Question and Answer Day

One man said, “No. God left me.”

Every once in a while God will send me out with one question to ask people. Today was one of those days. The question was, “Is Jesus ruling and reining in your heart?”
So to give you a general idea of how it went out there on those streets, here are a few that I jotted down on my memo pad to share.

There were two men that I asked this question to on the train. The first one I just “cold turkey-ed” it to him.
“Hey brother, is Jesus ruling and reining in your heart?” His reply was, “No, but that sounds like something that my mother would say.”
Now, was this good that he heard this from someone else besides his mother? God knows.

The second man on the train that I asked this question to, was on another train headed in another direction. He also was “cold turkey-ed”. His reply was, “No! Because He left me.” I said, “Oh yeah.” Then I was prompted to say, “was there any people involved?” He said, “Yeah, several church people.” I assured him that God will never let us down, but people can and will. He said, “how well I know.”

This certainly is not an isolated case. Many people have left God because of people. And a lot of those have been “church people.” Whatever the case, I try and encouraged people that have had people let them down, to try and move beyond the people and develop a relationship with the One who will never let them down. Certainly forgiveness enters into the picture.

One man on the back of the bus said this in regards to the question. “I don’t appreciate someone preaching to me. I have my own beliefs.” I assured him that I was not “preaching” to him, but was only asking him a question. He went quite, and so did I.
Can God use this question as a “seed?” Can He take it from there? I believe He certainly can.

I have learned not to “press their buttons”. If someone doesn’t want to go further, they will let you know. And he did.

The Lord led me to a town that I haven’t been to in over a year. As I was walking down the sidewalk, I noticed a man standing in the doorway. We talked about the weather a little, then I asked him the question. His reply was, “Well, that is something that I don’t talk about.” I smiled and said, “you mean like, politics and religion?” He smiled and said, “you got it.” I assured him that it is certainly not about “religion”, it is about Jesus. He smiled and said, “have a good day”. I said, “you too, and God bless you”.

Another man was also standing in a doorway (it was raining pretty hard). His reply was, “I’m not into religion”. Again, I assured him that it was way more than that. Encouraged him regarding Jesus.

Now this next encounter somewhat blew me away.

As I was walking the other direction down the sidewalk, I came to an intersection and noticed a man bending over in the street cleaning out the steel grate that catches the debris so they don’t go down the drain and clog it up. He looked like the average person, not a typical city employee doing his job of cleaning out the grates.

So I stopped and complimented him as to what a good job he was doing. Come to find out he was a local business owner and he had been cleaning three of the four grates at this intersection. We spent time talking about his reason’s as to why he was doing it. He shared about his art gallery down the road that he and his wife owned. He even shared about his neighbor who was once a glass artist, now turned a car collector and restorer. All the time, I listen with great intensity. He was very interesting.

Then, after about 20 minutes, there came an opportunity to ask him “the question”. He turned to me and said, “well yes He is”. He said that his father was a “Presbyterian” minister when he was a kid. Now he is with the “Vineyard” church. Both of us shared about how it is way more than “church and religion”. He talked about doing good things from the heart.

Then he went into his testimony.

About three years ago, he was involved in an auto accident. He hit a tree head on, and climbed out the windshield and stayed conscious long enough to give his cell phone to a passer by to call 911 and his wife. He then died.

Later to learn that he was pronounced dead and died for twenty minutes. The morg was called and the whole works. Then the EMT was able to resesatate him, only to find out months later that he had brain damage. He was in a coma for three months.

Now what amazed me was that there was absolutely now indication of his brain being damaged. He assured me that there was, with such things as memory loss, pain etc.

I told him that he was a walking miracle. As if he had never heard that before. I was impressed to ask him if he ever has written down his testimony to share. He said that he was not able to write very well because of his injuries and that  he didn’t have the patience to sit on a computer. He had said that because of the accident, he was way more hyper than he had used to be.

I was not the first to encourage him to have his testimony written out. I told him that I would pray that God would sent someone into his life that would have the gifting to listen to him share it, then write it out. He again said that he didn’t know if he would have the patience for it. With God all things are possible, right?

His phone had rang twice during our 45 minute visit. He said that it was either his wife or mother in-law wondering where he was. About that time, his mother in-law drove around the corner and he waved. She was also involved in the art gallery.

I sensed it was time for us to part. He said, “hey do you have a business card or something?” I reached in my wallet and gave him a card. Who knows where God can take this. He does!

We shook hands and thank each other.

What a “Question and Answer day! Once again, God is all about people!


7 Responses to “Question and Answer Day”

  1. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Awesome experiences! Great stories. Great question. More of us should do this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard Says:

    Glad you were blessed. It is my hope that many more will be blessed by going out and being led of His Spirit. All it takes is to be willing to be used and to set out expecting Him to led you to people that He has placed into your path.
    Thanks for stopping by. Do you have a blog?

  3. cindyinsd Says:

    Wow! Great stories, Richard. Where God leads, He always has His reasons. We probably won’t often see the reasons, but I absolutely believe that He has a purpose in each person He leads you to speak to. Be blessed, bro!

  4. Richard Says:

    So true sister! He knows what He is doing. Where He leads we will follow!
    Bless you!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. eternallyhopeful Says:

  6. zebulonthered Says:

    So… You say god gives you questions to ask? How, may I ask, does he do this? Do you hear voices?

  7. Richard Says:

    Sure! That is the exciting thing about having a relationship with the living God. With His Spirit living within you, you can learn how to listen to The Spirit and then live out what He tells you. It’s awesome! It’s so much more than “church” and “religion”. It’s life in The Spirit! This is something I enjoy sharing because it makes life worth living. It takes the “Ho Hum” out of this physical existence.
    My prayer for you is that you would also come to know Him and experiance Him in like manner.
    Bless you!

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