Pot salesman hears one more time

I said, “nah, no thanks”, but told him I was on a continual high.

It was just him and I on the back of the bus. He asked me if I smoked. I said “sorry, I don’t”. “If I had one, I give it to ya”. He said, “not a cigarette, but pot”. He said that he had some and was wanting to know if I wanted to buy some. I said, “nah, no thanks”. I smiled and told him that I was on a continual high and that I didn’t need the temporary high.

I began to tell him about life in the Spirit. He would listen then tell me why he was not interested. He, like most, went down the “religion” road. I explained to him that I was not trying to share religion with him. We had an excellent dialogue. He seemed to be a little “hot” at times, which is not unusual. With the Holy Spirit, I was able to keep calm and collect and share Christ.

God gave us about 20 minutes together. It was awesome. We shook hands before we came to our stop and got off.

Once again, God reminded me that often times it is just about giving them another opportunity to hear about His Son. God is all about love. He pursues mankind with His love. Each and every opportunity to share Christ is God’s love in action. If we have God’s Holy Spirit dwelling within us, then we have His love.

I am always reminded with the two greatest commandments that Christ gave. Basically, love God and your neighbor. If God’s love is inside me, it wants to come out. It was never meant to stay within. True love is action. “For God so loved the world that He gave”……….

Like I told a lady this morning. She was a little irritated that I gave her a tract and shared Christ with her. I shared with her as to the reason why. My motive was love, God’s love within me. I told her that if I didn’t love her with the love that God has given me, then I would have set there with blinders on.

See seemed to understand that. Why? Because God’s Spirit which is love was moving on her heart. I could have not done that. It’s supernatural. It’s God.

My stop came and I got up and looked at her and smiled and said,”God bless you”. She had this little smirk on her face. As I got close to the door, I heard, “hail”. I said, “Jesus” than went out the door. Did it surprise me that she remarked like that? No way. I hear it all the time. Can I expect a person that has yet to receive Christ, act like one? No. If their heart hasn’t been changed, we can’t expect their talk nor their actions to change.

So in the end, because God is a God of love and justice, there will be no excuses for those who have heard of Christ. Sometimes my mind thinks of God on that day when they will stand alone before him. Will He pull out a DVD (or something like it) with their name on it, pop it in the player and play it for them to see all the opportunities that they had in life to hear about Christ. I think so because He is fair and just.

Could it be that sometimes our evangelizing efforts are just another opportunity for them to hear? Why? Because He knows mankind’s stubbornness and that he needs several opportunities. How many did you receive before you received Christ?


6 Responses to “Pot salesman hears one more time”

  1. altonwoods Says:

    I love talking to people about Jesus! This world is full of opportunities to share with others about the only real solution to,

    “What the world is coming to!”

    Here’s a link to my friends blog, he writes a lot about his street ministry!


  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, there is nothing like sharing Jesus! I am glad that you do!
    I will check out your friends blog, thanks.
    May He continue to bless you as you go out!

  3. eternallyhopeful Says:

    I probably received many that I don’t even remember because I never recognized them. The one that comes to mind at my earliest remembrance is in high school. There was this girl who always wore long skirts, looked rather plain (in my opinion at the time), she was very quiet………… Sometimes, she would hang out by us which I didn’t mind. I was nice to everyone but at the time thought she was somewhat strange and seemed boring. Yet, what intrigued me about her is she signed my yearbook, “God loves you! God Bless!” Coming from a family where I never really heard the “I love you”, it felt really weird inside. Though, reading it I never forgot her writing it in my yearbook and that little comment seemed to somehow stick strangely in my mind though I didn’t understand it or why it seemed to linger for many many years popping in and out of my thoughts. God can use the simplest of things to reach the heart. All of us should probably be telling nonChristians more that they are indeed loved…………. I expect that many are like I was not really understanding what real love is and merely hearing the words alone most likely plants a seed that will remain many years after…………….

    Roxanne http://www.eternallyhopeful.wordpress.com

  4. Richard Says:

    Yeah, I only really remember one time was I was about 16. I was hitch-hiking and this older man picked me up and talked about God to me. At the time it went in one ear and out the other. But it was a seed that was planted. I hope to see him again one day!
    That girl planted a seed of His love within you. Lets believe that you will also see her someday. What a day that will be!
    Good advice on telling others that God loves them.
    Thanks and be blessed with His love!

  5. Kostya Says:

    Richard, thanks for your story! Very encouraging! Be faithful in reaching out the lost! God bless! Kostya, St.Pete, Russia

  6. Richard Says:

    You are welcome! Glad you were blessed!
    May you also be blessed as you go out for Him!
    P.S. Someday, I will go to Russia

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