Little but big miracles

We have all seen them from time to time. Do we expect them? Are we only wanting to see the big miracles?

Today I was eating my lunch at the local subway. On some days, while at work, I will walk over there and get something to drink to go along with my lunch that I brought from home. When the weather is not conducive, I sit inside.

After getting my drink, I noticed a lady looking and walking all over the restaurant. She finally said that she had lost her “MasterCard”.  Myself and an employee looked around to see if we could see or find it. The lady said that she might have accidently put it into the trash can. So she looked in there and didn’t find it.

I passed by her, still looking to no avail. As I turned to go to my table, I said a prayer quietly to God, and asked Him if He would help her to find it. Before I got to my table, I heard the lady say, “there it is!”, “I found it!”.

I looked back at her and noticed that she was picking it off the floor. Now, all three of us had looked at that area of the floor. It was in plain sight right next to the counter by the soft drinks. Call it as you will, but I believed that God dropped it right there, plain and simple.

I immediately had the urge to go over and tell her what just transpired.

I said to her, “as I was turning to go to my table, I said a prayer to God, that He would help you find your card”. She smiled and lit up like a light bulb. She thanked me. I pointed up with my finger and said, “God did it”. She smiled.

I don’t know what kind of an effect this might have had on this lady, but God does. I know nothing about her. What has happened in her life to this point? I am sure that she needed to see the hand of God though. For what reason? I don’t know.

Isn’t God good. He shows himself real all the time. I believe, the little things like the little miracles, are very big in God’s economy. Why? Because we so often don’t know the reason, nor the outcome.

My mind can only speculate. Maybe, just maybe, she drove off in her car and began to consider God. Maybe she once walked with Him? Maybe this is what He used to let her know that He is still there? Maybe she pulled over down the road and gave her heart to God? I don’t know, and neither do you. This is so often the case.

I believe that we will know one day though. I can hardly wait. Can you see Him putting in something like a “DVD”, something like a supernatural “DVD”? Then we get to see! It will be worth it all! Treasure’s in heaven! Oh we are getting close! I can almost taste  it!

Praise Him! Bless Him! He alone is worthy!

Worthy of our praise, yes He is!


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