Invoking The Spirit

The word “invoking” has a couple of meanings. And they would be, “to put into effect or operation, implement, to bring about, cause.”

If you have read some of my posts, you would have seen that through experience, I have seen how this “invoking” comes into being. Usually, but not always, it comes through speaking. It may be just a word, or a sentence or two. Never the less, it “puts into effect” the Spirit of God which works through us. You might say that it activates The Spirit in the realm of which you are in. IE, the workplace, the grocery store, the public restroom etc.

If,  The Holy Spirit is dwelling within you (having had been baptized in The Holy Spirit), then the words we speak while being in the Spirit, can and will have a very diffident impact on what’s taking place around us. And, as usual, it usually involves people. God works through people, plain and simple. Oh, there are definitely times when no people are involved, but usually people are involved.

I like to give practical examples of what I am talking about. Yesterday, while at work, this lady came down the isle (I work in the grocery dept. of a large retail department store) and she was wanting to know where the olives were. We engaged in some basic chit-chat and then I told her that I would show her where they were. We proceeded to the isle and found the olives. After we were done, I said to her, “God bless you”. She smiled and said, “He always does”. This brought joy to the both of us. It broke down barriers like no other!

The simple words “God bless you”, invoked The Spirit within her and in me. It was just that simple. Now, I could have easily said, “have a nice day” to her and that would have been “nice”, but chances are nothing in The Spirit would have taken place. Why do I say this? Because, I am basing  it on the countless times that I have said something like “have a nice day” or “have a good day”. It’s the standard to say after you have had an encounter with another person. In most cases there is no physical evidence of God moving at all. It’s what the world has said so much for so long, that it no longer has any effect whatsoever. It’s like saying, “how you doing”. Or now days, what is rapidly coming to have the same effect is, “what’s up”.

After we parted, I went back to another isle in which I was previously working. A few minutes later, she shows up again and says, “I just wanted to let you know how blessed I am because of our conversation”. I told her, “likewise”. We spent the next 15 minutes or so, sharing about the things of God. And yes, it was church on isle #6, right in the grocery store!

This is what I am talking about! This is experiencing God as you go about your day! Whether you are working, playing, shopping etc. If we will all take the blinders off and notice people around us, we will be amazed at what God wants to accomplish through us. For His glory!

And………. you might just have to say something to somebody, to get the ball rolling! To invoke, or activate the Spirit of God!

God bless you as you go out and “Invoke”.


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