Transcending Love in action

What a God, that gives people countless opportunities to hear about His Son. And the awesome thing is….that it is all motivated by His love.

Even when one is not completely coherent, God can transcend the music, the drug ,the alcohol, and even if there is a mental problem going on. He certainly is all-powerful! Nothing can prevent Him from doing what he wants to do, or how he chooses to do it. And the awesome thing is….to be able to watch it in action. Really, indescribable when you come right down to it.

Today again, was one of those experiences.

The Spirit showed me a corner that I haven’t been upon in over 6 months. So, I boarded the train and headed there. It wasn’t far from another corner that I had been that afternoon. It took all of maybe 10 minutes to get there by train.

I got there and had to use the restroom, so I walked a block and did that. I returned to the corner where I had believed that He wanted me to be. After about 20 minutes, with a few relatively light and small conversations, I looked to my right across the street, and noticed a guy doing a little jig to the music that he was listening to on his iPod. My eyes followed him for a bit, and noticed that he might not be all there, or possibly high on alcohol or drugs. This of course, is no big deal out on the streets. We see it all the time everywhere we go. It’s all too common, unfortunately.

So, about the time I’m thinking in my mind, “is he going to come over here?” As I do from time to time, I held out a tract towards him, as if to say, “here it is, come and get it”. Hoping that the Spirit would move on such an individual. He makes a one-eighty, and turns and crosses the street and heads straight towards me.

He is boppin along, and I reach out to him and say, “here, this is for you!”. He says, “what is it!” Before I could say what it was, he says, “read it!” I said, “do you know what it is?” He said, “I don’t care! I just want you to read it out loud to me. And it better be loud”, he said.

Now this was really cool. He stood a little off to the side, about 6 feet in front of me. And, as usual, there were people around listening and walking by. So, I began to read it line by line. “John 3:16” “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son,”……………

As I was reading, “he said louder!” He said, “are you sure that you are reading every word?” I smiled and said, “Oh yeah!” He said, “make sure you read every paragraph too”. So, I took full advantage of his request and read loud and slow.

Now, one might think here that he was just being comical, or messing around with me, right? One might think that also because he had his iPod on, that he wasn’t hearing a word I was saying, right? Also, do to the quite obvious, that he was high, he wasn’t paying attention, right?

But, as I read it to him, he begins to repeat some words of the Gospel. Now, we all know that in the natural, one can comprehend more of what they are hearing when they repeat it to themselves, right? This is just what God had him doing. Just as he was. There was no need to have him sobered up. The power of God can transcend all human barriers. Thus it was so.

After finishing one side of the card, I turned it over and said, “do you want me to read the other side?” He said, “sure! Keep it going!” I smiled and kept going. He would make comments like,”is that so? wow, really”

Take a moment out like I did afterwards, and try to comprehend what  actually took place here. Here is a man who I am sure had no idea that day that he was going to hear about Jesus that day, let alone have a guy on a street corner read to him, God’s plan of salvation for his soul. How about what ever he did that day to get high? Was he thinking that God through his Spirit would try to reach him that day?

I love to see God meet people right where they are. The old hymn, “Just as I am” was very fitting.

Well, I would like to tell you that man bowed his head there and received Christ into his life, but that did not happen at that moment. I did not get to see it. I am OK with that. Sure, I would have liked to see that more than anything, but that moment was not in tha plan for whatever reason. What I did get to see, was a man who God loved much, and that he gave him another opportunity to hear. That was His love in action.

How many times has he heard? How many times will he hear? Only God knows. But, I know that God is full of opportunities and that His love is relentless.

After reading 3/4 of the card, he said that he must be going. He didn’t take the card with him, but got to hear sufficiently, the Gospel. As he bopped down the sidewalk, I prayed for him. I looked all the way up to the next block, and could still see him. A young couple moved out of the way, as he passed by. Maybe a little staggering?

The Gospel story doesn’t stop there. The young couple walk by me, and I made a comment about the man who was staggering as he went by them. They stopped, and we engaged in a beautiful dialogue about Christ. After about 20 minutes, they took a tract and said that they needed to get to where they were going for the night. The man believed that God was in everyone, and everything. The girl however, was listening very intently, as I have seen before, usually in a group setting. It usually comes down to one in that group.

The streets. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or anything for that matter. Experiencing God while your living! That’s what it is all about! It involves people and telling them about the Christ, the life that you have.


2 Responses to “Transcending Love in action”

  1. brian Says:

    Thanks Richard, your account reminds me of Romans 10:17. Your friend heard the word. God planted a seed, let’s hope others are faithful to water it.
    Psalm 44:8


  2. Richard Says:

    Amen brother! He is a faithful and true God! What an awesome privledge we have working together in His Kingdom. Heaven will reveal it all, bless the Lord!

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