Two Kingdoms at War

Which Kingdom are you in? Are you at war?

There are only two kingdoms. People are only in one or the other. There is God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom. And the battle is only over one thing. The human soul for eternity.

“Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath,” Why? “because he knows that he has a short time.” (Rev.12:12b)

“And the dragon (the Devil/Satan) was enraged with the women, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (12:17)

The spiritual battle for souls is intensifying. I see it more and more as the day approaches. Satan is very, very angry because he sees the end coming and wants to get all the souls he can for eternity. More and more people are being overcome with all his devises, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and pornography etc. Satan has his “hooks” in people so he can lure them to wherever he wants them to go. His main objective is to lure them right into eternity, to see them together in a place prepared for himself and all his angels. (See Rev.20:10, 15 and 21:8)

We as believers, are the “offspring” that he (Satan), has come to make war with. Do you sence this war going on? I am not talking about the daily troubles, such as, problems at home, problems at work, relationship problems etc. These are common everyday difficulties that all face in one form or another. It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not. What I am talking about is the warfare that is going on if you are actively engaged in some form of “rescuing the perishing”. This is where the main battle is. Yes, there is other forms of warfare that we as believers face. But, the hot spot of the battle is and always has been on the front lines battling for eternal souls.

Satan is at war with you, if you are “keeping the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. For all those who want to put God in a denominational box, and say that He is talking about the “Ten Commandments” here, need to take a look at this word “commandments”. It means, “injunction” which is “to enjoin”. “the act or an instance of enjoining: order, admonition.” The word “enjoin” has to do with “yoke”. “to direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition.”

We are safe with saying that it is those who are “enjoining” themselves into God’s word, God’s order and admonition. Those who are taking upon themselves the “yoke” of Jesus. Taking on His “authority” and “admonition”.

Satan is also at war with you if you have the “testimony of Jesus”. This word “testimony” means that there is “evidence given”. Does your life bear evidence of Jesus? If not, you are not at war, and you need to be really concerned. If Satan is not at war with you personally, then you need to be very concerned as to where you are in your relationship with God and his kingdom. The word “testimony” also means, “record, report, witness”. What’s our record with Jesus? How about our report? Our witness?

It is not as though we go looking for this “war”. No, we don’t go looking for Satan, and he is not under every bush either. However, if we are active in God’s Kingdom, there will be evidence of spiritual battle in this war. It will usually be manifested through people. Just like God uses people, Satan also uses them. In Revelations 12:9, it says that “his angels were cast to the earth ” along with Satan. He has untold angels roaming the earth today. If you are active, you won’t have to be looking very far for them. They will find you.

So, a good indicator as to whether you are in this war or not, is to take inventory of your most recent days here on this earth, and see if Satan has raised his ugly head at you. Do you see the battle raging through people around you? Does Satan send one of his angels across your path occasionally? If so, Good! You’re in the war for souls. Yours and others, and it’s a good thing.

In closing, how do we “overcome” Satan? The answer is found in verse eleven. “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Three things here. The blood of Christ. Our spoken testimony. And by not loving our lives while here on earth, even if it costs us our lives. Good then, the word “testimony” also comes from the meaning of “martyr”

God bless you as you march forward and take your place in His Army on the battle field.


14 Responses to “Two Kingdoms at War”

  1. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard, I found this entry to be a very interesting mix of thoughts.
    Absolutely the BATTLE IS RAGING…… over each and every soul.
    satan, the prince of this world – for the most part has captured the world.
    Those who are followers of Jesus have come apart from the world – being in it, but not of it, so to speak.
    There are a few definitions you have given that I do not find confirmed in Websters Dictionary.
    As an example.
    TESTIMONY – (according to Websters in the spiritual sense is)
    The Law of Moses, inscribed on the tablets of stone / The ark containing these tablets. Thus this would appear to be the TESTIMONY OF GOD for His people.
    INJUNCTION – “A court order enjoining a party FROM a given course of action.”
    COMMANDMENT – “An order” (I might add – written by the finger of God)
    Putting this all together it would appear that COMMANDMENT & INJUNCTION are totally opposite actions.
    Throughout the bibile the prophets, the disciples and those who came after, such as Paul and others …… were not all EYEWITNESSES….. their testimony was given to them from God and recorded for the benefit of all mankind.
    MARTYR – Althought in Greek the word does mean WITNESS, in our English it has another meaning altogether…. one who stands for their belief though the heavens fall. (my wording)
    Not sure where you are going with the variation in these definitions.
    But we surely can agree that a CLOTHESLINE CHRISTIAN is in danger of being spewn outof the mouth of Jesus. “If you are neither hot nor cold…..”
    Jesus says, “If I am not Lord of all, I am not Lord AT ALL.”
    The choice is ours.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts – it is obvious you are a very deep thinker.
    God bless you in your walk with Jesus.

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for your comment. We all need to be challenged with what we might have been taught. We all need to get back to the Holy Spirit teacher.
    As far as the definitions go, “Commandment” here means “injunction” in the Greek. It also comes from a word that means, “enjoin”. Then I went to Websters for the “enjoin” definition.
    “Testimony” is given for the Greek meaning.
    These meanings might challenge our upbringing, and that is good.
    God bless you, and hope this cleared a little up

  3. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard, thank you for your responses to my comments. I appreciate your explanations about these definitions. For clarification my upbringing, sad to say, was not in this ballpark. I am a work in progress. And thanks to you and your comments, You have instilled in me a desire to search out areas I have never looked into before. So you obviously have a jump on me here. What I am about to share with you is fresh knowledge obtained today to pursue what you have laid out before me. Here is what I find.
    ENJOIN – according to 1 Cor. 7:19 – the “instrucitons” Jesus gave to His apostles in the Greek – was termed “ENJOIN”.
    However – instrucitons and commandment are very different things.
    The Greek for COMMANDMENT is “entolay” or “entole” meaning PRECEPT. Rev. 14:12 is an example of that.
    I enjoy our sharing of thoughts and research.
    The day we stop learning – we start dying.
    I hope we can both be an inspiration to insight the desire to increase our knowledge of scriptue and its meaning.
    May God lead you in all His ways each and every day.

  4. Richard Says:

    Thank you!
    It is easy to “camp out” on one particular meaning. This is especially done with those who need to support their own doctrine for their own special religious agenda.
    The word “Commandment” here in Revelations, means, “injuction” as it’s first meaning. It then goes on to say, “an authoritative prescription- commandment, precept”. It comes from a Greek word that means, “to enjoin (give) command (ments) injoin”
    Certain denominations want to take one definition and run with it. We should not do so.
    God bless you, and thanks for sharing

  5. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard, Thank you for responding to my comment. I have to admimt, I am really confused. I assure you, I have no agenda, and my only resources are my references books. I have shared with you verbatum the meanings given for the words in question. It appears that you are the one who is “camping out” to insert a particular meaning not given in my resource material. Thus you must have the agenda, which at this moment eludes me. But I am sure you must have your reasons for doing so and thus, I agree to disagree peaceably and leave it at that. What I have learned from experience is to have more faith in the basis for truth rather than someone’s opinion. So if you are twisting meanings to make a point, then that is your own personal agenda and you have every right to that. So who am I question your motives. At any rate, I do thank you for your response and pray that God will lead you to the pursuit of excellence and truth in your writings. Your friend, Stella

  6. Richard Says:

    Sorry that you are confused. I also have no agenda. Other than religions that take what they want to take for there own agenda to arrive at their own doctrines.
    What are your “references books?” What is “my resource material?”
    I would agree with you statement, “have more faith in the basis of truth rather than someones opinion.”
    I am not “twisting meanings” for my personal agenda.
    I could be called into question though, for thinking and pursuing outside the “box” 🙂
    May God also lead you by His Spirit, as you seek Him with all your heart.

  7. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard, I just sent you a message in resonse to a message I too quickly thought was to me. What a hoot.
    Thank you for your response here, which is meant for me. LOL
    I couldn’t agree more with your statement about religious entities taking what they want and leaving what is not convenient. We see it all the time everywhere…. A religioin of convenience. That is exactly why I have to read the Word for myself. Thank you for your clarifications. There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. But it may depend upon what box you are going outside of. Man’s box or God’s box. It is obvious to see that you love the Lord and that He is leading you and will lead you all the way. I am glad you have allowed me to join you on that journey. I can’t wait to continue reading your blog as I know you have a lot more good stuff for me to enjoy. I so appreciate your prompt responses. This old world is winding down and heaven awaits us. Will be talking to you more along the way. God speed. Stella

  8. Stella Young Says:

    Oops, I forgot to answer your question…..
    My reference books are THE BIBLE (NIV) and STRONG’S CONCORDANCE.

    What all do you use?

  9. Richard Says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I really sense your sincerity, love and desire to follow God.
    I like your comment, “But it may depend upon what box you are going outside of. Man’s box or God’s box.” Well, I would say neither:) God cannot be put in a box. He is Spirit. When man tries to put Him in a box, He goes right through the walls of the box. He will not be confined. He knows no limits, no boundaries. He’s Spirit 🙂 About the time I think I have Him figured out…..look out! He’s coming through the back door in a way I never thought possible. Bless His name!
    I use THE BIBLE (NKJV, KJV) and STRONG’S 🙂

  10. Richard Says:

    Where’s your blog?

  11. Stella Young Says:

    Oh Richard, I don’t have a blog – sorry. So I will just have to enjoy yours.

    No there is no putting God in a box – and “There is no searching His understanding – His ways are not our ways.” He sure does come up with surprises each and every day – blessings all around us – if we are aware to recognize them and a helping hand to get us through all the trials of life, that He allows us to go through for the building of our characters. He is there.

    My God surprise you today and every day. Stella

  12. Stella Young Says:

    AFTERTHOUGHT — (Speaking of putting God in a box) – this reminded me of our conversatoin.

    Now we have received from God nothing but love and favor, for Christ has pledged and given us His righteousness and everything He has; He has poured out upon us all His treasures, which no man can measure and no angel can understand or fathom, for God is a glowing furnace of love, reaching even from the heavens to the earth.” Martin Luther

    This really spoke to me – hope you like it too.

  13. Richard Says:

    Awesome! Thank you!
    Nuttin like His love, for sure!

  14. Richard Says:

    Oh I love the surprises! It’s part of experiancing God as we live. Yes, lots of character building, for sure. It’s nice to be able to see it that way. It helps.

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