Warning to us believers

If we are not “growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we could be “led away with the error of the wicked” and eventually “fall from our own steadfastness” (taken from 2Pet.3:17).

Growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord, does take effort. It is not automatic. It doesn’t just happen. We are not to just “be”. If we are to grow spiritually, we must continually be thinking on the things of God. We must be continually praying to our Father. We must be continually feasting upon His word. We must be continually taking Him out into the world. We must be continually talking about Him to those we meet.

Growing is progression. If no forward progression is taking place, then there is no growth. If there is no forward growth, then we are dying and going backward.

Growth begins within. First, it must start with us and God alone. If we don’t have alone time with God, we are missing the essential ingredient for growth. Many think that growth is all about church. No, growth certainly takes place there, but unless one has the foundation of his or her’s own personal devotions laid daily, growth cannot remain. Time alone builds the foundation in which we stand.

And yes, we can “fall”, and “fall away”. None of us are exempt. The only way to prevent it, is to be found “growing” daily. And, it does take effort on our part. No effort, no growth.


4 Responses to “Warning to us believers”

  1. Stella Says:

    Hi Richard, Thank you for the keen observation about growing daily in the Lord. We come to Him as little children, eating baby food, but shame on us if we stay in that same state. Growning in Jesus means to progress to the meat and potatoes of a deeper relationship with Him and a knowledge of His Word. The keys to a life in Him lie in His Word if we will but spend time daily in prayer and study, He will lead us step by step…. not in our way, but in His.
    Enjoy Jesus as He continues to led you and be with you each and every day, in each and every way.

  2. Richard Says:

    Thank you Stella!
    Good in the relation to our daily food. I also am a firm believer in that one has to live out their knowledge of the word. It has to be combined with study and time alone with Him, then we have to get out and experience The Word as we are living in the world.
    May you also “enjoy Jesus each and every day, in each and every way”. I like that : )

  3. Stella Says:

    Good point, Richard – what good does all that do us if we hide our light in a barrel. I appreciate the fact that you take what you have and share it in the way that you do. As in the prayer of Jabez, God will ENLARGE our territory, when we ask Him to. God bless you as you continue to share Jesus in the territory He leads you to.

  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks Stella! May God also “ENLARGE” your territory!

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