There are NO happen chances with God

Almost daily, I am amazed at how exact and purposeful God is. He truly makes No mistakes. He is right on time (I might add, his time, not ours).

Yesterday after finishing sharing the Gospel, a young man came up and had some questions. It had to do with his mother who recently passed away. He was troubled by a lady who had no compassion on him for his lost. The lady who meant good I’m sure, but who could not get beyond religious talk to him. She failed to reach him. She did not hear his pain, his loss. Instead, she was going for the typical “evangelistic” response. This is where we need to get back to our example, Jesus Christ. Not where he dealt with the religious, but where he dealt with the sinners, the lost, the hurting etc.

Compassion fails when we become stuck in our routine efforts of evangelism. We must remember that The Spirit is always moving. It is not stagnant. It knows little of routine. What might work for one person, will not work for the other. If we fail to listen to the person, we fail to hear what the Spirit might be saying for the person. This is just the way it works. This is why I am so against “canned evangelism”. The Spirit is limited to work upon the individual in this method. The individual need is what is at stake. If we don’t hear, then we don’t get what the need might be, and thus through the Spirit address the need. Listening must come first.

Anyways, this guy begins to pour out his heart to me. As he does, the Spirit gives me things to say to him. By His grace, I do not “railroad” him with a lot of religious jargon. He is hurting from the lost of his mother. The Spirit gives me the right things to say to him in his hurt and pain. Yes, we do eventually address his own spiritual condition, and he opens up and shares that. But, it must come in stages. It must be with God’s compassion and love.

Now, here is the beauty of God. Here is what I wanted to share regarding, “NO happen chances with God”.

I had never met, nor seen this man before. Approximately, two month’s ago he was in an area that I had been in that is about two miles away from where we met. I never seen him that day. However, he shared with me that he had remembered seeing me up there that day. He shared with me, that a lady had bought me coffee that day, but I had left before she had come back to give it to me. I never got the chance to meet her.

Here is the “God shot”. I had accidentally left my water bottle where I was standing that day. She had returned to give me the coffee, and only found the water bottle there. She pulls out some paper from her purse, and writes a note to me, and sticks it under the bottle, in hopes that I would return to read it. She leaves. All the time, this guy who is now sharing this all with me, is watching from a distance as the lady puts the note under the bottle and leaves. After a while,  his curiosity gets him, so he walks over a picks up the note and reads it to himself.

It tells about how the lady was touched by what was said, and how she appreciated someone sharing the Gospel on that corner. It was just what she needed to hear that day. She was expressing her thankfulness in the note.

This guy who now stood in front of me two months later, was also sharing how he was touched that day. Not only by what I was saying, but what the lady had written that day.

And all this was just “happen chance”, right? NO WAY! It has God written all over it. It shows us (me again), that we most often don’t know of the impact that we have on others. Sometimes (like this case) He does show us. Oh, but all the other times where He elects to not show us. He has His good reasons for that. I am OK with that. He knew that this was one of those times that I needed the encouragement though.

Thank you God! You are perfect in all your ways! You are exact in all you do! You make NO mistakes!

May many more come into His Kingdom here on earth and experience Him while living. May they too, experience Him outside of the box. May they be sent out into a world filled with pain, sorrow and hurt. May we be His hands and feet, each day that we go out! This is the reason to live. To live for Him! Temporary satisfaction doesn’t cut it. True satisfaction is where it’s at! And all this that I am sharing here is “Kingdom living”. It’s not about being a religious “Jehovah Witness” either. True Kingdom living has nothing to do with man made religion.

Even in the “church world”, many are stuck in church meetings after church meetings, waiting for God to show up. Waiting for Him to manifest himself. While all the time He is outside the doors. In many cases, He is knocking, trying to get inside, but everyone is too busy with “church”.

Christ set the example. If we want to find Him, we need to look no further than our neighbor who is next to us. It could be the person standing in line next to us at the checkout stand. Will we open our mouth and say something to them? Will we show them that we care about them? Do we even notice them? Do we love them as we love ourselves?

Also, God could be sending us an Angel to see what we will do with them. That Angel could be in the form of a person who is hurting, or a person who is physically challenged that just needs to know that he does exists here. Or, maybe a person in a wheel chair that needs someone to ask him or her if they could help them up the sidewalk to the library.

May God help us all to take an active part in being Jesus to a lost world that so desperately needs to see and experience Him.

Bless you all!


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