A day in the life of a street minister

It’s not a “classified” church minister position. Most churches don’t have one that is on their “paid staff”. You can’t study to become one, then receive a degree and get a job as one. Most don’t have a clue what it entails. When you say “street minister”, most think of the homeless. Yes, it does involve the homeless, but that is just one segment of the ministry. Other’s think of it as the “street preacher” on the street corner. Yes, that also is a part of it, but certainly not conclusive.

In my particular calling of street ministry it has to do with people who are out and about. Kind of what Jesus did. People that are outside of a building, or car, headed somewhere on foot. These are people in the life of a street minister like myself. See my post  https://rjperalta.wordpress.com/2007/02/17/the-people-of-the-streets/  for more definition on street ministry.

One such day would be as follows:

I try to stay away from routine. It is far easier said than done, for sure. It has been a few weeks now since I have broken out of the typical routine. I am very thankful to have again a day like this. This encourages me to remember all those days that I have had that were very similar to this one.

This morning while getting ready for the day, I saw myself walking down a road in which I have not been down in about a year. So, after getting ready I headed out the door onto the sidewalk. Ah, the streets! Here we go again!

Soon, we boarded the bus and headed over the river to the train (light rail). If I can back up for a moment, there where three guys sitting in the back of the bus besides myself. I had just listened to the three of them talk about “brothers” and living in the “hood”. When the bus arrived at the train stop, we all got off as usual. As I approached the platform, I noticed the three brothers standing there. I felt led to go over to them and share Jesus with them, so I did. Two of the three quickly went into all kinds of excuses of why Jesus can’t be the only way. They both had Muslim backgrounds. The other guy said he was raised a “Baptist”. We soon had some common ground because he was a believer in Jesus, while the other two weren’t. The train came and we all got in. The two other brothers went up front and sat down, while me and this other brother stood and continued to talk about Jesus. It was good. My hope is that the other brothers will read the Jesus tracts that they indeed did keep. My stop came and I said God bless you to them all and went out the door.

I headed west on this main street that I had seen myself on earlier that morning. (I might add that I had seen myself walking and only making contact with people who were coming towards me on the sidewalk). My first gentleman was a black brother from Ethiopia waiting for the bus at the stop. He smiled when he saw the Jesus card, and said that he knew Him. We visited for a few minutes before his bus came. It was very encouraging.

I turned to my left after this brother got on the bus, and quickly noticed a lady that used to work where I work. We smiled at each other, and I said God bless you. I have shared Jesus with her before. She was in a lesbian relationship, and I am not sure if she still is. God faithfully puts us together every so often, and it’s always in very unusual places. Isn’t God faithful and awesome!

Then I walked for a while before seeing anybody. Then this guy named Larry came walking his dog down the street. I said “hi”, then gave him a card. He quickly acknowledged that he too was a follower of Christ. We spent the next 30 minutes sharing. He shared about his alcohol problems, in which he was now 10 days clean, and attending meetings. He said he had to leave his life in California and start over up here. He talked about being lonely at times. I shared how I could relate with him on that. We both hit it off, and really had awesome “fellowship”. We had prayer, then I gave him one of my contact cards, then we departed.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was so thankful for the water fountains along the way. It seemed that God had placed them every so often along the way.  Soon, I saw up ahead, a homeless man gathering his things next to a local market. I stopped to talk with him, and handed him a card. He looked at it and handed it back. He said. “Oh, I believe in mother nature”. I assured him that “mother nature” was not going to save his soul. (I thought to myself, mother nature surly hasn’t saved him from his alcohol problem). I said God bless you and departed.

I walked for a while, then noticed a bike coming ahead down the sidewalk. Usually, I stand there and hold out a card. Sometimes they reach out and grab it and keep riding. This guy went by for a moment, then slammed on his brakes and skidded around. I handed it to him and he said, “oh yeah, I believe in Jesus!”. He began to share how his sister recently died from cancer, and that God was the only reason why he was here today. She had been his best friend. He went on and gave testimony about God and was greatly encouraged to have the opportunity to share it. He went away “charged” on his bicycle.

A while later, I saw two brothers coming. One was pushing the typical shopping cart full of bottles and cans. As they approached, I asked them if they knew Jesus and handed them the cards. They smiled and said, “Oh yah”. “We couldn’t live without Him”. They were in a hurry, and one brother said “please remember me in prayer”. I said I would. He reached over and gave me a big hug. The other brother did the same. It was “sweet” in Jesus!

Soon, I was praying to find a restroom. I knew that there was a large grocery store coming up on my left, I just couldn’t see it yet. Praise God, before long, there it was. I went into the store and soon found the restroom. Once inside I noticed a young guy combing his hair. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He didn’t give an answer, but said that he believed in a “higher power”. I assured him that he needed Jesus to get to God. Shared that Jesus is the only sacrifice for our sins. He didn’t object. Soon he left, taking the card with him. As I left, I saw him outside the restroom. I smiled and said God bless you. I sensed that he was battling homosexuality.

Now, I had sensed that this was my turning back point. So I headed back on the other side of this main road. Soon, I heard someone coming from behind. I turned and smiled and gave him a card. He looked at it, and shouted that he was also a believer. He said that he was going to be singing in his church choir tonight. We blessed each other and he walked up ahead.

As I proceeded, I saw a hispanic man coming up the sidewalk. I was thankful that in the morning the Lord had reminded me to bring some more spanish tracts. He gladly took one. I could see his face that he looked like he was battling Meth.

By this time I had used up all my tracts and was saying “God bless you” to all those who passed by. One young lady sitting at a bus stop acknowledged that she was with Jesus. I encouraged her to stay close to Him, because things are not going to get better. She agreed.

Soon, I was back at the train stop where I had started. I got on and headed home. I was tired. I do a lot of walking in my ministry, but this was the first time in weeks where I walked for a long distance without very little stopping. I figured it was probably six miles.

Well, that’s one day in my life. They are all different. I always enjoy seeing what God has planned for the day, and its always about people. It always about Jesus.

God bless you as you go out and Do what you were created to Do. Tell somebody about Jesus today!


2 Responses to “A day in the life of a street minister”

  1. brian Says:

    Thanks for sharing Richard. I find it worthwhile and enormously fulfilling if I have the chance and the leading to share Christ on occasion. Yesterday, @ the grocery store; the person standing beside me noticed the million dollar bill that I purposely made obvious in my wallet; I gave it to him and his girlfriend or wife noticed it too. I said that it was for them–please accept it; she was excited and said that if it were real, I would be her hero. My response was that the tract was about my hero and I thanked them for taking it. Hopefully, they were influenced in a godly way. Right after that event, I cross the parking lot to see a woman pushing a shopping cart and trying to help an elderly lady in a wheelchair with her other arm.
    I decided to help push the elderly lady to the van; it was a great opportunity to share Christ with her. I write all of this to tell myself that when we move with God’s Joy in our hearts, we better prepared for whatever opportunity presents itself and maximize the anointing; don’t squander it on selfishness, etc.
    May we continue to abide in the living Word and be doers of the Word!

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by brother! Thanks for sharing also!
    Yes, there is nothing like it in this world for sure…. sharing the Gospel.
    I am glad that you are a “doer” of the Word. God bless you!

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