The painting in the Sky

Does anyone notice?

The colors of white, blue and gray.

To see, one must stop for a moment and look up.

Pause to see.

It’s like God, will you notice me?


2 Responses to “The painting in the Sky”

  1. godsloveandlaw Says:

    It’ funny you mentioned that. I, too, see many things about His creation I didn’t see before. The colors seem to stand out as brighter. And I have seen “things” in the sky. it’s almost like He paints a picture, but do we really take time to observe? I have noticed His many signs from the sky, and even asked Him to provide a special cloud drawing for me. That same day as I was driving home I looked and above the mountains was a cloud with a rainbow underneath! There was NO RAIN in sight! I said “Thank you Pops” ( I longer call our dad this but HIM only) Bor, that was just ONE sign He’s given from the sky. Praise Him! Nothing escapes Him.

  2. Richard Says:

    It’s nice to know that I have a bro that notices the sky also! Yea! We are not too busy to notice!
    Praise Him! He is soooo good!

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