In the face of Reality

We think this is it. This flesh and bones experience here on earth. Our natural existence.

Tonight, I had one of those odd feeling nights. A bit lonely. So I took off for a walk to the local DQ.

On my returning, I sensed once again, that our real existence is spiritual. The spiritual comes first, not the natural. Most see it the other way around. I choose to embrace the spiritual over this fleshly existence. I get tired of this flesh. How it cries out wanting to be king. It wants to stifle the spirit. This is THE GREAT WAR. It will not be over with till we are dead (as far as the body goes) and gone (out of here).

When I got into my place of abode, I sat down on my bed, and “Boom” it hit me. “Go get the book, The Spiritual Man” (By Watchman Nee). So I grabbed it off the table and sat down. I opened it randomly, and what he said, was this………..

The Believers experience

“But how can a believer see what God has seen? God is so adamant against the flesh and its every activity; yet the believer appears to reject only its bad features while clinging affectionately to the flesh itself. He does not reject categorically the whole thing: he instead continues to do many things in the flesh: he even assumes a self-confident and proud attitude about it as though he were now rich with God’s grace and qualified to perform righteously.

The believer literally is making use of the flesh. Because of such self-deceit the Spirit of God must lead him over the most shameful path in order to make him know his flesh and attain God’s view. God allows that soul to fall, to weaken, and even to sin, that he may understand whether or not any good resides in the flesh. This usually happens to the one who thinks he is progressing spiritually.

The Lord tries him in order that he may know himself. Often the Lord so reveals His holiness to such a one that the believer cannot but judge his flesh as defiled. Sometimes He permits Satan to attack him so that, out of his suffering, he may perceive himself. It is altogether a most difficult lesson, and is not learned within a day or night. Only after many years does one gradually come to realize how untrustworthy is his flesh.

There is uncleanness even in his best effort. God consequently lets him experience Roman 7 deeply until he is ready to acknowledge with Paul: “I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh” (vs.18). How hard to learn to say this genuinely! If it were not for countless experiences of painful defeat the believer would continue to trust himself and consider himself able.

Those hundreds and thousands of defeats bring him to concede that all self-righteousness is totally undependable, that no good abides in his flesh. Such dealing, however, does not terminate here. Self-judgment must continue. For whenever a Christian ceases to judge himself by failing to treat the flesh as useless and utterly detestable but assuming instead even a slightly self-flattering and vainglorious attitude, then God is compelled to run him again through fire in order to consume the dregs.

How few are they who humble themselves and acknowledge their uncleanness! Unless such a state is realized God will not withdraw His dealings. Since a believer cannot be freed from the influence of the flesh for a moment, he should never cease exercising the heart to judge himself; otherwise he will step once more into the boasting of the flesh.”

How true this is. This hurts to read this. Why? Because truth hurts! It is not easily swallowed.

May we all continue to “die daily” to this flesh. Then and only then, will we be able to walk (live) in the Spirit.

I want more of The Spirit and less of the flesh. Don’t you?


2 Responses to “In the face of Reality”

  1. trumpet2 Says:

    Thanks for the quote! Its humbling to come to the place where one realizes that truly, only God is good. Humbling and liberating to know that our sins hold us captive to the flesh, and while at the same time our Lord holds us captive to Himself as we repent by His grace!

  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, very true!
    By His grace only, repent and forsake that sin!
    Bless you!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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