One culture that appreciates Jesus

And that is the Hispanic culture. In my years of ministry, not once have a seen an Hispanic person refuse a tract or get nasty at me for talking about Jesus. Not once have I seen one who was disrespectful either.

I believe this is because they are raised in a country where most are brought up as Catholics. While this is just another religion with all it’s traditions and man made rules and doctrines, at least they teach Jesus. And along with that they respect Jesus and His teachings. That is a lot said compared to many other cultures such as Americans here in America who will go to extremes such as tearing up a tract, yelling at you, or even spitting in your face when it comes to Jesus.

Today, I had another opportunity to experiance this first hand. I was standing on this corner and noticed a young Hispanic man about 20 feet away from me. I went over to him, smiled and give him a Spanish tract. He spoke a little broken English, looked at it and thanked me. I noticed he immediately went into reading it as I returned back to my corner. He was waiting for a bus.

When he had finished, the bus was coming and he hurried over to me to say out loud, “Thank You!” I smiled and said, “You are welcome, God bless you!”

This is rare with most Americans out west here. Does our spoiled culture need a wake up call? I believe it does. God knows what it is going to take to wake America up.


6 Responses to “One culture that appreciates Jesus”

  1. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes bro,
    When we meet a smiling face and a receptive person it is so uplifting. Jesus went to Samaria (the despised region) because of exactly that! The young girl at the well “listened” as opposed to the blinded pharisees. And it aroused Jesus and the way was opened for Him to go and preach into Samaria. Saving many there. So to today. Once we get the attention of people we have half the battle already won (If they really listen). Do you have spanish tracts also? It may be helpful, keep up the good work!

  2. Richard Says:

    Very true! It is always a blessing to find someone who is “receptive”. Yes, I always try and have some Spanish tracts with me. This man who I was referring to did get a “Spanish” tract.
    Thanks brother!

  3. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Very true. Though some that know of Jesus, do not ‘know Jesus’ which is sometimes frequent in the Catholic church. Though, if you truly know Jesus and are not just playing religion, I have found that these Catholics often have powerful testimonies.

  4. Richard Says:

    I agree. Knowing of Him and truly knowing Him are vastly different. Yes, there are many Catholics that love God, and sad to say they seem to love Him more than some professing Christians. The fruit of our lives tells the story, doesn’t it.
    Good to hear from you.
    May He continue to bless you as you go out for Him!

  5. Loretta Says:

    hi Richard just wanted you to know that I did read this blog. Thanks for letting me know about it. I have the same experience here in the Bay Area. But I think the more “gentle” and respectful attitude of the Hispanics goes beyond being Catholic. I think it must be cultural behavior that goes beyond religious background, imho. The reason i say this is, I have known many non Hispanic (mostly heritage from Western Europe like me) Catholics who respond to the Gospel with such vehement anger and self righteousness and religious spirit, like “How dare you evangelize me- why don’t you find a real sinner” (actual quote). These people (from my own demographic background: white/Catholic), at least for me, are the ones who are most angered and offended when I try to share the Gospel with them: because they are “good Catholics” etc.

    As a teen, I was a lost Catholic, desperately trying to get the approval of God through religion and good works, before I heard the Gospel of the love and grace of God. I am so glad He revealed Himself to me.

    • Richard Says:

      I totally agree that it is a “cultural” thing.
      Yeah, me too. I was raised a catholic. All religion, pure and simple.
      I usually find it easier to witness to them, then most other religions. Why? Because of Christ. They believe that He was not just a prophet, like so many other religions.
      Thanks for sharing,
      Bless you!

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