In the process of Repentance…..

Our free-will (the ability to choose) plays into it.

Repentance (the act of turning away from sin) is the door one must go through to receive salvation. It also is the door that one must go through to receive the power of God. It is also the door one must go through to receive the blessings of God. I could go on and on with many things that we get only through the door of repentance.

As far as free-will goes, I liken it to the door knob on the door of repentance. By using my free-will, I reach out and grab hold of the door knob. Herein, lies my desire to turn from sin. I come to the point where I have had enough of sin, so I reach out for help. I choose help. I want help. I want to turn from sin.

Now that I have my hand on the door knob, it can’t be turned or unlocked, unless God grants me the grace of repentance to follow through with turning the knob and opening the door. It’s the power of God that grants the ability to turn. It’s a gift of God. Shear “will-power” will not produce true repentance.

These thoughts were downloaded to me today after I did some repenting myself. Then I was able to share in the Spirit. I was able to receive from the Spirit. Why? Because unless everything in our lives that needs to be given up (as shown to us personally, by the Holy Spirit) if not repented of (forsaken), then the ability to be in the Spirit is not there. This is the main reason why the power of God (the Holy Spirit) is not moving individually and collectively in our midst on a regular basis.

It’s like conduit with water running through it. If there is blockage (sin) in it, than there is NO flow until the blockage is removed. It’s the same with the Holy Spirit. If we want it to flow, then there can be no blockage (un-confessed, un-forsaken sin). P.S. Don’t worry about the sins that you’re not aware of. Be concerned about the ones that you do know, or that He (the Holy Spirit) shows you. Don’t worry, if He wants you to know about them, you will.


2 Responses to “In the process of Repentance…..”

  1. Loretta Says:

    Thanks for explaining this in a way i can understand.

  2. Richard Says:

    You are welcome.
    I’m getting some good stuff on “Repentance” that I hope to share soon. Without it, there can be NO true conversion.
    Bless you!

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