The vision of the Tin Man

Yesterday morning as I sat at the kitchen table looking out the window, I envisioned a “Tin Man” (like the one in “The Wizard of OZ”) walking down the sidewalk. He was approaching some young people that were sitting at a bus stop. Now, these young people could not believe their eyes as they looked up the sidewalk. They saw this Tin Man creature walking awkwardly, swaying back and forth, squeaking loud and coming their way.

Two of the three were ready to up and leave, when one of them said, “hold on, lets see what this is all about!”. The man approached them and said with a very deep voice, “Hi there, I have some very good information about God.” He reached into his little side compartment and lifted the door and grabbed some leaflets and handed them each one. He withdrew his very squeaky arm and lifted his very squeaky leg and proceeded down the sidewalk in the same fashion that he came, walking awkwardly, swaying back and forth and of course, loud squeaks.

Here’s the insight to what these young people saw with their eyes and thought with their minds.

When the Tin Man was coming their way, they said to themselves, “wow! this guy really needs some oil!”.” He can’t really be serious, can he?” “What does he think he is doing out here?”

The next thing they noticed as he got closer, was the large stamped letters on his chest. It read, “RELIGON”. So immediately they put two and two together, and knew exactly what this man was all about. There was no smile. There was no personality involved. It was all cold, very “tiny” and mechanical.

Then, after the man left them, they all looked at the literature that he had passed out. On the front, it had a name of a certain religion. It had a church name and an address on it. It also said, “you are welcome”. Inside, it told about it’s religious beliefs and followed with Bible scriptures.

One of them, after looking at it briefly, walked over to the trash can and tossed it in. There was one who took it and tore it into several pieces and tossed it to the ground. The other just put it next to where she was sitting on the bench.

The bus came and off the three went.

This is an excellent story of what religion amounts to. Basically, it’s dead. There is no life in it. And nobody wants it. Just like the Tin Man, they spot him coming, and wonder what in the world is that. They see and hear that there is no life in the person, let alone any real personality. They know upfront, what the religious person is up too.

Besides being a religious man, what was the Tin Man really lacking?   OIL!    What is the “OIL” a symbol of?   You got it!    THE HOLY SPIRIT!

If we have not been baptized in THE HOLY SPIRIT, there is NO life in us. And the people that will notice first are the “unbelievers”. We will be powerless. It’s the need of the hour. They don’t want stuffy old religion. Why would a dead person (spiritually) want dead religion? It makes no sense. His spirit is looking for life. It continues to search for life. Yes, usually in all the wrong places, but it still searching for something that can make it come alive. It will spend the rest of it’s days on earth, searching.

His spirit cries out,  “Will someone give me life!”  “Will someone show me life”   “Can I see the LIGHT OF THE SPIRIT in anyone?” “Please!”


7 Responses to “The vision of the Tin Man”

  1. cindyinsd Says:

    Very cool, Richard

    My spirit bears witness with your spirit that this is from the Lord. Thanks for sharing, Bro!

    Love, Cindy

  2. Richard Says:

    UR welcome Sis!
    It is very simple in it’s content, but true never the less. Thanks for stopping by again.
    May you be encouraged

  3. Rick Says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for keeping an excellent blog. The Lord has used your writings to confirm for me many of the issues I was having with religion, even in a bible teaching church and my desire to do only what He directs me to do when He wants me to do it. When I read of you listening for direction from the Holy Spirit as to who to speak with, who to share the Gospel with and even when to stay home, it drives home the point that there is so much more to being a son of God than church attendance and good works.

    I pray that you continue to heed His voice in all that you do. It can be tough dealing with all of the religious trappings man has put on the Gospel. But it is a very simple message, and His security is everlasting.

    God bless you brother.


  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks! I am blessed that you are blessed!
    Yes, it’s going to be very vital in these coming days to continue to be led of His Spirit. As I always say, “it’s more than Religion and it’s more than church. We were just talking tonight about the simplicity of the Gospel in our local mall gathering.
    Thanks for stopping by, and may you be blessed as you go out!

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  6. Maribel Says:

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    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the
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  7. Richard Says:

    Maribel, thanks for stopping by!

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