Salvation offered in the “trendy”

All city’s have their “trendy” area or areas. It is an area that people talk about. It a popular hang out area. Out of towners must see it. And younger people thrive in the area.

I personally haven’t been to our “trendy” area in a few month’s. But, today the Lord moved on my heart to re-visit the area. As I hit the sidewalk of the area, I heard, “Salvation of the soul”. That was good enough for me. After prayer walking the area, the Lord again placed me on a corner that I had been several times before. It’s kind of a nice spot. It in front of a local tavern, with three others, one on each of the other corners, how awesome is that!

Occasionally, He would have me say as I stood there on the corner holding a tract, “Salvation of the soul being offered again today” or “Salvation for eternity being offered again today” or “Salvation through Jesus being offered again today”.

After about ten minutes, a guy passed by that quickly turned around and grabbed one. I always love this because it is God in action. One walks by and the Spirit moves on him or her, then they decide to turn back and grab a tract. It is the power of God moving upon their heart. Totally awesome to behold!

A young girl passes by and smiles and takes one.

Later in the day, the Spirit takes me to a different corner two blocks up. There standing again holding out a tract, the Lord brings two young boys by on their bikes. They smile and look as if to say, “what is he doing?” I hand the oldest one a tract, and said, “you’ve heard of John 3:16 before, haven’t you?” He smiled and said, “yeah”. I said, “the first part of that verse demands an answer doesn’t it?” Why did God give us his Son? The youngest, maybe ten, said, “to save the world”. I said, “that’s right, but what did he save us from?” ( I love this part). The ten-year old boy said, “our sins”. That was right on! I encouraged them to share Christ with their friends. I also encouraged them to stay close to Jesus, cause things are not going to get better. The light turned green, and off they went. This was very encouraging in an area of the country where a lot of youth haven’t heard about Jesus or know very little.

Then of course we seemly always have to have the people who say things like, “No thanks, I have my own higher power”. We pray for them as they walk hurriedly by.

11 Responses to “Salvation offered in the “trendy””

  1. Brian Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to get to know some m guys – it’s a challenge to find common ground to build relationship on. Your comments on ‘in the spirit’ encourages me- have i been doing my work out of my strength?

    I have you in my RSS feed, and so see all your posts. Keep em coming.

  2. Stella Says:

    Richard, reading your street experiences is a constant inspiration to me. You certainly have motivation and I like your approach. I pray for you that angels will protect you always and that God’s Spirit continues to lead you as you share Jesus with others.

  3. Richard Says:

    I gather that you are talking about trying to get to know unbelievers, right? If so, as I have shared many times, listening is huge. As we listen, we are also asking the Holy Spirit to give us the insight that we need to speak into their lives.
    As far as your comment, “have i been doing my work out of my own strength?”. Well, learning to walk in the Spirit is one big learning process. I don’t believe we can ever get to the point where we know it completely. However, we should all be growing in this area. We should be able to look back in our lives and see progress in “hearing”, in “obeying” the Spirit.
    God bless you brother as you learn more and more of the Spirit!

  4. Richard Says:

    Glad you are blessed! Thanks for your prayers!

  5. brian Says:

    Hey Richard, this is another Brian; quick comment, when people give the excuse of having their own higher power, can the believer challenge their statement in love? I think the scriptures define the LORD as the most high right? Why would anybody want a fourth place god? Besides, let’s have the courage to ask about these higher powers and examine them by the truth. Too many people need to hear the eternal word of God, not the temporary fancies of harry potter fantasy.

  6. Stella Says:

    Brian – that has always bothered me too. I am glad you addressed the subject. My thought is …. if someone has to refer to their “entity” as their “higher power” – they must not know their “higher Power” very well. So when they pray – they address it as “Dear Higher Power” ????? That is so nebulous. I would love to get an answer from someone who refers to “it” that way.

  7. Richard Says:

    Brian and Stella,
    Thanks. Excellent subject for sure. It opens up vastly. The “higher power” has no limits, as we experienced with this man who walked by. People like it because it’s goes along with the idea that you can make out a god to suit your own idea and your own needs. More and more we are going to see people get away from the God of the Bible. In fact, if you are not aware of it, it is because you don’t get out and talk to people. The reality is out there, but we must get out of our four walls and the four walls of the church building.

  8. Stella Says:

    Oh I am well aware of it – I get that all the time – but just never pursued their actual meaning. Amen – the Sermon on the Mount had no walls – we were never meant to be a cacoon people. God meant for His children to be on the front lines of the action – Jesus certainly was.

  9. brian Says:

    I think it has or is proliferating because they just here someone else say it and so on. There is a way that seems right, but it is the sure way to eternal death. The majority of people that we meet outside the church love life, why not have eternal life with the One who promised it and proved it by defeating death! Yes, of course we did not physically see His resurrection, but the multitudes of changed lives bears enormous weight to the sufficiency of the One true and living God, who indwells within His chosen people…those who simply accept and trust.

  10. Richard Says:

    Stella, Amen!

  11. Richard Says:

    Brian, yeah it’s becoming more and more common. As far as “life” goes, regarding those who have yet to believe, all they have is physical life. True life is when the Spirit of God comes in and one lives that life in the Spirit. This is eternal life

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