Listening to The Spirit, then obeying

When the big changes come to our land, there will not be time to learn how to hear the Spirit, much less how to obey Him.

Now is the time, and it’s quickly running out. We all need to slow down, trim down and wait on the Lord. Wait comes before hearing. The body, mind and soul must be quite before the Lord to hear what the Spirit is saying. Jesus said over and over, “He that has an ear, let him hear”.

It’s school, learning how to hear. It takes lots of practice and lots of “trial and error”. How bad do we want to hear? Are we actively in His school of learning how to hear, be led of His Spirit and thus obey? Can we at the end of the day, record what we heard, and after hearing, what happened?

First off, if you have read some of my posts that have to do with this subject, you will see how fond I am of doing this. I love to share with unbelievers that they too can experience God in the Spirit while they are living here on this earth. I don’t push religion or church. I share Christ as the way to life, and life more abundantly. I also love to share what the “abundant life” is not. Christ was our supreme example of the abundant life. He came and did the Father’s will. It’s the same for each one of us. Doing God’s will while here on the earth.

The abundant life is not what the world gives nor offers. Sad to say, but a lot of what is portrayed by Christians is not the abundant life that God offers. It’s life in the Spirit. It’s not measured by material possessions. It’s a lie to say that if your really blessed by God, you will have a big house, a fine car, a good paying job, two cats and two dogs. This is where the church has bought into the world and it’s ways. And if we take a look around, we will see many ways that they have bought into a lie. Many churches are no more than a big corporate business. In some cases, you might as well be on “wall street”.

Well, back to listening to the Spirit and obeying.

I only have one motive with sharing examples of being led of the Spirit. That is, that others would be encouraged to learn how and get out and start practicing. I am not saying that all need to get out, ride the bus and or the train, and see where He takes you. However, you need to set aside some time where you are free to go out and make listening and obeying your top priority for the day. This is how you learn. Through experiencing what you are hearing, then acting upon it.


When I headed out my front door today, I sensed that it was going to be one of those “learning to hear and obey” days. It was typical and good on the first bus to the train. When I got on the train, I stood like I usually do. I like to do this particularly because it keeps you alert and mobile. You can see many people getting on and off the train. More chances to interact and or observe.                                                                                             

Well, then comes the second stop. People get on and off. Then I noticed two girls come running up at the last minute and barely made it through the doors and got on. I smiled and said what came to my mind. “Saved by the bell!” They went hurriedly by and one of them said, “No saved by Jesus!” Well, as you can imagine, it all opened up like it does quite often on the bus or train. Everybody gets to hear about what God is doing. They shared about their upcoming church “revival” meetings this weekend. We shared about Christ in our lives. It was good for all to “hear”.

This set me in motion. This is how the Spirit works. Usually through people, to reach people.

Today, as I was going across the bridge on the train, I looked out the window and saw the waterfront (for those who don’t know, basically it’s the walkway and park that follows along the river). I heard (key word) the Spirit say, “walk along the waterfront”. So, when I got to the proper stop, I got off and walked towards that direction. As I walked, I remained calm and was listening.(no double mocha’s here). As I walked, I looked around and noticed people. (always remembering, that God is about people. And nine times out of ten it has to do with people). Then I heard, “you bringing them to me day”. I took this as, God was going to bring people to me today. I was OK with that. It doesn’t usually work that way, but I re-adjusted and went on.

I got to the waterfront and started to head south along the river. It was a typical semi-sunny day. It was close to lunch time, so there was beginning to be a lot of people out walking, jogging and cycling. I walked for a little while then sensed that I needed to set down. So, I sat there on a concrete wall. Nobody stopped by like I thought it might happen. I waited. There was one lady with her dog a little ways from me. She got up and walked her dog in my direction. I said hello and petted her dog. She talked a little about her dog and that was it. I said, “God bless you” and away she went.

I got up and started walking again. Stopped again a ways up the water. This time, leaning upon the rail on the water side. No body stops. I remind myself that He said He would bring them to me. This was a test of waiting. A test of patience. A test of faith.

Started walking again after about 10 minutes. Walked a bit and said hello to this man and his wife as they where walking. They went on ahead of me. (keep these people in mind as the story develops).

Walked a bit further then sensed that I needed to sit down on some benches. I waited and no one. Sensed that I was to get out my Bible and read. So I did. Looked up and noticed that man and his wife again. They must have detoured and got back on the boardwalk. I smiled and thought nothing of them. Started walking again. Came to a restroom and went inside. Came out and started walking again. (Is this getting boring or what? HOLD ON THE GOOD STUFF IS COMING!)

Came close to the end where it circles back to the main road. Noticed some new spots that He might have me to share the Gospel in the coming days. This was encouraging. Came to the light and the crosswalk. And who do you think was there at the same time? Right! The man and his wife. Finally, by this time I was getting it. With all the tens of dozens of people that are out and about, and there stands these people. They take off walking first. I follow behind.

We get to the next light, one block into downtown, and I turned to them as we were waiting for the light to turn green, and said, “Do you folks (old school, I know) know JESUS? The man says to me, “No” (he seemed very proud of it). I said, “No, Oh man, well I hope you find Him before it’s too late.” The light turns green and they take off. The lady says “thank you”. The man said nothing.

We get to the other side of the street and I sensed that I needed to turn and go south. They went straight. I took off and prayed for them both as I walked. I walked two blocks south, and turned west walking uphill. I headed towards the college as I had sensed earlier that I was to make a stop there. Proceeding about four blocks, I come to an intersection and low and behold, there is the couple. He looks at me and we make eye contact. I smile. He looks away.

Now for all the doubters out there, they can say this was all happen chance. No. God knew what He was doing. The whole walk was planned by Him. God was trying once again, by His love, to reach that couple. I believe mainly the man. God knows.

Can you see how important it is to be “listening and obeying?” People are hanging in the balance for eternity. Now, I don’t know how much longer that man and women have on this earth. But God knows that they needed to be reminded about His Son once again. As I have said on numerous occasions, “there will be no excuse on that day when we stand before God. We here in America, will not be able to say, “wait a minute God, I never had an opportunity to hear about your Son, Christ”. Lot’s of opportunities in a lifetime!

I finished up at the college where I met some brothers and sisters who where ministering up there. It was all good.

So, to be Spirit led is of vital importance in this day. Time is way too short for us to be out doing our own thing. Christ said, that if we will lose our life , we will gain it in eternity. Are you laying up treasures in heaven or upon the earth? The choice is ours.


4 Responses to “Listening to The Spirit, then obeying”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hello Richard, just stopping by to say hello. As usual your posts challenge me (in a good way). Bless you!


  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s a blessing to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and your family. Give them my love!

  3. Terri Says:

    Hey Richard! It’s a very good word! Thank you so much… I wanted to share too that way back when… I went on a fast because I wanted to hear from Him and felt I never or rarely did… during the fast He revealed to me that we all hear His voice all the time, we just fail to recognize it…. I pray we all learn to recognize and hear His voice when He speaks….

  4. Richard Says:

    Glad you were blessed!
    I also just finished a fast for that purpose. I sensed a dulling in my hearing. I am sensing that it might well have to become more of a regular occurance to put the flesh under so the Spirit can rule more.
    “fail to recognize it…” And what is it that keeps us from hearing?
    And what good is it, if we fail to recognize it?
    Bless you Terri!

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