Move into what God is already doing

Yes we bring God into the environment that we come into, but He is also already working there.

I was reminded again yesterday that wherever we go in this world, God is already there and working. It is up to us to stay in the Spirit so we can connect with what He is doing. If I am following my flesh and not the Spirit, I will completely miss out. This is why most are wondering where is the power of God moving? Actually everywhere. But unless we are anticipating and seeking Him in the moment, we will miss out.

Everywhere we enter into, we should be aware of this. When we enter our workplaces we need to be aware of this. When we enter the supermarket, we need to be aware. When we are walking down the sidewalk, we need to be aware. Do you get the idea? Everywhere we enter into.

God in already active (key word) before you or I show up. It is good to do things like asking Him when you enter, “what are you up to here?”, “what are you doing here?” After that, we need to be active ourselves. What do I mean by active? I will give you some examples.

Say I walk into a market. When I enter, after asking Him what He is up to, I began to “seek” and to “look”. Yes, I might have some shopping to do of course, but this trip isn’t all about me. It’s about what God is doing here. After all, your in His Kingdom aren’t you? And He has a spiritual Kingdom on earth doesn’t He? And you want to be a part of His Kingdom advancing here don’t you?

As I am shopping, I must be aware of my surroundings. No room for blinders here. I must be looking ahead, to the side and behind. Now from this point on, the Spirit may choose to want you to “do” many different things. Some examples may be:

You see a shopper approaching on your left. Your listening to the Spirit. The word purse comes to your mind at the same time you notice her purse. You say something about her purse to her. This engages the Spirit that is already working in the building, down the isle. The next thing you know, you are talking to her about her recent loss of her love one. So, you minister to her.

In this, life takes on meaning and purpose. It is no longer, “Oh no, I have to go shopping. What a drag. I wish somebody else would do it”

As I move out into where God is moving, I visualize that He is going forward. I find Him, then come along side of Him and we move together. But first, it is “asking” then “seeking”, then “finding”.

Another example would be what happened today when I entered the train. I entered and asked, “what are you doing here?”. I personally, like to stand on the train. This gives me more opportunity of moving when the Spirit says so. I stood to one side, looking around. Always keep you eyes moving and your ears open.

The train came to it’s first stop and let people on and off. After that, I sensed that I needed to go over and stand next to the other door, which I did. As I stood that in that new location, I again looked around. I turned behind me and noticed a man sitting up behind me on the upper platform.

I asked him, “are you in the military?” He had on a military type hat. He said that he was. He saw my coat, which is a military type coat and asked if I was in the military. I smiled and said, “well, yes I am in God’s Army”. We spent the next 20 minutes talking about the things of the Kingdom. He shared with me what God was up to in his life. He had good spiritual insight. He was greatly encouraged, and so was I. It made for an awesome start of an awesome day.

Now what would of happened if I would have just entered the train, grabbed a seat and pulled out an IPod? See, it’s like driving in the car all by yourself. You and the music. Good for you, yes. But what about people that God loves and died for and is trying to reach?

All because I wanted to know what God was up to. I chose to want to know. Like anything else in God’s Kingdom, we gotta want to.

Chose today, to be a part of what God is already doing in the earth. Each place that you go, be ready, be aware. Be looking, be seeking, be listening. If you do, God will bless. He is more interested in extending His Kingdom than we could ever imagine. And he uses people to do it.

God bless you as you go out!


8 Responses to “Move into what God is already doing”

  1. gladwellmusau Says:

    Amen. I like your challenging post. Yes, sometimes we become to over occupied with ourselves while there are people out there who need to be ministered to, not necessary bombarded with preaching but rather a kind word or two. I pray the Lord will give me such an opportunity today to minister to someone in need.

    Thank you and blessings to you.


  2. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Very good! Good thoughts, Roxanne

  3. Richard Says:

    Glad you were challenged. Yes, we minister however the Spirit leads us to. Can’t wait to hear about the opportunity that he gave you. Shoot me a line and let me know.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Bless you!

  4. Richard Says:

    Glad that you were blessed also!
    This is life in the Spirit. We don’t have to wait tell we get to heaven to enjoy eternal life. We can experiance it now, bless The Lord!
    Big blessing to you sis!

  5. Scotti Says:

    Thank you for this ! The grocery store example hits home! Ouch! With two growing boys I am always at our local store and I usually dread it! We live near a retirement community and share the same grocery store. It’s always sooo… crowded any time of the day and there seems to be so many slow moving people when I am in a hurry! 😉 My shopping trips have definitely been all about my own agenda. 😦 I am now looking forward to my next trip (today!) to see what God is up to there! I pray the Lord will give me the patience to listen to His Spirit and the boldness to act in that environment! Amen.

    Your selfless ministry is such an inspiration, Richard! May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you.


  6. Richard Says:

    Glad you have been blessed!
    Hey, how did the last grocery shopping experience go?
    Bless you sis!

  7. Prodigal Knot Says:

    You always inspire me to keep looking for opportunities, Richard. I do most days, but some days I just get into a funk and get so wrapped up in my own issues that I don’t look for what Satan is trying to distract me from. Good reminder to always be ready to share and help.

  8. Richard Says:

    Prodigal Knot,
    I’m glad you were inspired!
    I have found that the more responsibilities, or the more “to do’s” we have in one day, the easier it is to get into a “funk”. And yes, Satan gets that evil grin on his face when we do.
    May God continue to bless you as you go out for Him!

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