Knowing and doing the will of God (Part#1)

We are in one of these three categories today.

1. I don’t know God’s will for me.

2. I know God’s will for me, but I am not doing it.

3. I know God’s will for me, and I am doing it.

Which category are you in?

Seemly, many believe that we can’t know for sure what is God’s divine purpose for us on this earth. What was I created for, to do on this earth? Just eat, sleep and work? How about, eat, sleep, work and go to church? How about, eat, sleep, work, play, go to church and raise a family? That has to be right, doesn’t it? What else could be God’s will for me?

Is it because many are not taught that we can not know for sure? Or is it that many are taught something else, such as………………

Are we taught that we get “saved” and then find a church to become a part in. Then God’s will is that we invest a part of ourselves in that church. Our time, our money? Then, we are free to do what we want to on this earth as long as we go to church and tithe? As long as we are there every time the doors are open?

Is there a form of satisfaction in knowing that we belong to a church and that some of our money goes there and by doing that we are free of any other obligation to God? Is this all that God requires of us? Does this relieve us of any responsibility to God for His plan and purpose for our lives. Could it be that He is more concerned about you fulfilling what you were created for, than just following the masses in religious routine?

By studying the life of Christ, is “religious routine” what He is asking of us? Can we find it in there? Is it what He taught?

It must all come back to Christ and His life, and what He taught. We must follow Christ, not what seems to be the norm of Christianity out there today.

Christ is our example. He came to “do” the Father’s will. He did not spend all of his time in seclusion, behind four walls. He went out and “did” the Father’s will. Just as Christ knew the Father’s will, we can also. The God who created us for His purpose while on this earth, is certainly able to reveal to us personally, as to what His will is for us.

Review again the categories that each one of us will fall into today.

I know one thing for sure, time is short to find out what His will is for us, and to do it. “Night is coming” when we will no longer be able to work the will of God on this earth.

What are two main things that prevent us from knowing God’s will?

Continued in part #2


2 Responses to “Knowing and doing the will of God (Part#1)”

  1. eternallyhopeful Says:

    I guess mine would be, I know God’s will for me now and am doing what He tells me now (though it seems tiny in comparison to what others are able to do- I am a single mom working full-time so that alone explains that the majority of my time is indeed working, taking care of my family, household tasks w/ not too much time left over which I have to balance wisely – and not always as easy to do as it seems it should be). I expect though that God’s will is developed in us over time as we continue to follow Him. My biggest struggle is accepting that often God’s will doesn’t equate to something so BIG, but showing His love in the little things which most find insignificant though being quite significant in the world. I could have more thoughts, but starting to ramble. Look forward to part 2. Roxanne

  2. Richard Says:

    Category three is where we all should be. It sounds like you are there, praise God!
    Yes, your situation as a “single mom” must not be easy. Don’t compare it to what other’s are doing though. Why? Because we will only have to give an account of our own life here on this earth. If you are satisfied with where you are at in doing God’s will, that is what matters.
    And yes! God will is progressive! It is a process.
    I believe that there is no “Big” with God. It is, are we doing the will of God from the heart? That’s “Big” in God’s eyes.
    May He continue to strengthen you and provide for your every need!

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