A simpler life. It’s a “must” in God’s Kingdom

The simpler our lives are, the more we can be available and used in His Kingdom for maximum potential.

By experiance, I have learned a few things in my walk with God as far as the need to simplify goes. One of the best things that I have experienced and learned, is simplicity of  life lends to spirituality. By this, I mean that the more one can simplify his or her life, the more freer one can become to move with the Spirit. Not only is our physical body better off, but most importantly, our minds are freed up. In teaching on “walking in the Spirit”, one of the most important things to learn is, freeing up the mind. Emptying the mind of all cares and concerns. I am not talking about some “new age” teaching here, but through God’s Holy Spirit. Big difference. I have never had to use “yoga” or the like, to get into the Spirit and calm the mind and body. The Holy Spirit is more than capable. It does take some effort and it is certainly a process, but doable.

Now, I am certainly aware of  personal circumstances and personal responsibilities that enter into the picture. It was not all that long ago that I had a large family, a large home and a business. I know what it is to work 100 hour weeks with three to fours hours sleep.

I also know the process of “selling out” for Him. The process of “forsaken all” for Him and His kingdom. What I have learned, I want to share. I want to help and encourage other disciples to also get in the “process”, if not currently there.

We must take a hard look at our lives. We must take inventory of our time, our resources, our money etc. If we have a family, we must be leading by example. Showing them how to live a life less complicated, less stressful and with less material possessions. Yes, I said “less material possessions”.

We must face the fact, that the more we posses, the more it can and usually does, posses us. The more responsibilities we take on, the more our minds, the more our bodies become involved. Our lives become complex  many times by the choices and the purchases that we make.

Do we ever STOP and ask ourselves before making a choice to take on more responsibility or before making a purchase, and ask ourselves, “how is this going to affect me for God’s Kingdom”. By that, I mean, affecting me physically and mentally. Oh, you might say that by making this decision, I will be more affective for God’s Kingdom. If it involves more stress, more care and concern, more worries, I would say, forget it. If it is going to clutter your mind up more, I think not. If it is going to take more time out of your personal time alone with God, I think not. If it is going to take you away from your family more, you best be sure that it’s the Spirit leading, and not your own desires.

One of the biggest problem areas is fiances. We always think that by making the choice to make more money that it will solve the problem. Not usually the case. At what expense will it cost me if I do? In my relationship with God? With my family? It usually requires a high price tag. I speak from experiance.

Now most of us are not out to “gain the whole world”, and thus, “lose our soul”. We are well acquainted with that one. However, it is not the question of out to gain the world, but to try and solve our problems with money. Yes, it does take money to live. But at what standard are we trying to live at? This is the question.

What do we base our contentment on? Our satisfaction on? Are we even contented with spending time alone with God? Quietly? Are we satisfied with an evening without the computer, TV, stereo or phone? What about gathering the kids together to pray as a family? Often? What kind of example would this be setting? Or reading the Bible together?

Another monumental problem that we face today is DEBT. I also am well acquainted with this one. Let’s suffice it to say, tens of thousands of dollars.  And I’m not talking about including a home mortgage in that either.

I found out through the simple teachings of Jesus. About “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”, that in his timing and way, He could supply all that is needed to get out of debt. I found it so. He can do things beyond our wildest imagination. He can give us favor with debt collectors. He can cause debt to go away. He can cause debt to be settled for pennies on the dollar. He can increase your pay at work without increasing your time at work. He can drop money into your lap. There is millions of ways that He can do it.

We limit God.

We think that the only way to solve our problem of finances, is get out and work more. Get another job. Put the wife to work. Forget about the kids, we need money. Where is the trusting God? Has it gone by the wayside? Was it only for the 1800’s or early 1900’s? Was it only in all those old books we read?

The bottom line is, we have promises given to us from God. Now, are we going to believe them, or not? Are we going to live them out or not?

Pray and trust God to help you simplify your life. Then trust Him to provide as you seek Him and His Kingdom (the extension of His Kingdom). It works!  Amen.

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