Determination and Warfare

If you’re in the battle, needless to say, there is a war going on.

If you’re in God’s Kingdom, which is not of this world, then you are at war. If you have yet to be born into His Kingdom, than there is no war going on, and you would say, “what war, you must be nuts, what are you talking about?” If this is the case, it’s because it is a spiritual war involving a spiritual kingdom, and you must be “born of the Spirit” to understand this war, much less enter into. Jesus himself taught this in John chapter three.

This war is for our souls. If we are not in God’s Kingdom, then Satan already has us, and no war or battle is needed. We would be sensing on war, no battle. But, if you have been born of the Spirit and you are alive and “in the Spirit”, living for God and His Kingdom daily above all else, then you are in some intense warfare. And guess what? It’s only going to get worse as we fight to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This battle is “not against flesh and blood (people), but “spiritual wickedness in high places” (where Satan is).

If we sit and fold our hands, go to church, dance with the world, and think everything is fine, we need a “wake up call”.

While I don’t consider myself a “Skillet” fan, this song does have some real determination to fight against the world and its evil ways, and the “ruler” thereof.

Many times, in the Spirit, we must take up the sword and do some spiritual battle, in the Spirit. Whistling and skipping along with our iPod in our ear, will not do it. We must fight!

I hope this song gives you some determination. God bless you as you war on in the Spirit!

PS. the song might be a little heavy for some


4 Responses to “Determination and Warfare”

  1. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. This is the very thing that I’ve been dealt with over the past few weeks; that of the spiritual battle before us. The cogitations are so many that it’s a struggle to find a starting place, however, the first step is to acknowledge what’s taking place. Most professing christians seem unable to even recognize that we are in a war. They embrace the theological concept, but never venture beyond their comfort zone and consider what’s transpiring. It’s a serious war, where souls hang in the balance and captive cry out for deliverance.

    It’s a war in which eternities are being determined every hour. Lately, I’ve been considering the slumbering state of the church and wondering “how does the Lord view this situation?” When we build monuments to men and collect firewood unto ourselves while souls are slipping into the abyss. I’ve been looking at my own life and not liked what I’ve seen. So much time wasted, so much energy and resource given to that which ceases to be relevant one second after one departs this realm.

    Thanks so much for addressing this and thanks for the You Tube. At first I didn’t understand what you were saying because I had never heard of the band “Skillet.” (Oh; Richard must be a microwave guy. lol) The song is right on and we need to awaken….QUICKLY!

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. brian Says:

    Thanks rich, I thoroughly can relate to the understanding that all of creation is impacted by the warfare that pervades and invades us daily. Thank God for the scriptures that tell us the truth! I would like to recommend the book Victory in Christ by Charles trumbull, this book has helped me realiSE the vital truth of standing with and behind our captain Jesus and how he destroyed evil through his death and resurrection. God with us, who can be against us!

  3. Richard Says:

    Well, it all comes down to the Spirit. If we are not living in the Spirit, then we will say, “what’s the problem”. “everything seems fine in the church to me”. When we are in the Spirit, then we tap into things unseen. Been looking a lot into the “spiritual kingdom” of God. Needless to say, it’s not of this world. If I’m of this world, I won’t see it, nor understand it. I must be in the Spirit! God’s Spirit in me, must be “quickened” (be made alive). Amen!
    God bless you brother!

  4. Richard Says:

    I know what you mean brother. We are standing with and behind our captain.
    However, we must be reminded that there is a lot of fighting for our faith that must take place. It’s more than just “standing”. His word says, “having done all to stand….stand”. There is a lot on our part, through Him, that needs to take place to lead us to the point where we can stand. We must be determined!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    May God bless you as you go out!

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