“I see dead people”

Spiritually dead that is. When one is void of the Spirit of God, he or she is dead. This has come once again to me today.

I was the only one that got on the bus at this particular stop today. The bus pulled up and the front door opened as usual. I stepped on and up the steps and turned and headed down the isle to the back. As I was walking to the back, it hit me how quiet it was. There is usually some noise, some talking or something going on. But, not today.

Still walking to the back, I caught the looks of some people. There was no smiles. No expressions. Just long faces with no life in them.

I noticed that the bus was very full, and little seats left. At the back there was two seats. The guy sitting at the very back seat didn’t even move over one seat to make it more comfortable for the both of us. So I sat down next to him. He had one seat to his right and then the window.

Then it hit me as I was sitting there. This guy next to me was “so dead” that he couldn’t even move over one seat. I saw in the spirit, death all around me. No one talking. No one conversing with one another. No one reading a book. No one seemly enjoying themselves. Only long lifeless faces. In my heart, I wanted to do something.

The guy that was sitting so close to me had his ipod going, so I gave him “The free gift of God’s love” tract. He took it and put it into his pocket. I passed out a few more to the surrounding people. No one had any response. All I heard and saw was death. There was no life.

Later on after de-boarding the bus and getting on the train, I had wished that I had just spoken out loud to everyone on that bus. Of course, the spirit was not moving on me to do so at the time, and if so, would I have been obedient at that time? 

I thought to myself what it would have been like if the following would have taken place.

“Please give me your undivided attention. God is wanting to give you all life today. To all those who do not have real life, only found in Jesus, the giver of life, He has said, “I have come that you might have life, and life more abundantly”. “Life is in the Son!” He or she that has the Son, has life” “He or she that does not have the Son, does not have life” Come to Jesus and receive life!  No longer be found in death! Come alive! God bless you all!

Or could you imagine being like Jeremiah? Commanding life to come to the dead bones? All of a sudden the dead corpse come alive! There is shouting going forth on the bus! People hugging each other! People laughing! People smiling! Life has sprung forth out of death! Once I was dead, now I am alive!

Bring it on Lord, I can hardly wait!


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