“I found Jesus!”

She smiled at me and let out a big loud, “I found Jesus!”

Today started out like any other “street” day. I headed out the front door towards town, then took a left towards one of the many bus stops that are close to where I live. I waited the typical 10-15 minutes for the certain bus to arrive that would take me to the train stop that would head to the downtown area that I usually go.

The bus finally came and I boarded it. Walked to the back like I usually do. I sat down in the last row in the very back that faces toward the front. I had said nothing to nobody as I sat down. I immediately noticed this girl sitting on one of the sides seats in front of me. She smiled at me and let out a big loud, “I found Jesus!”. I smiled and said, “really?”. She said, “Yes!” I said, “that’s awesome!”

We spent the next few minutes sharing about Jesus until she had to get off. That’s what I like about the bus. Many get to hear.


2 Responses to ““I found Jesus!””

  1. inspiredword Says:

    Great post, l can only imagine how big her smile was. Thanks for posting.

  2. Richard Says:

    It was truly awesome! Way bigger than the usual smile. It had God all over it! Bless his name!
    Thanks for stopping by, and may you be blessed as you go out

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