“I think he is coming”

It was another beautiful day today. Sunny and lots of people going out and about. After spending a couple of hours up a couple of blocks from the square, James and I finished sharing on the corner. We were both thirsty, so we headed to the Safeway store downtown. It was the store as usual, except when we exited. I looked over to my right and noticed a brother that I hadn’t seen in about four months. He was selling the “Street Roots” paper. We visited for a little while, gave him some money, and off we headed.

We stopped by the library corner and waited on the Lord for direction. Soon we headed north. As we went a few blocks, it became apparent that we were approaching a corner that we both have not been to in over three years. We both sensed that it was time again to see what God was up to here. We prayed and then just stood there waiting as we usually do. Then James shared the Gospel. Many listened. Some took tracts. Then I shared with the same. We had some opportunity to speak with some and encourage them in The Way. And of course, there is always those who make all kinds of remarks that aren’t so good.

It was pretty much a typical day. However, I do not ever want to discount what God may be doing behind the scenes. Doing things with people that we may never know, or may never see. I am totally OK with that. Eternity will bear witness.

Of what we did get to see and hear today, this was a real “God shot”.

James mentions to me that God is going to send somebody by here soon. James had been listening to the Spirit. I surely didn’t say no to that. Many times we have been forwarned, and whether good or bad, God always shows up in Spirit. So, both of us continue to share and pass out tracts. About an hour goes by, and James tells me, “I think he is coming”. I remembered what he had told me earlier.

Five minutes later, this guy comes from the west and stands on the corner right next to us and waits for the light to change. James reaches out to him and he takes a tract. Then he comes over and we three engage in one awesome dialogue. I have said on many occasions, that you rarely find good dialogues these days. Usually it one that does all the talking. But, on this sunny day the Spirit of God was there in our midst. Jesus promised that where ever two or three were gathered in His name, there He would be. It was so.

Here was a 28 yr. old man who God brought along that day that desperately needed to hear from some brothers that weren’t going to put on the boxing gloves, and box in Jesus’ name. This brother was raised in the “church” like so many we run across. And as James said today, “he was forced fed religion”. He didn’t tell us what denomination he was raised in, but he did say that he was raised in the “Bible belt”. I think that tells the story.

Before long, he felt safe and knew that we were not going to take out our bibles and start hitting him over the head. Maybe like some have done over the many years of his childhood. He opened up to us both. Like I said, it was a dialogue. He talked, James and I listened. James talked, this guy and I listened. I talked, James and the guy listened. All the time the Spirit, which is gentle, peaceable, easy to be entreated was working.

Early on in our conversation, he mentioned that he believed in a “Higher power”. This of course, is very popular, but we did not “thump” on him because of it. The Spirit opened up some awesome opportunities for us to share Jesus with him. Of course, he has heard that more than once in his lifetime. We also shared with him that it was not all about religion and church, something that was inbred in him. We encouraged him with the truth about a relationship with a personal God. I also had an opportunity to share with him about being filled with the Spirit of God and began living in the Spirit.

I believe today was different for him. Here he found some guys that were willing to listen to his story and not “railroad” him. The Spirit of God’s love was indeed moving upon his heart. There was one time that I almost for sure thought that I had seen his eyes water up.

When things were beginning to wine down, James says, “Hey, can we pray with you?” He says, “sure, but don’t make it long”. We all began to laugh out loud. We all knew what he meant by that. Just how many hours had he sat in church and heard prayers that seemed they would never end? Maybe prayers directed at him?

So, James prayed a beautiful Spirit filled prayer. We shook hands and smiled at each other. Matt was touched by the Spirit of God today. Only in eternity will we know the complete story.

How many Matt’s are out there? I would have to say, countless. Our encounter with him, priceless. To God be the Glory!


7 Responses to ““I think he is coming””

  1. Scotti Says:

    A wonderfully encouraging experience. So, so many individuals just need someone to listen to their story without condemnation. You are truely walking the talk, Richard. I love your statement that ‘eternity will bear witness’. May the Lord bless you and yours this Easter season and always.

  2. Stella Says:

    Richard, thank you for sharing this most bautiful experience with us.
    God bless you as He continues to lead you to those who need to be reached. Stella

  3. Richard Says:

    Scotti, It’s good to hear from you. I hope that you are enjoying the blessings of our Father during this special time of year.
    Thanks for your gracious comment. As I love to say, “it’s all because of Him”.

  4. Richard Says:

    Stella, thanks for your gracious comment also. May you and your family be blessed!

  5. Stella Says:

    You mentioned being thirsty…… that reinded me….. after Jesus labored, was captured, beaten and hung on the cross on Friday…… he also was “thirsty”……..
    Can you imagine the giver of the water of life had to be “thirsty”, the one who told us we would never have to thirst again….. kind of ironic, isn’t it.
    I think what you are doing is fantastic. God has given you a special gift. I am sure He has some very special plans for you.
    May God lead you in safety to continue to spead His Word and minister to His children. You will be in my prayers. Stella

  6. Richard Says:

    Thanks for sharing about “thirsty”. Good insight, sister. Thanks for the complement, God bless you! You are in my prayers also

  7. Brian Says:

    free books on evangelism – downloads, etc.

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