Who’s to say?

Barring in mind that God is about eternity, which has to do with people, would He cause or allow certain things to happen in our lives so that we would affect people for Him and his kingdom?

If this is true, and we would see life more this way, would life take on a whole new perspective? Could we look for the good more out of the unfortunate situations?

What if :

Your car breaks down on your way to work? Now the first response would be, “Oh no, I can’t miss work”. Or, “Great, how am I going to get to work now”. Or, “What about my car?”. While these are natural responses, and yes, they need to be addressed, but we must look to God as to why.

Ok, if I believe that God is about eternity and people (souls), what is going to be my response now? Is somebody going to stop on this roadway that I am on and offer assistance? Is this going to be a person? A soul bound for eternity? If so, am I ready for the encounter? Or, am I all wrapped up in my problem to be of no use to God or his kingdom?

How about the tow truck driver? Is he or she a person? A person that God loves and gave his Son for? Or do we not see that? Is all we see is that “How long will it take to get here?”

What if :

A storm comes in the night and blows your fence down? Do you stop and consider who are the people who are going to be involved in this accident? What about the insurance agent? What about the guys that they send out to repair the fence? What about the neighbor that you have never met? Would this be a opportunity to share Jesus? Do we believe that unbelievers are not going to make it into the Kingdom? If so, does it move us? Are we concerned?

In my outings as a street minister, I have to be reminded also.

My part-time work at a local retailer posts its schedules online. Two weeks ago, I noticed that I was not scheduled for this weekend. A week ago, I noticed that I was not scheduled for next weekend. So, by the grace of God, I prayed and sought him out regarding this. I called my supervisor and he informed me that there was no available hours in my department. He suggested that I talk to another person in another department. So, long story short, I was unable to get a hold of the supervisor Saturday morning. So, by faith I got ready to head out the door for downtown. I knew that there would be some brothers out ministering in a certain area, so I took off.

I get to the light rail train, and there waiting for the next train, I hear this yelling going on. I walk over to see what is going on. Two men were arguing about Jesus. It sounded like they were arguing about what skin color he was. One man was a caucasian man, the other was a Afro-American. I think it had something to do with it. Soon, the train came and myself and three others got on. One of the guys was the Afro-American man who was involved in the yelling.

So, as it turns out, the three of us all have opportunity to share on the train. Jesus was lifted up, to God be the glory. The other man who was arguing with this man on the train, never got on. He took off walking, so I never had a oppertunity to meet him.

So the day started off well. When I got to town, I did one prayer walk. After, I called my supervisor, in hopes that she would be in. She never answered the phone. Oh well, here we are and there is people everywhere. It’s a beautiful day and with the outdoor market staring me in the face as I look down upon it from the bridge above, I continue my prayer walk.

Soon, the brothers are sharing and I am across from them handing out Jesus tracts. I go to a couple of different areas and follow what the Spirit is leading me to do. He leads me to a very busy area where they cross the street. He shows me to do something a little different then I have done in the past. Stand there and smile, hold out one in each hand. This came from a vision He gave me when I was standing off to the side waiting for the next move.

So, the response was very good with some stopping by to share. Towards the mid-afternoon, I was led to hop on the train and head back home. I also sensed that I was to go into work and personally see the supervisor to see if I was to work tomorrow.

So, I get on the train, and as I always try to do, I look around at my surroundings. I noticed this young guy on my right, up a stair or two. I was impressed to say hello and give him a tract. He graciously took it and said thanks. Soon he stepped down in front of me and started to read it, word for word as the train moved down the tracks. When he finished and raised his head, I asked him what he thought. And for the next 15 minutes, we had an awesome dialog, sharing together.

He said that he was raised in a believing home, but they didn’t go to church much. I had a opportunity to encourage him that he needs to have other believers that he meets with on a regular basis. He agreed. I asked him to pray that God would send them. I also invited him to our fellowship. He seemed to be really blessed that he had this “God encounter”. (Remembering, that God is Spirit, and that he is everywhere, and that he is all about people). I also reassured him about Jesus, as being the only way.

Now, just as an example, who’s to say that my work schedule was all mixed up for one reason? Was it for the above guy on the train? Was it for the guys at the beginning of the trip? How about the 30-40 tracts that were passed out? Was there maybe one that God had specially prepared for the day? How about the guy that I gave  two quarters to, on the corner that I was sharing? He was blessed with the quarters, yes. But what about hearing the Gospel one more time in his life? Was that worth having a day off with no pay? What did it matter in the eyes of eternity?

So, may we all, by God’s grace, began to look more at each day from God’s perspective, which is “Eternity and souls”. God bless you all!


2 Responses to “Who’s to say?”

  1. Stella Says:

    Wow Richard – incredible how God works. Reminds me of Moses and his million strong wandering through the desert. When they began, they were about 40 miles from THE PROMISED LAND. ….. But God’s Pillar of a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night led them in the complete opposite direction. I am sure they wondered “What is wrong with God’s GPS system????” So many times He leads us in an opposite way than we think we should be led, but He always has a reason. Yes, it took them 40 years to go what should have been a 40 mile journey. Don’t you imagine they thought Moses should exchange God’s leading for asking directions at the next camel stop? But there is no searching God’s understanding or His methods. What blessings you would have missed if you had just gone to work that day….. but on the other hand, I believe God will always find a good use for you, Richard, no matter where you are. I just love your stories. I was praying for you last night and thought to myself, I do hope he has another story for me this morning – got on – and there you were – another great experience. Doesn’t it just make you excited to get out of bed in the morning and see where God is going to use you? You could never be discouraged when you see the Hand of God so active in your life. While I was praying the most incredible thought came to me……. don’t know why I never put this together before, but not until last night did God reveal our similarities to me. For 8 years, I had my own wandering desert experience and went all over the USA presenting my own concerts for 6 of those years. During that time, God revealed to me my missing link was having literature with me to distribute whever I was. So in reality I did the same thing you are doing, but from a different angle. But incredible miracles happened to me when I prayed for God to lead me to people who needed this literature. So much so that my friends and family have urged me to write a book about my experiences on my wilderness journey. I have made 4 albums during my music ministry, one of them has a couple of my stories intermingled with the music of my experiences just exactly as you have described yours. I have so many questions for you and things I would like to share with you and I would love for you to have a couple of my albums if you will contact me at stellabick@gmail.com – there is so much we can share and so much I would like to learn about your ministry. I look forward to hearing from you soon. In the mean time, be blessed as you follow your pillar of cloud by day and your pillar of fire by night. Your friend, Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Thank you Stella! What a beautiful perspective. You are gifted, keep using what He has given you for Him and His Kingdom.
    Yeah, I will contact you and see where the Lord leads.
    Thanks again for all your encouragement!

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