“sons of God” evidence

If you read my posts, you know that I am very big on being Spirit led. It is particularly important in the day and time in which we live. We should all be enrolled in the school of learning how to be Spirit led. This will involve application on a regular basis. It will involve trial and error also. We learn by doing, by applying what we learn. If all we have is “head knowledge” with no practical experience, then what good is it?

Now, I won’t get into foundational teaching of “dieing to the flesh”, but this must be understood before one can go anywhere in the Spirit. Romans 8 and Galatians 5:16-26 are good places to start. I will save this for another time.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” (Rom.8:14)  “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” (Gal.5:25)

Again, surrounded by these scriptures are teachings about “the flesh”. As I have said on many occasions, the biggest battle we believers face while here on the earth, is the battle against this flesh. Yes, the battle with the devil is huge, but there is a bigger battle, and that is of the flesh. We cannot fulfil God’s plan and purpose while here on this earth, if we are walking according to the flesh. The devil knows this. It’s a “no brainer” that he always uses our flesh, especially in temptation.

I will share another testimony of being Spirit led. My only motive here is that it will inspire you also to be out there and being Spirit led as you go. I know many are in this school, like myself. But, many more are also needed to fulfil the “Great Commission”.

Today, as I got off the train, I headed west. Once again, not knowing where I was headed, I just started walking. (Many times this is the case. However, He can also give you specific details as to where to go and what to do, ahead of time). I looked up at the local town square to see if anybody that I knew was out there. I saw these two brothers who are regulars at the square. I stopped, and we had an awesome time of fellowship in the Spirit. I call it, church out on the streets. Many “church goers” can’t fathom this, but hey, that’s OK. There will come a day when this will be experienced more and more. Why? Well, what happens to our church buildings when our economy is tanked out? When there is no longer fiances to keep the doors open? No longer fiances for the payroll? Will we again meet in groves? (open land with some trees for shade). Meet in parks? On the street corners?

Well, back to my “being led of the Spirit”. After our visit, this one brother asked me where I was headed. I looked to the south and said, “up there”. So we said our goodbyes, and off I went. I headed south, walking slowly. (I usually get called out for a “slow walker”, if someone is walking with me. My wife used to do this all the time. I know that I used to frustrate her big time). I walked about six to eight blocks, then I thought to myself that I haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast and a small snack bar a few hours ago. So I turned west and headed towards the local downtown grocery store that I frequently visit. I walked another ten blocks to the store, and went in.

After going to the produce area and grabbing a banana, I proceeded around to the back of the store. (I must add some very important advice regarding fulfilling a task that you might have to do. A responsibility might fit in here also, such as “grocery shopping”. It’s very important as you go about your responsibility, that you keep aware of people around you. Your not just there to shop for you and yours. As I have said on many occasions, “God is all about people”. And at the store, there is usually plenty around. Be aware when you get close to people. i.e. someone reaches close to you to grab something. This would be a good time to smile and say, “hello”. God can use that!)

So, as I am headed down the back isle, I looked ahead of me, and coming on my left was a man that I haven’t seen for about 6 month’s. Long story short, he used to be a customer of mine appoxmently 8 years ago. I had known that he had an alcohol problem and that he lost his wife and family because of it. Over the past five years, I have spotted him in different locations. Sometimes, 15 miles south of the downtown area. I would always smile and say hi and silently pray for him as he went by. For the most part he would just keep going. There was a few times that I had noticed him as I was preaching.      UNTIL TODAY!

Today he stopped and shared his testimony. We visited for 30 minutes. He shared how, with God’s help, he was now 18 months sober. He is a regular member of AA and goes faithfully to their meetings. He has a sponsor, and for the first time in 30 years, he said that his confidence is coming back. His self esteem is coming back. He also said that he now can look people in the eye when he is talking to them, or when he sees them. (this is something that I noticed before). And most importantly, his relationship with God is back on track.

Isn’t it awesome how God places people in our path for a purpose! I was blessed big time, and so was he. There is nothing like hearing ones testimony of how they returned to God. A homecoming, if you will. Awesome and powerful is He! To God be the glory! Great things he is doing! He alone is Lord! He alone has the power to change!

In closing, as I shared with this brother today, there is nothing like being Spirit led and experiencing the awesomeness of His power. There is NO happen chances with God! Everything He does is exact and right on!

This is what I love to share with non-believers. How they too can get ahold of the Spirit of God, and begin to live life in the Spirit while here on earth. Heaven will be out of this world, and certainly something to look forward to, but living life in the Spirit makes this life worth living here below. Anything short of this is not real life. And it’s no wonder many are giving up, even believers. This life is futile without being Spirit led.

God bless you as you go out and be led of His Spirit!

P.S. Can you see how I don’t want stuffy religion? I had that for 10 years, no thank you! I am not interested! If you have that and come around me, the big red flag goes up big time, for which I am thankful.


6 Responses to ““sons of God” evidence”

  1. Rick Says:

    Hi Richard,

    I enjoyed your latest post and agree with your views on organized religion versus being truly led by the Holy Spirit. The question I have though regards the brother you spoke of.

    Isn’t AA a religion unto itself? Doesn’t AA take someone from the bondage of an addiction (sin) and place them into the bondage of a process (12 Steps) and its related requirements for penance instead of taking the Jesus “one step” and being set free from the one who rules over the darkness?

    My intent with the question is not critical but is, rather, philosophical in nature. If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, why does one need a recovery group to be set free (this includes the “Christian” groups like Celebrate Recovery)? Isn’t drunkenness a sin?


  2. Richard Says:

    I have to go to prayer now, but you have hit something that has been on my heart for a long time. And that is AA. A while back, I began a study of the original starting of AA, to where it is now. I know I need to get back to it now, especially now that you have sent this comment.
    Thank you, and I will comment again when I have some more time.
    God bless you!

  3. Rick Says:

    Hi Richard,

    The following blog is what God used to bring me around regarding AA and such. A wealth of information is here:http://mywordlikefire.wordpress.com/

    God bless you brother.

  4. Richard Says:

    I agree with you. I am looking forward to God healing people from addictions right on the spot. Right where we find them. It is going to come through people in their twenties. Really have been looking forward to it for a long time.
    Bless you bro!

  5. Rick Says:

    Hi Richard,

    Being way past my 20’s, I figure God will use all who believe the authority that He has given to each who can call themselves children of God. But I do believe that God will raise up sons who are younger and mature enough in the faith to know when He has called someone to them to be delivered in the moment.

    Your devotion to growing in the Lord by hearing what He is saying to you through His word is a blessing to observe. I pray that you and your family are prospered in all that you do and firstly in the spiritual gifts that He has for you.


  6. Richard Says:

    Past my twenties also. And yes, God does use all those “who believe the authority that He has given…them”. As far as the “twenties” age goes, He showed me a few years ago, that He is going to be using guys in their twenties, big time out on the streets.
    Thanks for the complement. Thanks for the blessing also.
    May He continue to bless you and your family also! And may you giftings surface in a greater way!

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