A direct shot of God’s love!

I was so thankful that I choose to not follow into routine today. I boarded a bus that I don’t usually take into town. When I started, it was just me and one other person on the bus. I sat in my usual back of the bus location. This was good routine as far as location goes. After a few stops, this guy gets on and sits in the very last seat in the corner. I was sitting next to him in the last row at the end. I struck up conversation with him about the weather. After a little while, I asked him if he was with Jesus.

Little did I know, that for the next 20 minutes he would share one of the most awesome testimonies that I have heard in a long time. This one really gripped my heart for sure.

He started with sharing how when he was little boy, his dad was very abusive to him and the family. So his life at a very early age was very abusive. This is very common, and I have heard lots of abusive stories about how people were raised. But this man, now probably in his forties, begins to share how God kept him through the years. His mother dies while he was around seven. His dad takes it out on him. He becomes more abusive towards him. His dad, like his mom, had health issues. This led to more confusion, frustration and anger. Finally, after a few more years, his dad passes away. There is no regret because he was never shown what a father was, let alone what love was. Hate and bitterness was all that he knew. This is what his life consisted of. So, he was relieved that his dad was taken out of his life. Little did he know what was lurking around the bend though…..

He immediately is placed in a foster home. Surprize! This turns out to be more abuse than what he had known before. His live before was just a primer for what he would now experience as “living hell”. Soon, his new parents beat him severally over and over again, as if there was nothing wrong with it. He told me that they would lock him up for a couple of days at a time with no food or water. He would have to go to the bathroom in the same corner like a dog. This would happen on numerous occasions. He was treated just like an animal.

So, at the age of fourteen, he packs his bag and takes off. Never to look back again.

Now, in my mind I am thinking how in the world would one such guy as this, ever come to God. All he has ever known was abuse, hate, bitterness etc. And it all came from humans. Would he ever listen to another human? Would he ever trust another human? Could a human ever tell him about God’s love? Could he even grasp what love was? He absolutely didn’t know what love was, or is.

One night, shortly after he left home and out on the streets, God in his love and faithfulness, came to him in a dream. Just like God, he alone knows how to reach people. He loved this guy so much, and knew that he was not going to respond to another human being. So it’s like God saying, “it’s OK, I am God, and I will do whatever is necessary to reach him”. So in his dream, he experiences God and his love. God knows that he needs love, and that he needs the real deal, His love sent directly from God.

So, in the morning, he wakes up crying profusely and gives his life to God. It’s just that simple and awesome. No human involved, because God knew what he had experienced with humans, no love. A direct shot of God’s love was necessary for him to find out what love was.

Now the brother is living for God and has no bitterness, no hatred towards people whatsoever. He gives God all the credit. He said that if it wasn’t for Him, he would have easily turned out to be one of the most vial people on the earth today.

Praise God for His power and faithfulness. What an awesome testimony of God’s love. Thank you God!

( Now I want to add this as a reminder to all those who might think that we are not in a spiritual battle for souls. And, that the demonic realm is not real. If you are filled with the Spirit of God, and you are walking/living in the Spirit, you will experience the demonic as you go out. Not to be afraid though, because greater is He, then he who is in the world (Satan). Now, if you’re not active in the kingdom of God, you will not experience any real demonic presents. A little yes, but not to the point where it is powerful and working through people. If all we do is talk about “God”, the demon’s don’t shutter. Why? Because they believe also. But, the minute we bring up Jesus, or the testimony of Jesus, look out! The Demons rise up!  Half way through this guys testimony, a guy gets on and sits across from us. He listens, then he begins to talk out loud. I immediately sence the demonic. He talks, He laughs. All the time he’s looking at us. I give him no attention, like he wants. I plead the blood quietly to myself, as to not stir him up. When it’s all over and we get off, I stand up and this man begins to talk louder as I walk passed him. I say out loud, “The blood of Jesus!, The blood of Jesus!” and we depart.)


6 Responses to “A direct shot of God’s love!”

  1. brian Says:

    Richard, thanks for that testimony; the guys message sounds similar to those former Muslims who accepted Christ through a dream.
    I was @ a park not to long ago and was able to share Christ with a man; during our dialogue two walkers came upon our location; one was intent to walk right over me unless I moved. The path was as wide ad a city street and I was there first! But it was a test from the lord; was I going to apply 1 cor.13 in the situation or walk in the flesh? Thank God for the victory we have in Jesus.

  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, it is so awesome to hear testimonies of how God speaks directly sometimes, with no human involved.
    I like your testimony. Bless the Lord that you were aware of the test. Many times, it is too easy to forget.
    Thanks for stopping by. God bless you as you go out!

  3. Loretta Says:

    This really reminds me of the amazing
    testimonies from that site dreamsandvisions dot com. (www. morethandreams dot tv) Thanks for sharing this testimony Richard.

  4. Richard Says:

    I will check it out. Glad you were blessed!

  5. Stella Young Says:

    WOW WOW & WOW.
    What an increidibly wonderful story.
    What an amazing example of the POWER OF GOD in a life that knew no love.
    You are right – that other guy on the bus was a MOCKER OF GOD.
    Good you put him in his place.
    And it was the Spirit of God in you urging you to begin the conversation…..
    If you had not obeyed the Spirits command – none of us would be blessed with this wonderful testimony.
    Thanks Richard for your faithful heart.
    Enjoy Jesus.

  6. Richard Says:

    Yes, He alone is Awesome and Powerful!
    Oh yes, obedience is HUGE! Without it we are left to decipher, hit and miss, and be found in a fog.
    May you also enjoy Jesus!

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