“Thanks, I needed this!”

If we will get out of our comfort zones and share Christ to complete strangers, we will be amazed at what God will do.

I see it all the time. One thing for sure that blesses God, and that is, reaching out and saying something about Christ. In fact, there is a certain way that I have seen on many occasions that God takes the seed and does something with it. One way is handing out “tracts”. Now, I know that the word “tract” is old school, but I must remind you and encourage you that if you don’t carry some with you, you are missing out on some really big blessings. Does this mean that all we ever do for God and His Kingdom is pass out tracts? No.

Today, on my way to work, the bus stopped to let me off. When I exited out the rear door onto the sidewalk, I noticed a guy coming down the sidewalk to my left. The bus left, and we both crossed the street. I said something like “how’s it going”. He replied, “oh it could be better”. I said, “really”. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of my “Why do you need Jesus” cards. I handed it him as we were walking across the street.

He said, “Thanks, I needed this”. I said, “your welcome”. He turned and looked at me as he was heading off in another direction. I put my thumb up and said, “God bless you brother!”

As I headed across the parking lot, I prayed for him.

Now, what I would like to convey here is that it would have been very easy to say nothing to this man. It would have been easy to just keep to myself and say or do nothing. In reality, what real effort did it take me? Very little to say the least.

And once again, I don’t know the outcome. Do I need too? Oh sure it would have been great to hear the man’s story. It would of been awesome to have prayer with him if he indeed wanted to. All I know is that a seed was planted once again, and that God gives the increase.

Do you want your day to be blessed of the Lord? One sure way is to touch someone with Christ.

So do you carry some tracts with you? If not, why not?

I have found on numerous occasions that it opens up things big time. Of course, not always to the way we would like it to see it. Some throw it to the ground. Some rip it into pieces. Some throw it back at you, etc.

Find some tracts that you personally like. Better yet, if the Lord leads you, write your own. But the important thing is have some on hand. Make sure that they indeed have the Gospel of Christ in them. I am not talking about having a tract with a bunch of church doctrine or too much “churchanity” in it. It needs to be short and to the point and Christ centered.

Don’t be afraid to step out and give one to someone. Smile and say whatever the Spirit leads you to say.

God bless you as you go out! To the store. To the gas station. To the post office. To work. To the baseball game. Wherever!


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