Why I love to ride the bus

You could not give me 6.5 billion dollars to say that if I take it, would I stop working in God’s Kingdom.

The simple, yet profound ways that God works out in the open among people is way cooler than what this world has to offer. It far better than any temporary high that you can receive from things in this world. I have had my fare share of  “highs” and I can honestly say that there is no comparison to operating in The Spirit, and having an active part in what God is doing in the moment.

Today as I finished one of my “working” days, I got on the bus to head back home. As usual, I went to the back of the bus. This is the best place that I have found. In the back, there are side seats that face each other, and also five seats at the very back. So the is a higher concentration of people, usually.

As I sat down, I pulled out some of my “Jesus” cards and handed them to the three people in the back that where I was sitting. The guy across from me took one. The guy next to him grabbed one and stood up and took it, then came and sat down next to me. The guy in the corner also took one. Now this guy that came and sat next to me was key.

I sensed something different about him. He soon shared how he was a follower of Christ also.

The bus then made a stop, and the two other guys got off. I blessed them and they received it and went on.

Now here is the awesome thing about how God plans and purposes for each and every moment. As I sat there at the back, this brother who I had just met on my left, and another man on my right sat in the seat next to me, facing toward the front.

Now to give you a little history about this man who was next to me on my right. He is a man that I see every week on the bus. Sometimes, three times a week. We met probably a year ago. I originally shared Christ with the man when I first met him. He is extremely quite. I have been very friendly to him every time that I have seen him. Sometimes, it is just a smile. Sometimes, I try and engaged him in a conversation. He is always very short, and says very little. I think he is very lonely. I asked him on time where he goes when I see him on the bus all the time. He said that he just rides the bus with no particular place in mind. He is always doing cross-word puzzles.

He did acknowledge Christ the first time that I met him. However, he has yet to express himself about his walk with God. Where he stands with God, I don’t know. But times like this, that I could not have ordered if I had wanted to, he now sits and gets to hear again about God and Christ. This is what makes public transportation so awesome. If you are engaging in conversation with another person, others get to hear, like it or not. It’s not being rude or obnoxious, just speaking in a normal tone of voice and letting the Spirit take it from there.

So, as we traveled down the road, this new found brother and I share all kinds of things regarding Christ, God and His Kingdom. This brother had some good spiritual insight that he was sharing, and the Spirit was moving more than I have seen in a long time on the bus. (this has been because of my own neglect). I am a firm believer that we most often engage the Spirit of God, in and around us. Also, we must be in right relationship with Him, to partake in what’s going on around us. We also have to “want to”. We can’t be stuck in our own little world. If so, we will miss out over and over again.

I was not only blessed by this encounter with this new brother that I met, but most importantly our brother on the right got to hear just what God wanted him to hear that day. There was no prior arrangement to this meeting on the bus. All people involved were placed there by the hand of God. That’s what I love to see about God. He is exact and purposeful in all He does. He truly makes no mistakes. Everything He does has Kingdom purpose in mind.

May we keep this mindset each day that we set out the front door, whether it’s the bus, at work, shopping or at the gas station. We are certainly not put here to just eat, sleep and work, then wait for the weekend. Kingdom advancement is what we should be about.


2 Responses to “Why I love to ride the bus”

  1. timbob Says:

    Good morning. I don’t have any situations where public transportation is a factor, however, back in 1984 and the first part of 1985, I was in Philadelphia where buses and the subway system was routinely utilized. I was very young in the Lord at the time, but I remember a number of conversations being generated in these venues. Reading this post was like a journey back in time. Philadelphia was where going into the streets to share the gospel began for me. And just like today, there was no question as to whether or not I should be doing it.

    And yet there are souls everywhere if we are atuned and available. You menitoned the need for us to be willing. I have to confess that there are times when I just want to fulfil my agenda and be on my way. Whatever the excuse, being in a hurry, being tired after a period of hecticity, or what have you, there are times when sadly “I just don’t want to talk to anyone. This happens too often at work and it’s something that I need to address with much diligence. There are a few specific souls at the plant whom the Lord is working on. I have to be more diligent at utilizing “every opportunity” to plant and water; not just the opportunities that I feel like responding to. It’s not like I completely disengage when I’m there, but I could be more available than I have been as of late. (I could start by not making so many phone calls during breaks. lol… and then…hmm)

    With my weeks vacation over tomorrow (oh…today; it’s after midnight) it’s time to approach that venue with the soberness that’s employed in the street. My first priority should be the gospel. Machining gears is just a sideshow. Those gears, along with the trucks that they will become a part of, are destined to burn. A lot of souls in that place are currently in danger of eternal burning and, unlike us, the devil never misses an opportunity to further his agenda. This is where the real battle is. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Richard Says:

    Gotta love you bro!
    I love your thoughts on “machining gears” and “destined to burn”. While some would laugh at this, it’s so true. This is reality.
    Keep hittin those streets brother! God bless you! Time is very short!

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