The sharing of the “blinders”


So another day of “street ministry” begins as I take out the front door and head down the sidewalk. Up ahead a short distance, I see a man with a “blower”, blowing the sidewalk off. He looks at me and smiles. I say hi to him and he takes his ear protection off and we began to share. I ask him if he is a follower of Jesus, and he says that he is. So the conversation takes off in a good way. He asks about my street ministry and I share with him a little about what goes on.

After about fifteen minutes, I asked him about his job and if  he get very many opportunities to share Christ with others while working. He said no because he gets so consumed with his work at hand, and also he and his brother (who owns the company) have such a busy schedule that they rush from one job to the next. This opened an excellent opportunity to share some of my experiences when I had a business. It was the same, “petal to the metal” rush from one job to the next. I shared with him that after about six years, the Lord began to deal with me about this pace that I was going. I told him that the last eight years of business in particular, was very awesome because I used my business as a ministry. I had such awesome opportunities to share with customers. Real friendships developed. Most of them where repeat customers, so I would get to see them every year.

Then I shared with him how even today when I work at my part-time job at a local retailer in the grocery department, that I have to war against not being so consumed with my work at hand, that I forget people who might be coming down the aisle shopping.

So, this is the “God shot” (as a brother once said). We are standing on the sidewalk talking. I am explaining to him what I do at my grocery store job. I bend down as if I am “stocking the shelves”. I take my hands and place them on each side of my head, as to show him that I have a tendency to put “blinders” on. I LOOK TO MY RIGHT AND HERE COMES A GUY PUSHING A SHOPPING CART DOWN THE SIDEWALK. AS HE GETS CLOSER, I TAKE OFF THE IMAGINARY BLINDERS AND SMILE AT HIM AND SAY HI. I SAY, “How are you? He says, “oh, OK”. I say, “Do you know Jesus?” He says, “yeah”. I say, “God bless you” and he continues walking down the sidewalk, pushing his cart.

How awesome was that for God to supply a literal guy with a shopping cart, walking down the sidewalk as if he was shopping at the grocery store where I work and have the same situation develop. God’s timing was impeccable. As soon as I put the blinders on and bent down, there he was passing right behind me. I could have not planned it better. It was God at the right time and place.

Bless His name! Experiencing God while your living! Nothing else like it!


2 Responses to “The sharing of the “blinders””

  1. Stella Young Says:

    Hi Richard – back into the real world after a busy weekend. Calling attention to the blinders we wear all too often is certainly a wake-up call. So often we forget that Jesus promised us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – which in reality means He continues to be with us every moment of our day….. walking down the street, driving the car, cleaning the house or in our work area. Living in the presence of Jesus – if we would only take our “blinders” off, we would see Jesus in the eyes of the broken men who are homeless, in the children who have no place to play. Jesus walks the paths of heaven, but He also walks the streets of the homeless and the lost – those who wait for a life to take them in. Looking through the eyes of Jesus, we can see the needs all around us and we can see the need of a Savior everywhere in our world. Oh if we would only remember that Jesus inhabits the praise of His people, we would praise Him more. Knowing He lives within us, we would speak and act differently and not take Him to places where we know He would be uncomfortable and out of place. Yes, let us all try to removed the BLINDERS and live in the presence of Jesus. Thanks for for your inspirational thoughts on this, Richard. Enjoy Jesus today. Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks Stella,
    Very true words! Sounds like you need to get a blog going and do some writing 🙂
    Jesus in us, by The Spirit of God.

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