Are you preparing for whats coming ahead?

Do you care?

Well, today we again shared on the shortness of time. How things are speeding up in the earth. Disasters are coming more quickly, more often. It is past “preparation time”. We are heading at a rapid rate of speed into something that will change our lives as we now know it. Even the secular media understands it. The recent issue of “Newsweek” has on its front page, “Apocalypse Now”. For years now, Hollywood has bored us with “end time movies”. We have become immune to it.

However, does anybody really care? We shared that with hundreds of people today. It’s life as usual out there. If it doesn’t affect me directly, than I don’t really care, right? It has to hit right home for people to be really affected. That’s the human nature. Not my problem if it doesn’t land in my yard. Oh, but if it does, it’s another story. “Help me God!” Even when 911 hit, we were all stunned. How long did it really affect us? A couple of weeks, maybe?

Who is preparing for what’s coming ahead? By preparing, I mean, spiritually preparing. Who has prepared? Do we think the people in Japan had time to prepare? The water was moving at an incredible rate of speed. Five hundred miles per hour! There was No time to prepare! And who do we think that we are, that something like that won’t come our way? Are we exempt? Are we more privileged than the people of Japan? Does God love us more than them?

The bottom line is that our time is coming. We will not have time to prepare spiritually when the “Big one” comes. Now at this moment is the time to get right with God through Christ if you are not. Later may never come. Tomorrow may never come. That is why God’s word says that “today is the day of salvation”. It doesn’t say that tomorrow is the day of salvation.

Three people today stick out in my mind. There comments are as follows:

One young man said, “I’m only twenty!” I said to him, “so you think that it’s automatically going to happen that you are going to live to be 70, 80 or 90? I wonder how many people who were in their twenty’s yesterday, died today? The statistics show that approximately 6,700 people died yesterday in the US. How many were in their twenty’s?

One lady said, “I don’t need religion” May reply to her was, “I don’t need it either” But, you do need Jesus to be saved from your sins that separate you from God. Religion won’t save you. Jesus, and Jesus alone saves!

Another lady said, “I have my own religion”. I said, “well, that’s good, but it won’t save you. Unless you have Jesus, your religion is in vain. As I have said on numerous occasions, “lots of prophets, lots of religions, lots of teachers of religions, but one Christ!”

So the questions must go out. Are you prepared for whats coming? Do you care? Are you prepared spiritually when your number is called? If not, you best do it now. Now is the time to call out to Jesus to save you. Now is the time to turn from your sins and be saved from them. Jesus is the only Savior. He is the only one that God offered up as “The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”. Receive Jesus and be made right with God! It’s the only way! In fact, Jesus said himself, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (Jn.14:6)

God bless you!


8 Responses to “Are you preparing for whats coming ahead?”

  1. mcalmond Says:

    Good and timely word brother. Thank you for posting it. Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Stella Says:

    Hi Richard – thank you for posting THE MIDNIGHT CRY….. Today is indeed the day of salvation. We are all only a heartbeat away from the end of this life as we know it. Like you said, so many think they will live forever – never really think further than THE MOMENT. The parable of the 10 virgins says it all. Be prepared – stay prepared – stay ready. But if you are not in that category – what does this mean? What does it mean to say, “Get ready”. I have found that in all my experiences, everyone has a different answer to this question. Getting ready, for those who may not know just how to go about it means looking in the mirror – what do you see? You see the outside only. When Jesus looks at you, He sees deep into the heart. The heart-where our real love resides. So what are the loves of our life? This will reveal who we are and where our real desires lie. Do they come close to what Jesus, as our example, tried to teach us? His Sermon on the Mount – where He puts our affecitons on serving others, “feeding His sheep” ? or is our life self-centered, seeking only pleasures that are here for a brief moment and gone with the dawn. or accumulating an abundance of goods that will rust and tarnish. What is really important – the now or the hereafter. Life is fragile – here today and gone tomorrow. But what is our measure to know if we are living the way Jesus taught us to live? His book of instruciton is our owner’s manuel – by following the Bible, the Word of God, we not only can get the best bang for the buck out of our body for endurance & strength, but we will come to understand what the perfect will of God is for each one of us. Jesus said to come to Me just as you are, but He will not leave us that way. He will make us pure and clean and free from sin. So what is sin? Sin is the transgression of the Law. What is the Law – THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, written in stone by the finger of God. This is the mirror we can look into to recognize our sin that resides deep within. Time after time Jesus used the phrase, “Go and sin no more.” This can only be accomplished by total surrender of the will to Jesus. We cannot do it by ourselves Only Jesus can save us from our sins and cover us with His Robe of Righteousness to present us in purity to our Father. It is the will of God that all be saved – God gave all that had to give, His only Son, to make it happen. The choice is ours.

  3. Richard Says:

    Thanks and bless the Lord!
    Yeah, I had to post something along this line after sharing it out on the streets. It was burning, couldn’t keep it in. You know what I mean 🙂

  4. Richard Says:

    You better get that blog going soon! This is a good start. Right on!

  5. waynedawg Says:

    Great post and very timely –

    Me and a couple other on my evangelism team hit the streets in north Georgia last night and had passed out about hundred tracts and had a few conversations. The saddest conversation revolved around a self-confessed evolutionist (he was about 20 years old) who was pretty full of himself.

    He had no answers to my questions around evolution but was willing to bet his life that evolution was the truth.

    Even after going through the law he had no conviction that he had broke them, any fear of God’s wrath and no concern whatsoever of Judgment Day. This young mans heart was as hard as I had seen in some time down here in the “Bible Belt’.

    I never even got to the gospel with him; there was no concern at all with him. He did keep the tracts and said that he would read them later.

    So little time left.

  6. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It is always nice to hear from others like yourself that “hit the streets”.
    Well, God knows that man’s heart. He knows what it takes to get him to the place of repentance. Keep praying for him.
    Just a word of encouragement for you guys…. make sure you are in the place to hear Him speak as far as where to go, and what to say to each individual that He brings across your path. Make sure you are listening to the person, and also listening to the Spirit at the same time. He will give you what you need to do, and or say.
    God bless you brother!

  7. brian Says:

    Richard, I have been thinking about this topic and the thought occurred to me that all the apocalypse media is quick to show the widespread destruction and mayhem, but it fails miserably to offer a solution. Recall, in OT times, in Egypt, there was a mini disaster where the angel of death visited every household, which was a form of judgement. However, when blood was applied by believing persons on the doorpost, judgement was spared. What a great picture this is of the ultimate judgement that has already taken place…yes, past tense. When Christ mouthed it is finished, I believe the ultimate judgement against sin was accomplished. Thiw is the answer to all the end times drama…Jesus took upon himself the wrath of God…we would be insane not to accept this awesome gift of God.

  8. Richard Says:

    Yeah, the media would have to be born again to offer a solution. Judgement day is indeed coming. Outside of Christ, we are in trouble. That is, we must be in the “vine” today. Many say, “oh I was baptized at 8. That’s good but are you with Him today? This is what counts. Yesterday is gone, today is where we are living.
    Thanks for stopping by brother! God bless you!

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