Making the Devil somewhat happy

He is somewhat happy if all you do is “whistle and skip” yourself around in God’s kingdom. Oh sure, he is not completely happy and content, cause he still wants and tries to get your soul for eternity. But if you try to take someone else along for eternity, look out, all “hell” breaks loose.

If all you do is, surround yourself with other Christians, go to church, meetings and conferences etc., but never get outside of your circle and share Christ with a lost person, then the Devil is somewhat satisfied. If you life consists of keeping to yourself, your family and saved friends, you are missing out on what God’s heart is, and that is, saving the lost. It has always been about souls. It all comes down to it. God wants our soul for eternity, and so does the devil. A wasted life is one that has no effect upon the lost. God has saved us and has us on this earth for one main purpose, to be the light to those in darkness. To help snatch those who the devil has his grip on, and yells “they are mine for eternity!”

Our lives must have an effect on the lost in some way. We must be actively engaged in some fashion in reaching the lost. Each of us has a different “calling”, but it will involve  reaching out to the lost in some way, to those who have yet to be saved.

We must check our lives. Take inventory. If need be, pray and ask God to awake you to the lost around you, and to those outside of your own world.

Give me your heart that will cause my eyes to see. Then give me your ability to use my whole being to reach out to those in need


2 Responses to “Making the Devil somewhat happy”

  1. brian Says:

    Yes…amen…Richard…well said. So much of how I attempt to live for Christ is fleshly and lethargic, and an absolute failure. But I’m not without hope, because the greater One lives within me to see that He is lifted up, and as that is done by the Spirit, He will draw all men & women to himself. Pray for the Church!

  2. Richard Says:

    You are right brother, you still have “hope”. Time however, is very short. We all need to take inventory and make sure His Spirit is activated daily within us. It certainly isn’t automatic.
    I believe soon the church is going to have a big wake up call. Everything that can be shaken, will be. Bless the Lord. That goes for our own lives as well.

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