Losing our life to gain it

Unusual concept isn’t it? It certainly isn’t what the world out there teaches.

Jesus said and taught, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.” (Mk.8:35)

This is some hard stuff! This is some hard teaching! It goes against our very being! When one starts this process of “losing their life”, it’s very likely that there will be times when they stand up and yell, “I want my life back!”  Such was the case of one who was very close to me. There will be times when we will be faced with the very decision of what shall I do, give up or not. In our natural man we don’t like giving up. We are naturally stubborn and we want our own way. This is very evident even at a very young age. Watch two year old babies sitting down on the floor with one toy. Or even if each has their own toy, what happens? That’s my toy!

When we are on this course, this path of abandonment, we will all be faced with times of real struggles. Now of course, if you haven’t been on the path yet than there is no real battle. We will look at this and scratch our heads and try and figure out what it is I am talking about.

You might say, I go to church every Sunday. Sometimes twice a week. If fact, I am on the worship team. I pray. I feed the homeless. While all these things are good and amiable, they are not “reckless abandonment”. This abandonment will always take the “road less traveled” than the masses.

The following quotes (in quotation marks) are from the book, “God in the flesh” by Dan Everts. Published by InterVarsity Press. Highly recommended.

“Not everyone is called to leave his or her vocation, of course”. Some are definitely called to do this and must obey this if they are to fulfill God’s intended plan and purpose while here on this earth.

“Our reckless abandonment should look as varied and unique as we are. leaving a fishing company,” (as did some of his disciples did). Some are definitely called to leave their business and follow Him.

Others it may be, “cracking open your prized alabaster jar of nard, walking into synagogues to preach about Jesus, caring for the poor in the name of Jesus rather than caring for our bank accounts in the name of leisure……”

“The call is always from Jesus and is as varied as we are. But the response is the thing. When we see Jesus clearly, our own cares melt away. And we will do whatever he says.”

The key is, “when we see Jesus clearly.” It’s going to take time alone with Him to see Him clearly. It’s not going to happen as we rush through this life and then put the brakes on only when Sunday morning arrives. Then the brakes are on for Jesus, but only for two hours then I am off and running again. If we only stop to see Him when the church doors are open, we’ve missed it all together.

It must be a daily spending time with Jesus. This is certainly not easy. Especially for those who have children and families to care for. But it still must be found. It is going to have to be cut out each day with determination and discipline. It going to be hard,but He has promised all that we need if we seek Him first.

As I look back on my walk with Him, there were times when I just didn’t want to “cut out” anything more. My walk consisted of “normality”, lack of desire and very little passion. We might have to cut out such things as TV, the computer, meetings in the evenings etc. For some it might even be “Monday night football.” God forbid!

This abandonment is personal, but must be done. As we seek Him out. He will reveal more to us as we go. It’s a process. He has a personal road map for us to follow, and it just might be vastly different than those we know. It could very well be the “road less traveled.”

My personal experiance has been one of many abandonments. Some could be classified as “reckless”. If having never had some of these experiences, I’m sure I would be one of those “comfortable Christians” not willing to step out by faith into the unknown. Not popular today by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly not taught.

However, I can truly say that it hasn’t been easy. It’s hard stuff, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier. But, I can truly say that through it all, I have experienced true joy and true satisfaction. A life submitted, a life lost to Him is worth it all.

True abandonment takes place when His will is done, not ours. When He shows us over a period of time what must go in our lives, then by His grace and strenght we leave to follow Him, words cannot express the joy that arrives in our obedience. Basically, it is true life when we pursue what we know that we have been created for. If we don’t know, then we must stop and find out.

Jesus did just this. He experienced life as the Father had purposed for him. He did the Father’s will. But it comes with a price tag. Jesus paid the ultimate price by giving his life a ransom for all. He is asking us to give our lives to Him. Our all to Him and follow Him. Will we do it? Are we doing it?

Are we losing our life for Him and His Kingdom? Once again, I am not talking about two hours on Sunday morning with a bible study thrown in. I am talking our whole lives!

May God bless you as you give your all to Him!


5 Responses to “Losing our life to gain it”

  1. godsloveandlaw Says:

    All very good points bro except the continual mention of “sunday” as the worship day. If we look at Christ, we know He did what was pleasing to God the father. He ALWAYS worshiped on the Sabbath, NEVER on sunday. Sunday was actually the pagan worship day of the “sun”. It only became the false worship day when the Roman Empire made “laws” enforcing this day as the “holy”day.It is indeed “man’s traditon” for sunday worship. The Sabbath is mention hundreds of times in the bible as holy. Sunday is not even mentioned ONCE as holy or even as a day of worhip. Let us walk as Jesus walked, which is continually into Church on the Sabbath. The truth is the truth bro, let us spread it!

  2. Richard Says:

    The reason that I mention “Sunday” church is that is the day that most people go to church. I wasn’t trying to say that it was right or wrong.
    As far as “worship” goes, Christ did always worship the Father. As far as “church” goes, He was a Jew and was found on their sabbath in the synagogues. Of course, that’s what they did then.
    I would prefer to worship the Father each and every day, not the day.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. godsloveandlaw Says:

    No Bro,
    Jesus NEVER did anything to “go along with the crowd” He did it because He was righteous. He did not compromise His righteous to go along with ‘custom” As being the longest of the commandments he set for us an “example” that we should follow. Unfortunately Satan and his master plan revolved in getting mankind to break this most holy day of worship. I agree we should worship Him everyday, BUT we are commanded to KEEP the seventh day “Holy” and NO OTHER day. And unfortunately many “Christians” view it as “just another day”. Very sad indeed. Your faithful brother.

  4. Richard Says:

    I agree with your statement regarding Jesus.
    Yes we are to keep the seventh day Holy! Back then they were under another calendar. There is no way of truly knowing that their “Saturday” is the same as ours.
    And how do we arrive at the “Sabbath” as being the only day to worship Him? Does it mean having “church”? Does worship mean church? Does Sabbath mean worship? Does it mean church?
    Good questions?
    Bless you bro!

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