Dying while your living

When you turn to Jesus there is a whole lot of dying that must take place. It is a life long process of dying. It is a continual process of dying to ourselves. Dying to our desires. Dying to our ways. Dying to our dreams. Dying to our fantasies. Dying to our wants. Dying to our needs. Dying, dying, and more dying.

And the reason for all this dying? So Christ in us may surface to the forefront, so that the world would see Jesus, and we would be about The Kingdom of God.

There is however a real danger that can happen along the way of dying. What is that? Looking back. Looking back at all the stuff you have given up for God and His kingdom. Then it becomes regret. Satan plants seeds just like he did in the garden. “Has God really said that?” “Did God really require that of you?” The doubts began to overcome all the advances that were made for the Kingdom. Soon, one is drawn back into the world, and with time, the things of God become a distant memory.

The deceiver has struck again!

I have not regretted one thing that I have given up for God. Oh, at times there was some sort of grieving that took place, but when it was all said and done, the blessings for out weighed the giving up. In order for one to fulfill the call of God on their lives, He will show you personally what must go. It could be very minimal at times, other times it could be things that are very big in our lives.

It could be our jobs. It could be our homes. It could our families. It could be our business. It could be our church. Whatever He shows us personally along the process of our lives, that is what we need to give up. We give it up so we can move along on the tracks of His plan and purpose for our lives. We must be reminded that God is all about eternity. He sees the beginning from the end. He has eternity in view all the time. Whatever can be given up for Him and His Kingdom so that it can advance for eternity, is worth it to Him. We are here so very little of time that it should be no shocker to us to give our all for Him and Kingdom work. That is if we are indeed sold out for Him. This is if He is Lord.

I will not list all the things that I personally have given up for Him, except to say, it has been worth it all. Life with Him is a continual life of forsaking all and dying to ourselves. It starts the moment one is “born again”. You and I are called to die the moment we are born. And the question must go out…… how are we doing with it?

This all comes from The giver of life, Jesus the Christ. Read the gospels, if you doubt what has been written here.


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