God’s top priority

His top priority is, the saving of an eternal soul, which He created.

If this is fact,(and it is) then what do you think our top priority should be? Yes, I know that we don’t save the soul. This is for the guy that always says, “all we can do is live the life”. I say, “BULL”.

If we are saved from eternal death, should we be contented only with ourselves and our own salvation? Is  this the only reason we are saved? Should it be a “got mine” attitude?

If this was the case, than immediately after our conversion we should fall over dead physically and then go to the grave (sleep) and wait, or go up to heaven and be with God. (depending on your theology). However, in most cases this doesn’t happen right after conversion. Why?

He saves us, then reveals to us His plan and purpose for us while still here on this earth. Why would He save us to keep us all to ourselves? I don’t get it! Is this the nature of God? Selfishness?

In most cases, He chooses to involve people in His plan of saving a soul. Take a look at your own conversion. Was there any people involved in the process? If this is usually the case, than don’t you think that He has purpose and plan for you in His Kingdom in helping rescue those who are perishing? (by the way, in Jn.3:16 where it says, “perish”, the word means, “to fully destroy”)

Do you think that everything is by happen chance? The job that He has blessed you with, is it only for money? Is it only for prestige? Is it only to “get ahead?” Is there people around you at your workplace? Are they eternal souls? Do you believe that they are? Do you believe in the biblical fact that their soul is going to spend eternity in one of two places? Does this concern you?

Or have you bought into the very popular teaching of the day, and that is, that there is no Hell. If we believe that, then why should we be concerned about their soul? They are going to make it somehow, because God loves them. No worries. I don’t need to say anything to them, they will make it in the end.

If this teaching hasn’t come your way yet, it will soon. It could very well be the fastest growing false doctrine today. Why? It removes all consequences for our sins. If the devil can do that, then he has gained souls for eternity, and that’s what his purpose is, to destroy mankind’s soul for eternity. With the teaching of  “no hell”, people are coasting into eternity with the deception that they have nothing to loose with their sinful lifestyles while here on earth. After all, the God of love, loves me and my sin so much, that He would never send me to hell. All the time, the whole message of Christ and why he came, and what was He given for, is never received, or in some cases never shared.

If we take out the fact of eternal damnation to the soul who rejects Christ, then we mise well throw out the Bible and take up with some new age teaching of the gospel. I would say, lets all take up with fairy tales, that makes us all feel good.

So, God’s top priority is the saving of the soul. Our should be the same. Whatever He has called us to, it should have the purpose of influencing them somehow towards Christ for the salvation of their soul.

Wherever there is people, God is at work. He loves them and wants to spend eternity with them. He wants to show forth His love and tell them about His Son, Christ, as the only way to Himself, and the only way to escape death because of sin. The only way to have real life! AND HE CHOOSES PEOPLE TO DO THIS!

As a reminder, they need to first understand that they are sinners (yes, many of them already do, but not all). After that, they need to know that they are separated from God because of sin. Sharing this with them is key. They need to understand the nature of sin. We must be taught about this in our churches, before we effectively share The Gospel. Are we?

They need to understand that God loves them and wants to spend eternity with them. Tell them how God gave his love in the form of Christ for the sacrifice of their sins. By receiving the sacrifice of His love, they can escape eternal separation from Him because of sin, and receive eternal life now, and enjoy it now!

May He bless you as you share Christ today and enjoy the privilege of God’s top priority as yours!


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