 2010!~

  4. Richard Says:

    God bless your kids! Thanks for sharing how spiritual they are despite their ages.
    Merry Christmas to you also and your family!

  5. ragamuffinfaith Says:

    Kids most definitely get it. After attending Bible College for 4 years, my senior year I was helping one day in the kids church and I asked the question “Why do you love Jesus?” Quiet honestly after Bible College I had grown so accustomed to thick theological answers and doctrinal statements, and this 6 year old little boy responded with laughter “Because He loves me!”

    And I have to admit, following Jesus with the heart of a child is much easier than the rigid teachings of doctrine. 🙂

  6. Richard Says:

    Your heart must have melted at those words. How awesome is that?
    So true about “following Jesus with the heart of a child”. Doctrine can get stuffy and ridged real fast.
    Thanks for stopping by, The Lord bless you!

  7. ragamuffinfaith Says:

    My heart completely melted. I think kids understand so much more than we know. I was watching some clip its from Mary Sue Chapman’s funeral service (Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter who tragically died from that freak car accident) and a few minutes before her death she had been doodling on some paper and had written the words “see” and under neath it drawn a butter fly. Steven had no idea that she knew the word or even knew how to write it. It gave me chills at what she might have possibly seen on the side of this world.

  8. Richard Says:

    Awesome! I certainly believe that they “understand so much more than we know”. Yes, the Chapman’s testimony is really powerful. Oh the pain and sorrow that many have gone through while here below! Someday we will see and understand it all, but not on this side.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. milagros gonzalez Says:

    Dios le bendiga yo necesito saber o quiero aprender la influencia en el hambito espiritual a gue grado eso afecta a niños o adolecentes porgue uno le predica la palabra les enseña a orar .pero hay momentos en gue prestan atencion y le gusta pero la mayoria son envueltos por las cosas del mundo son inreverente , desobedientes,croseros en la calle.nosotros como iglesia estamos en la obligacion de ministrarles y yo guiero aprende para poder ayudarlos

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