What are we offering the next generations?

As a collective body, or as individuals, what are we offering them spiritually?

Today was a very thought provoking day after talking to some young guys during my lunch break. I walked over to the local “Jack in the Box” restaurant and sat down to eat my lunch and drink a cup of coffee.

As I usually do, I try and follow the spirit as to where to land. I sat down in the booth next to a couple of guys in their teens. I sat there eating and listening to them talk about the typical things two teenagers might talk about. Finally, one of them got up to go to the bathroom and I turned around and said hi to the other guy that was there. I handed him one of my “Jesus” cards and he looked at it and said, “Oh, I go to church”. That didn’t shock me because I might have heard that 5,000 times before.

So, I began t ask him about his church and to what was going on there. He didn’t really say a lot, other than to say that he went there and it was OK. His friend returned, and I also asked him. He said that he also went to church, but it was a different one than his friend. They both attended Christian churches.

I asked them both again, “what was happening there?”.  Again, I got no real response. No excitement with them talking about their church.

So, I began to share with them what God was trying to do with the younger generations. How He wanted them to prepare spiritually for what’s coming ahead. How He wanted to unleash His power through them. I quoted the passage where Jesus said that “greater things than what I have done, they will do.” As I always say after this passage, I said, “And where is that power that Jesus was referring to? Do you guys see it happening? In your church? How about, when you guys are out and about with your friends?”

I asked them, “Do you share Jesus with your friends?” They said, “no”. I could not help wondering what these two have been taught at church and home.

As I usually try and do, I finished up with trying to encourage them to seek God above all else, and to follow Jesus and his teachings above all else. I also wanted to leave them with something to look forward to in the coming days.

I gave them an example such as this………

This is what He wants to do with you guys. Say you both have just finished lunch here and you step outside and notice off in the distant parking lot, a man in a wheel chair pushing himself across the parking lot. Now this time, you are both with four other friends. So, one of you says to the other, “hey see that man over there in the wheel chair. Lets go pray for him!”. So you all take off at a good speed and catch up with him. One of you asks him if you can pray for him. He says something like, “well, if you think it will do me some good, go ahead, do it”. So one of you prays to God and asks him to heal this man. After finishing, one of you says, “how do you feel now?” The guy in the wheel chairs says, “well, I can feel my legs tingling!”. One of you says, “good, God is healing you now as we speak”. By this time, there is several people watching from their cars in the parking lot.

One of the boys says to the man, “It’s time to walk my friend!” “Can I lift you up so we can see the power of God?’ The man says, “sure, why not!” You all pitch in and help the man up. One of you pushes the wheel chair from behind him, and it goes rolling across the parking lot. By now, this has a lot of people watching.

All of a sudden, the man says, “Let me go!!!!!”…….. He stands up straight and takes a deep breath…..and……


People are now getting out of their cars and watching and listening to the man. “I BEEN HEALED!……..I BEEN HEALED!

Finally, others from the parking lot come over and you tell them all how God has healed the man. Several turn their lives over to Jesus because they “saw” the power of God.

Back at home, you share this with your other friends and they get excited. You all pray and ask God where does He want us to go next. What does He want us to do next.

See, this is what God wants to do with the next generations! Just church and religion are no longer cutting it. They want to see and partake in the real deal. They want the power, they just don’t know it yet. Why? Because they are not taught about it. All they see is “show and production” in most of their churches. “Cookie cutter” services are not what they want. There is no real power in service after service, that has the same routine Sunday after Sunday. Sing for twenty minutes, take the offering, give the announcements, here the speaker/pastor for 30 minutes, sing a closing song and run home.

Until they see the “church” being the power to the outside world and being “equipped and sent out” into the world, they will have no use for the church as we currently see it today. They are not interested in getting the same thing that they get in the world, entertainment and show. They have already had enough of that.

They are already thinking…….. “If God is real, show us the power!” “We want to have a part of His power”  “We are no longer interested in playing church” “What’s with this “church” thing anyways?” “What good is church?” “I’m bored”

Praise God! The church as we now know it will be changed. It might be in the “twinkling of an eye”……… Get ready!


6 Responses to “What are we offering the next generations?”

  1. Loretta Says:

    That is a good word Richard! very thought provoking as I am raising 3 teens, trying to equip them for what is ahead for them (and us all), and have been right in the middle of this church quagmire situation myself. Thank you for sharing this……. we know things will change. We must prepare the younger generation now for what God has prepared for the future.

  2. Richard Says:

    Glad you were blessed!
    Yes Lord, help us all to prepare them “for what you have prepared in the future” Amen!

  3. truspire Says:

    We are two young Christian girls, just trying to bring practical applications from the bible. We want to encourage others to study the word and grow in faith. So take a look at our blog, and comment.
    God bless

  4. Richard Says:

    Just did. I will check it out some more later.
    Thank you!
    And thanks for stopping by

  5. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Amen to that! Awesome post!

  6. Richard Says:

    Yes indeed and thanks!
    May His blessings continue to flow in and through you as you go out!

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