“Born of water” (Part 4)

We want to again look into the Prophet Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the coming of John the Baptist. He said, “The voice of him crying in the wilderness; “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” (Isa.40:3)

In our last post (part 3), we discovered that the word “prepare” means to “turn”. The same meaning as “repent”, and very close to the “re” in regenerate. The word “way” means “a mode” or “means” (figuratively). By implication it means “a process” or “a road” or “highway”. The word “straight” in Hebrew, has to do with “make right”.

Now, knowing already what we know about John the Baptist in the New Testament, we can safely say that it was foretold by the Prophets that he would come “preaching” a message of “turning” (repenting) as a mode or means that would proceed the coming of our Lord. By preaching a message of repentance first, this would then lead to “make right”, which means the same as “righteous”.

Going back to the New Testament, and looking at the scriptures that have to do with John the Baptist, we find some more good reasons as to why he was sent. Again, the word “prepare” plays a big part. Remembering that the word in its Greek meaning, means “make ready”. In Matt.3:3 regarding Isaiah’s prophesy, the word “prepare” has to do with “internal fitness”. Or we could safely say that it has to do with getting ready or make ready internally. Mark’s version in 1:3 is the same. As is Luke’s 1:76 and 3:4.

Now, if we jump over to Jesus, referring to John the Baptist, in Matt.11:10, the word “prepare” is referring to “external equipment”. Jesus was quoting Malachi and Isaiah. Mark also quotes Malachi and Isaiah (Mk.1:2). In Luke 7:27, Jesus again quotes the Prophets.

We conclude that John’s message was one of both “Internal” and “External” preparedness before the coming of our Lord. Turning has to do with both. Internal turning has to do with the heart. When the Spirit of God moves you, it convicts you (pricks you) of your sins. Externally, has to do with “bringing fruits fit for repentance”. If one has truly “turned” (repented), there will be fruits coming from within that bears witness that he or she has repented.

John the Baptist hits this on the head when the multitudes came to be baptised by him. Basically he told them that first they had to have “fruits or evidence of their repentant hearts”. This was to happen before he would baptize them. They said to him, “What shall we do then?”. Then John gives them some examples. Basically, if you have two coats in your closet, give one to someone who needs a coat. If you have food at home, good, give some to one who has none. (Lk.3:7-11). Then he says to the “tax collectors”, be honest with your clients. The soldiers were to not intimidate or falsely accuse people. And they were to be content with their wages. (vs.12-14). These were some examples of fruits that they were to do.

Basically, when the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, you will know what you personally need to do. He will tell you by moving or placing upon your heart what the next move is. It could be as simple as going to someone and confessing that you are sorry for what you did to them. Maybe it might be restitution. Maybe one stole something a few month’s ago, or a few years ago, and the Spirit is saying that they need to go and make it right.

Now, here is the awesome thing about repentance. First, it is an act of “free-will” on the sinner’s part, once convicted, to desire to change, or make right. Then the “I want to” comes into play. This is “repenting”. However, once the desire is there, then God gives the grace to repent. This is “repentance”. The God-given grace to unable one to carry out the process of repenting. We human’s don’t have what it takes to really repent. The best we can do is to exercise our “will power”, but that falls way short of  true repentance which is divine, and is a gift of God. In part #5 we will get to the “heart of the matter” regarding being “Born of water”.


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