Quickened by The Spirit

In a way that I totally didn’t expect.

I had just finished visiting at the local county jail and was headed back on the bus to the main transit center. Once there, I got off and felt really tired. I wondered around and could not decide whether to catch the next bus and go back toward home, or walk over to the courthouse. In the process of feeling drained, lacking any motivation and feeling  just “blah”, I decided to pray and ask the Spirit to quicken me. I am no new comer to this. I have on countless occasions had to pray this way, and have received a quickening of the Spirit too numerous to recall.

My scripture for this has always been,“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwells within you.” (Rom.8:11)

This is a promise that we can bank on. Like all of His promises, they are contingent upon our obedience.

So, as I prayed, I started to walk towards the courthouse to see what God was up to over there. I walked along the sidewalk kinda sluffin along. Immediately, this guy appeared out to my left a few steps away. Before he appeared, I could not tell you where he came from. All I know is that he was instantly there.  He was short in stature, and appeared to be of Asian decent. He came and stood almost on my toes, I kid you not. He looked me in the eye, and cried, “Buddha, Buddha!”. And again he said, “Buddha, Buddha!”. Finally, I said, “No, No!’. “Jesus!, Jesus!”. I told him that Buddha was not the way, and that he needed Jesus.

He cried out again, “Buddha, Buddha!” Then all of a sudden, the cigarette that he was holding, dropped its “lit part” right on my foot. I happened to be wearing sandals. It was the first day of the season that I had worn them. I yelled, “ouch, ouch!” and danced up and down to shake it off my foot. It worked, praise God! Then he started back in, “Buddha, Buddha!” I explained to him that Jesus was the only way to life. Jesus was the only sacrifice for our sins. He cried again, “Buddha, Buddha!”.

Finally, he put his hands together in a praying fashion, and said, “Money, Money!”. I said, “No, No!. He immediately walked off down the sidewalk, as I was reminding him about Jesus.

Well, needless to say, I had been quickened both in body (thanks to the burn), and in spirit. All because of our “Buddha” encounter. I took off down the sidewalk, fully charged, headed towards the courthouse. When I got there, there was just one young guy sitting on a bench next to the entrance. I was in the Spirit and it just flowed. The Spirit spoke through me about the shortness of time. I shared with him a dream that I had from last night, how that in my dream I heard only two sentences. They were, “Everybody get into your houses! And if you have a gas mask, put it on!” In the dream, it appeared as if the sound was coming from a huge loud-speaker going out over the whole city.

The guy on the bench took warning and said that he was not where he ought to be. I encouraged him to get with it. He agreed. He was like most we talk to. Believed in Jesus, but not currently walking with him. So it was a divine appointment for sure, and thus the need to be quickened.

And so ends the “Quickened by the Spirit” story. I would like to encourage all believers to pray this scripture when they don’t feel like doing much for God. I know that we don’t go by “feelings” and should not go by whether our bodies feel up to it or not, or whether we feel energetic or not. But lets face it, we are in the flesh whether we want to believe it or not.

Bless you as you go out and spread Jesus!


4 Responses to “Quickened by The Spirit”

  1. Stella Says:

    Hi Richard, thank you for sharing your amazing encounters. Would that we all would be so driven to share Jesus to everyone we meet as you are. Maybe if we prayed that prayer and claimed God’s promises, we would be. God bless you as you continue to be led by THE SPIRIT. Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Thank you. It is for everyone. Where ever we go there are people around that God is trying to reach. Time is so very short. We all must be quickened by The Spirit moment by moment. Bless you!

  3. brian Says:

    Thanks Richard, I am reminded of the fact that scripture tells us to be instant in and out of season; which means that we should always be prepared to give answer to those weirdos (i mean people) that we meet. 🙂

  4. Richard Says:

    Yeah, you’re right about the scripture, but are we always ready? In reality, how much does living in the flesh play into it? Yes, we should always be in the Spirit, but are we? All I know is that praying this prayer has helped me countless times for sure.
    And as far as the “weirdo” goes, I am thankful that God allowed him to be there that day. Whatever it may be, he was used to “quicken” me.
    Thanks for stopping by brother. Be blessed as you go out!

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