Singleness of heart

Singleness of heart produces singleness of mind (focus). The biggest spiritual battle we are in is the battle of the mind.

Christ himself taught about the heart. He said that out of the heart proceeds, evil (or bad) thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness and blasphemies. (Matt.15:18-19)

While the above things mentioned can be the literal acts, more importantly, they can be done from the battlefield of the mind. As Christ taught, we can commit murder in our heart by hating our fellow man. We can commit adultery and fornication in our heart through lust. (Matt.5:21-22, 27-28)

We can even commit “theft” in our heart and not even physically do the act. How? By coveting our neighbors (any one close to us) stuff. If  someone has something that we want, and we dwell upon it, it could conceive in our heart and thus become sin.

So it all comes down to the heart. We need to get alone with God and shut the door. Come to God and take inventory of our heart. He already knows what is in there, but we need to ask Him to reveal to us our hearts. Because it is deceitful, if we don’t take inventory, we will be deceived by it, plain and simple. If we are not careful, we will be led down a road that might be long and windy.

Singleness of heart.

Christ taught on the “Lamp of the body” in Luke 11:33-36. He said that the lamp of the body was the eye. The word here means, the eyes of the mind. He says that if it is good (clear or healthy) than our whole body is full of light. But, if the eyes of our mind is bad (evil or unhealthy) then our bodies are full of darkness.

So it is either “light” or “darkness”.

Now, if we see another translation of the word “good” in verse 34 as “single”, it opens up another understanding. Singlemindedness which is produced from singleheartedness. Remembering that our minds (or thoughts) stem from the heart.

If our “eye” of the soul be single, it will be clear. There will be no confusion. No double-mindedness. Because of this “singleness” we will see (understand) things as they are meant to be, spiritually. Thus our whole being (our souls), or whole body will be full of light. There will be no darkness.

Endeavoring to have a pure heart will keep our minds pure of thoughts. When sin or darkness is in our heart, it produces wrong desires, wrong directions and wrong motives. We get off track when our hearts are not “full of light”. Darkness or sin, prevents us from walking in the understanding of the Lord, which is “light”.

We must walk (live) in the light as Christ is in the light. Full obedience to this light.

The mind follows the heart. Why? Because it stems (or comes from) the heart.

Some good understanding of the word “heart” is needed. In Hebrew it means, inner man or inner part. Mind, will or understanding. In Greek it means, the soul or mind. The fountain or seat of our thoughts, desires and affections. The middle, central or innermost part.

The early church knew what it was like to have “singleness of heart”, thus the power came down and the Lord added daily such as should be saved. (Acts 2:41-47). Another meaning for the word “singleness”, is “simplicity”. Simplicity of heart. A simple heart. Not cluttered. Not all stuffed up. One that is single hearted in devotion to the Lord.

An emptying out of our heart needs to take place routinely. Why? Because stuff creeps in. This could not only be sins, but any useless clutter. Thus, emptying the room of any clutter so we can be free and single to our Lord. Becoming (because it is a process) simple and free to serve our Lord in single-hearted devotion.

So, we need to take inventory and clean the house where necessary, spiritually speaking. Get rid if any clutter and things that are of no use spiritually to us. This will free us up in our thought life too. Our minds are cluttered, because our hearts are cluttered. Slow down and do some house cleaning.

God bless you as you too do some cleaning!


17 Responses to “Singleness of heart”

  1. eternallyhopeful Says:

    This is your BEST post yet. That is awesome writing. So many thoughts in all of that but if I begin to write them, you will have a book posted on your blog……………. I certainly will have to read this one again. I like your other writing, this doesn’t sound like the rest, but it is (in my opinion) the best…………. you should continue……….

    “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)


  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks Roxanne. I am blessed that you were blessed by it.
    This past week He sure took me on a journey with this “singleness” theme. By His grace only we will continue to be single-minded for Him.
    May He continue lead and guide you in all His ways!

  3. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Excellent Bro! many good points and truth spoken, amen! You mentioned 4 of God Holy Laws ( stealing, adultery,murder, coveting) and it is true that Jesus “amplified” His Laws. (Isaiah 42:21) “It pleased the Lord, for His righteousness sake, to magnify the Law and make it honorable” This is EXACTLY what Jesus did when He walked the earth. For example we “commit adultery and fornification” spiritually by looking at someone in a lustful way. It doesn’t mean Commandment no.7 has changed or eliminated, it means it’s been “magnified”. If we actually dwell on it, most all sin breaks His holy Laws one way or another. Your Bro

  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks brother.
    Leave it to my bro to take every opportunity to get in that 7th commandment. Yeah, it was “magnified! He magnified and fulfilled it! Christ is our “sabbath rest” Amen.

  5. godsloveandlaw Says:

    YOU got it in,lol.And I’m proud of you bro for your message! But Bro, be careful about using the word “fulfiiled” like it means finished or destroyed. 🙂 “Think not, that I have come to ‘DESTROY’ the Law or prophets” (Matt 5:17). So many times us Christians us the word “fulfilled” as if it means to “do away with” or “be destroyed”. Long live God’s holy Laws of love!

  6. Richard Says:

    Actually, the word “fulfil” in Matt.5:17 means, “to make full, to fill up, fill to the full, to render full, to complete, to consummate, to make complete, to carry through to the end, to accomplish”. All of these, Christ did do. He is The Fulfillment!
    Bless you brother!

  7. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Allow me to explain. When you say it like you just did, it comes across as “completed and no longer needed” This we know is NOT what Christ meant when He said ” I came to fulfill” Why? because if we continue to follow His words He CLEARLY shows the LAW(Moral) is not to be done away with. (Matt 5:18) ” Truly I say to you, not untill the heavens and earth pass away (and they have not yet), will one iota or small part of the LAW go away untill all has been fulfilled” (Matt 5:19) Christ continues ” Whosoever THEREFORE (meaning he’s completing His prior statement with this passage) breaks the LEAST of the Commandments and TEACHES (be careful not to tell others it’s fine to break His holy law) others to do so, shall be called LEAST (He said it I didn’t) in Heaven, BUT whoever does them and teaches others to do so , shall be called GREAT in heaven” In summary the word “fulfilled” CANNOT mean “done away” with. Christ taught us to “THINK NOT, that I have come to DESTROY the Law” Amen.

  8. Richard Says:

    You are certainly right. Christ did not “do away” with the Law. He “fulfilled” it with The Law of The Spirit.
    Just like those of the time of Christ, they couldn’t understand things of the Spirit. It’s a spiritual Kingdom. To be able to understand it and to be able to enter into it, we must be born of The Spirit. It sets us free from the law of sin and death.
    The law of the Spirit in Christ Jesus! That’s the Key!
    Bless you bro!

  9. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Ofcourse this is right. In the time of Christ, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees in (Matt 15:3) by saying “You make the Commandment of God of no effect” (speaking of Commandment #5) You see bro, Jesus was pointing out that they weren’t even obeying God’s Commandments as Commanded. So yes, they were not obeying either in spirit or literally.Your reference of us being “free from the law of sin and death” is meaning that we no longer need to obey the Mosiac laws, as THEY were the laws filled with reference to “sin and death” ie. sacrifices and ceremonial laws which included death by sacrifice thereby atoning for sin. If you mean we are free from the “Moral Law” then you are saying we are “free” to murder, worship idols, steal, etc. I hope you can see you don’t believe the “Moral Law” is now free to “break”. Hope this helps your understanding.

  10. Richard Says:

    Agree, the moral law is not free to break. Why? Because in and of Christ, we set free by His grace to obey Him and His commands which went on to carry them beyond the “ten”. He gave us examples in his teachings. Murder is now, hate in the heart. Adultery is now, lust in the heart. Sabbath rest is now, rest in Christ. Christ exceeded the Law.
    May you have understanding in this.

  11. Rob Says:

    Bro, are you sure you know what you are saying. Here is basically what you just said. ” Agreed, the Moral law is NOT free to break” . But then you say we are “set free” (?) Can we now be ” set free” to break His Laws? If we are not free to break them then going “beyond” then means to hold them to a higher stand but STILL not break them, correct? After all surely you are not saying we can now steal, adulterize, etc? correct?

  12. Richard Says:

    Rob, (I like that!)

    Right. It is not “free” to break. But, you don’t understand the next part.
    By God’s grace, given to us through Christ, we follow Him and his teachings, which fulfill and exceed the Law. In love to God and our neighbors, we will fulfill the commandments. It will no longer be a “list” of rules and regulations, but the commandments fulfilled as a whole through Christ and following him. When we follow Him and His teachings, we thus fulfill the commandments of God.
    Christ had his biggest problem with the Jews. Trying to get them to understand this very thing. Paul address this in his writings. His book to the Galatian church address the issue of being set “free”. There is spiritual freedom found in the Holy Spirit. The Jews knew nothing of this. All they knew was the letter of the law. That is all they wanted to follow. “we follow Moses”.
    The religious organization that you are affiliated with wants to “hang” on the ten commandments, mainly the “sabbath” teaching. Why? This way they can divide and separate. They can say, “we have a corner on the truth”, “we are right, and everybody else is wrong”, “you need to come on over to our side”. Sorry, been there, done that! “Barking up the wrong tree” here.
    I say, dump the affiliation and follow the Holy Spirit. Religion is dead. Following only the “ten” is dead. There is sooooo much more, in the realm of The Spirit!
    I love you bro. and want to see you “set free” to worship God through Christ and The Holy Spirit!
    Love ya man

  13. godsloveandlaw Says:

    My Dear Brother,
    You still don’t understand clearly. I am not “following” blindly any organization just a be a follower. Unfortunately , I understand that is what YOU DID! The LIGHT MIRACLE by GOD is what opened my eyes to His holy Sabbath NOT following man. You understand this finally?
    Again you are not being clear in your reasoning. I feel like I must SLOWLY explain again to you. You say AGAIN we are NOT free to break His Law. But to you the Law has been CHANGED or simplified. First of all I see a real problem with your saying the Law has been “changed” to just two Commandments. Because then you are saying stealing, murder, adultery,abusing God’s name,coveting,worshipping Idols, etc. are NO LONGER individual specific Commandments to be obeyed (?) Can you see that EACH Commandments SHOULD AND MUST STILL BE OBEYED. How would it be if I said to my neighbor ” I love ya man”, then next day I steal his hose in His yard? You’d agree that is NOT showing real “love” correct? Ok, then when we obey the individual Commandments we SHOW REAL LOVE to God and our neighbor. I’ll give ya another example, I say to my wife “Honey, I really love you” then next week the gal at the office says “hey, let’s go to my place and make love during the lunch break” I then commit adultery against my wife. Am I really showing “love” for my wife? God had a reason to put Commandment No 7 in His Commandments– HE WANTS TO PROTECT THE MARRIAGE COVENANT! Can you see where you reasoning is flawed? ALL His Commandments are HOLY and GOOD, not one is “bad” or “not needed”.So yes, the Commandments are summed up in two , love for God, and love for fellow man. But if we break ANY of them we DO NOT show love for God or man. You understand this? So , please quit trying to deny God’s HOLY AND L O V I N G LAWS!!! You spirit is being ‘fooled” if you think we can now break ” ANY” of the individual Laws. The Holy Spirit CANNOT teach that it is “OK” to break ANY of His Moral Laws. Let’s say for example I am thinking like you, ” I am now under the Holy Spirit, and I will follow it’s lead” Do you think the Holy Spirit will tell me “Hey Rob, take that tool from your neighbor’s garage”(#8) Or “Hey Rob, go to court and lie against your neigbor , just make up falsehoods about him, so you can win some money from him” (#9) ofcourse the Holy Spirit WILL NEVER teach us to BREAK ANY OF HIS COMMANDMENTS!! Go through them 1 to 10 and tell me which one the Holy Spirit can lead us to break?? So to summerize my brother, you should stop denying His HOLY Laws for they are full of LOVE for God and our Neighbor!

  14. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Dear Brother,
    God gave me a revelation to speak to you these words. For an example, just what if the people of the world obeyed His 8th and 10th Commandment “Thou shall not steal” “Thou shall not covet” Would the big wall street financial meltdown recently have been avoided? The main REASON for the world financial crisis was EXACTLY this! The breaking of His Commandments, there was rampant stealing and coveting all over the place! Men were conniving and coveting and stealing all they could. Had they just feared God and obeyed these Commandments this would have NEVER happened. Or how about Commandment 7 “thou shall not commit adultery” Would the worldwide marriages be ALOT better off, if people feared God and obey this Commandment? Ofcourse. The divorce rate would plummet!

    You see bro, these Holy Laws were written by BOTH God the Father, and our Lord Jesus. They are every bit our Lords as the Father’s. The are in harmony with His perfect plan of righteous living. To deny them or put them down is to put our Lord and God the Father’s Holy character and principles down. You are trying to “walk” the Christian life. So if you do, you must know His Holy rules and Laws. We cannot break them and say “Oh I love Jesus, and His Holy Spirit leads me to break them” This is PREPOSTEROUS. So don’t be afraid to admit that His Holy Laws are for YOUR good. Obeying them shows we are willing to do as He Commands. He will love us and reveal Himself to us once we agree to live by them! If I say “I love your Lord” then I go steal, murder, cuss God out, etc. wouldn’t I be lying to myself and the Lord?

    One thing to become aware of is that in the future we will be obeying His Sabbath. Read (Isaiah 66: 22-23) “for as the new heavens and the new earth which I WILL MAKE shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass from one new moon to another, and from ONE SABBATH TO ANOTHER, shall all flesh come and worship before me, says the Lord” This is plain evidence from our Lord’s promise that the Sabbath shall be the “worship day” in the future. Just as the Sabbath remains His Holy day today.

    Isaiah speaks of the “Law” being in place in the new world (Isaiah 2:3)”….He will teach us His ways, and we will walk in His paths, for out of Zion shall go forth THE LAW(Hebrew is 10 Commandments) and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem”

    May your spirit be guided to all His truth! Amen.

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