Coin Jar blessing

This is the second time in recent years that the coin jar has been a real blessing.

Approximately five years ago, we were living as the Lord provided (typically called, “living by faith). I was doing full-time street ministry, and my then wife, had an online ministry that God was blessing. I could remember using my gallon jar that was filled with coins, for bus fare. This seemed to have lasted for a couple of month’s. It was such a blessing to have.

This month, the finances have seemed to be short, as the end of the month is rapidly approaching. I still do street ministry, but it is four days a week, instead of five. I work part-time three days a week now. The money that I make at my job, takes care of rent, utilities and food. I trust God each month for any additional needs, such as a monthly bus pass, tracts, gas money etc.

I was short $10 so far this month for rent because of other needs. So this morning, I dug out my gallon coin jar, which was filled a little over half full. I saw a lot of pennies in it, and was hoping that it would be enough. I also needed a little extra cash to make it until my next pay-day which was over a week away.

As I was driving my car to the store to put the money in the “coin star”, I prayed and asked God that there would be enough money for the rent ($10) and also asked that He would bless with a little extra, (I was thinking, like $10 or so) so I could make it until next week.

I got to the store and found the coin star, and proceeded with putting in my money. As the coins poured in, I quickly noticed that the counter was adding up rather nicely. I smiled, and continued to put in more coins. Soon it reached $10. I said, “thank you God!” The money kept coming. The counter kept counting. Wow!  I was amazed! $20, $30, $40, $50……….

When I had finished, there was $75 counted. Call it what you may, but it was truly God who gave the increase. A coin Jar that started out with mainly visible pennies, turned into a jar that was filled with dimes and nickels. There was only one quarter in the jar, which I took out, because I use them for laundry.

I am so thankful for his provision again in my life. He is truly “Jehovah Jiara” “The Lord who provides”. Thank you God! you are awesome! And of course, not only for myself, but also for all those who are “seeking you and your kingdom first”. Those who are doing your will on the earth.


2 Responses to “Coin Jar blessing”

  1. briank Says:

    cool…very cool. I had the exact experience last week as I needed to pay a creditor; I watched my funds increase little by little through my part-time job, and I was still short. The first thought was to ask a brother, or relative for the needed funds; but later I realized that God wants that role in my life and that I should rely on him, not man–even though He chooses to operate through man sometimes.

    After a little time of praying (without ceasing!), my mind began to recall the coffee can of coins in my car’s trunk, which was about halfway full. I proceeded to call the neighborhood market about coinstar availability. The Lord, I believe, led me to that machine to show me His faithfulness when all else seemed to fail. When I got the $, it was enough, with some to spare, to pay my creditor. We have a mighty and powerful and all-knowing God to give thanks to!

    Thank you for sharing your experience so I could recall His great faithfulness.

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Very similar experience/provision that only He alone can do. Thanks for sharing!
    May you be blessed as you go out!

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