Death comes to us all. Will we be ready when it comes?

My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered loss in the most recent tragedy in Japan. Like most tragedies, they strike hard and fast. Usually little time is given to prepare. It is our human nature that says, “It will never happen to me”. Somehow the miles separate the reality of tragedy, unless you are there. Watching it on T.V is as close as most of us can get to it. And most of us have seen so many movies that are about tragedies like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods etc., that we have to a certain extent, become numb to it. The “end of the world” movies have done lost their appeal. We have been deceived into perceiving that it is not real. Reality only comes into play, when it hits home.

Those that have lost their lives in this tragedy are gone. And, as usual, the loved ones are left behind to grieve the loss.

Death is certainly no respecter of persons. It doesn’t matter your age, status, sex etc. I have looked at it this way. We are all given a number. When it’s called, it’s our time to go. Of course, we don’t know when that will be. But, we must be reminded that one day it will be called. Most of us think that death typically comes when we get old. This of course, is not true. A simple look at the obituaries will prove that death comes when it wants.

Approximately, 155,000 people die in the world each day. To bring it home closer, approximately 6,700 people die each day in the U.S. However, we all look at this and think very little of it. It’s just numbers, right? Again, it doesn’t hit home unless we are directly affected by it. After all, who wants to think about death while your living? Many would say, “that’s negative”. “Can we change the subject now, please?”

Regardless what we think about death, it will come to us all, sooner or later. So, the question must go out. Are we preparing for death? We are all closer to dying today, then we were yesterday. This is fact, whither we like to entertain the thought or not. When I ask the question, “Are we preparing for death?”, it would be logical to consider, what about the “hereafter?”. What about life after this one is over? Is this all there is? A few relatively short years on this earth and that’s it?

It is very common not to think about death until one gets to be in his or hers latter years. Again, we must be reminded that it is fact that death comes when it wants. Would we be so naive as to believe that the young boy that dies when he is 15 yrs. of age, knew that he was only born to live that long? Or to think, that the newly married couple in their twenties, knew that when they got married, he would be killed in a head on collision just three years into their marriage?

Are we foolish to think that the people in Japan that died in the tsunami, knew the day before that they better prepare to die? No. Death comes usually when we least expect it.

We all need to prepare spiritually now. So that when death comes, it will not catch us unprepared. When it strikes, there will be no turning back. It is a foolish thing to think that death will never come to me. More importantly, when it comes, will I be ready? Will I know where I am going before I die?

When we speak of death here, we are talking about physical death of course. However, we all have a soul that never dies. So, the question needs to be asked, where will my soul live after my physical body dies? The spiritual person inside of me, where will it live? Most people know that there is a spiritual side to them. If so, where will our spirit live when this body dies? We need to know. There is no time for “hope so”. Or, “I think so”. Again, our number can be called at any moment, night or day. Are we ready?


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10 Responses to “Death comes to us all. Will we be ready when it comes?”

  1. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard, I so totally agree with you – this is not the time for “I hope so” or “I’m not sure” (when it comes to know where we will spend eternity). Jesus says, “He that is not with me is against me.” Doesn’t leave much room for doubt does it. But then so often I hear…… We have to get ready. READY? No just what does one do to GET READY?
    That sounds like a lot of stressful human effort that may bear no fruit. It is not what we do for Jesus that matters – it is what we allow Jesus to do through us – that is all that has any true meaning. Jesus working and living through us. How does this happen? By losing our life in Jesus. Paul said, ” I die daily” It is a daily submission of one’s will to the will of God. A quiet spirit that will hear God’s Spirit speaking to us within our hearts – that STILL SMALL VOICE. Human effort consists of a regimin of man made traditions.
    God help all those who were in harms way in Japan. We are all only a heart-beat away from out last breath. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.
    I enjoy your comments, Richard. Keep them coming. Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, what Jesus does through us. But, we must be willing to be used. Yes, as we die, He surfaces!
    God bless you!

  3. missymiller Says:

    Hi Richard,
    This is VERY odd.
    I just got a comment from you on my blog from yesterday and it so happens that I was thinking about you yesterday.
    I re-read on older comment of your and was fond of how nice it was and wondering about your daughter.
    So weird!
    I don’t even think you keep up with my blog.

  4. Richard Says:

    Well, when God by his Spirit moves through us, nothing is “odd” or “weird”. At least I don’t think so 🙂
    I think the daughter is doing much better now. She is married and has an 8mo. old son.
    I haven’t been on anyone’s blogs lately. Probably because of “Facebook”. I will try and check out yours more often though.
    God bless and keep you!

  5. Stella Young Says:

    Oh Richard, you are so right, I didn’t have time to read any more in your blog – I just got your reply in my g-mail and just went to that link to answer you. I have a concert to do Sat. night and rehearsal tonight, and am giving voice lessons and coaching the participants in the concert as well. My husband, Gene and I will be putting on a program of God’s Word in message and in music next Friday night. So these last couple days, I have been swamped. I have only read up to the part were we got into a discussion. If you made a comment about my daughter, I have not come to that part yet. My inbox is filled with mail coming in – so I will look for that and I am excited to have the time to read some more on your blog. I have really enjoyed the ones I have read. So I will get back to you on this. Thanks for alerting me. Enjoy your walk with Jesus and be blessed. Stella

  6. Richard Says:

    Wow sounds busy to me. But for God, that’s the right kind of “busy”. A comment about my daughter? Not sure what you mean?
    I am glad you have been blessed by my blog readings.
    Big blessings to you and your family!

  7. Stella Young Says:

    hahahaha – got’cha goin’, didn’t I !!!!!
    Don’t pay any attention to me – I answered your response to MissyMiller – and then realized it wasn’t mine to answer. I was confused by the message and no wonder – it wasn’t for me. So of course you are confused with the answer.

    Well glad that is over with. From now on, I will try to look who your messages are intended for before I try to answer them. Please be patient with me, I am a work in progress and God is still working with me. — Maybe he sent me to you to help you with patience. LOL
    Don’t worry, Richard – you will not have to go so far as to say, (Stella, this message is not for you.) – I think I have learned my lesson .

    It is true – got lots going on, but I am really anxious to read what else you have written. You are a way with words and ideas that both intrigue and challenge me and I like that.
    Let us rejoice and be glad for God has given us another day to enjoy.

  8. Richard Says:

    Yeah, you did take me for a ride 🙂
    Don’t worry, we are all “works in progress”. Like I always say, “when we come to God, He puts us on a track. It’s our own personal track. We go down the track a little, then it stops for us to get off and deal with something else in our life that God by His Spirit shows us. He give us the grace to overcome it, if we truly want to, and get moving again down the track.” You might call it “progressive sanctification”. We “arrive” when we get to heaven, in the mean time we are all in progress.
    Yes, Rejoice!

  9. Adam Asmodean Says:

    You know, once I used to think that everyone’s “soul” goes wherever he believes, like heaven/hell, ghosts, reincarnation…
    But the more I think of it, the more I am sure, the more I hope that we disintegrate completely. Nothing lasts forever, except change. I hope I won’t exist one day.

  10. Richard Says:

    Adam, sorry but the soul is eternal. It is going to live in one of two places. We have a choice as to where that may be. I hope you are found in Christ, when that day comes.
    May He bless you!

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