Wake up! Before it’s too late!

This is the cry that the Lord gave me today to deliver around the city.

It started with the usual walking around, praying and scoping out the land. As many times before, I was not sure where we were headed, or where we were going, or what we were going to be doing. As I passed by a newspaper box, I was moved upon to read the headlines, “Earthquake hits the east”. As I scanned the article through the box, the Spirit shook me again to the need of preparation before it’s our turn. This has happened many times before, but, as follows, is the condensed version of what the Lord delivered through me today. If you are currently not awake spiritually, I pray that the Spirit would move on you also, and cause you to turn from the slumber that most are in today.

On four corners of the city the cry went out.

Time is short! It’s wake up time! Soon, major changes are coming our way! Are you preparing for what’s coming ahead? Do you care! Are you concerned?

Most, don’t really care when disaster hits away from home. Oh, we talk about our compassion, and in some cases show it, but when it comes down to it, it’s over there somewhere. Unless it hits in our own yard, or affects us directly, we go on as if it really didn’t happen.

As we walked from one corner to the next, the clouds began to come in and the wind picked up. We heard in the Spirit, “the storm is coming!” Yes, we felt it in the natural, but ever more so in the Spirit.

Street ministry is very unique, in that you get to sence in the Spirit what is going on with the many people who pass by, or that you converse with. It’s a ministry that lets you rub shoulders with the real world, the real people of the world (at least here in the US). People of all walks of life. The office workers. The city workers. The musicians. The vendors. The drug addicts. The alcoholics. The addicts period. The vacationers. The students. Etc. Etc.

We are always aware of how the people react to the Gospel of Christ, even in August of 2011. In a world of “who cares”. A world that tells everybody at every point, “It’s all about YOU!”

We continued to share……..

The hardest thing is to give up and let God! Our human nature wants to be in control. It wants to be in the driver seat! It does not like being in the passenger seat. And all the time, God is saying, “pull over and let me take the wheel!”. But oh no! The stubborn nature wants to rule!…………. Give up! Give up! Give up and let God!

Like many times before, we really saw the slumber in people. The devil has them lured through many different means. Mainly the “lure of the world” which takes on unlimited forms today, and they are growing as we speak.

We see many people drug induced walking down the sidewalk. The devil has them sedated to the point of not knowing what is going on around them. We saw one guy just staring down the sidewalk with his eyes 3/4 shut.

Sleeping doesn’t have to be drug induced though. Many are so consumed with the cares of this life, that the lights are on, but no body’s home. There is a blank stare as they pass by.

Preoccupation is where Satan has got most people today. So preoccupied in their minds, they don’t even know whats going on 10 feet in front of them. And of course, one of the major distractions to people having any time at all to consider their own spiritual welfare, to get to a point where they can hear God speak, is of course……the ipod. Tuned out and in their own little world. And all the time, the devil is smiling. There is no time to think of….. where is my soul going to spend eternity? “Hey, I’m busy, can’t you see!”

We are living right in a time where you could be sharing Christ in the simplest form to people around you and some look at you like, “what is he talking about?”. Mind you, these are adults, right here in the good ole’ USA. Satan is doing his job well.

We continued……

Now is preparation time! It’s time to get right with God! It’s time to turn from sin! No longer let sin be your master! God is not willing that any perish, but that all come to repentance! That old school word repentance means, turn from the way you are going, turn from your sins that separate you from God, and turn back to God. Your walking down the sidewalk, and He wants you to do a 180 and turn and give up and go back to Him!

Time is short! There is no guarantee of tomorrow! Just because you are alive today, is no guarantee that you will be tomorrow! I have the stats right here! Yesterday, approximately 6,700 people died in the US. Who are we to think that we aren’t going to be one of those stats? How about this one, approximately 155,00 people died in the world yesterday! How many of these people had time to prepare spiritually?

How about the Tsunami that hit Japan just a few month’s ago? How many of those people had time to get their house in order, spiritually? It has been said that the water was moving at 500 miles an hour!

What about us! Do we care? (from time to time, young people would walk by and say, “no, I don’t!”) This is right where we are at in the real world. It would do us all good to get out of our boxes and enter the real world. The world outside of our little homes, our families. Outside our jobs. Outside our churches. The real world is….. outside, period.

The awesome thing is that today God gave us complete liberty to share for about two hours in the same spot. The trains were backed up as usual, and praise God many got to hang abound for up to 30 minutes before they took off. God had some of them listening very intently. We had a couple of good conversations with some people.

Once again, people are being warned of the need to get right through Christ before it’s too late. We are on the brink of something really big happening in our city. If it’s not a collective disaster, or catastrophe that you may be involved in, you like me, have a number when your time is no more. We just don’t know when that is. It is imperative that we prepare to meet God. That is why God’s word says that “today is the day of salvation!” Don’t wait till you are on your death-bed and the doctor comes in and says, “the best we can figure is that you got six weeks”. The next response is, “please send for the chaplain, I need to talk to him”. Don’t wait tell your life is over! Believe and receive Christ today! Start experiencing God while you are living!

God bless you!


4 Responses to “Wake up! Before it’s too late!”

  1. terrileewilliamsonT Says:

    “Sleeping doesn’t have to be drug induced though. Many are so consumed with the cares of this life, that the lights are on, but no body’s home. There is a blank stare as they pass by.”
    Powerful! Thanks for sharing…. My husband came out of church last night and shouted GIDEON!!!! And blew his shofar. And he is starting his street ministry again today. He came home talking about Gideon’s Arise and I googled that and found… http://www.openheaven.com/forums/printer_friendly_posts.asp?TID=5315 the first line says Gideon was shouted with force… Kelley has such and urgency to knock on every door of our city, beginning today. Please pray for him as he goes and we pray for you that our country wakes and rises NOW.
    Blessings to you

  2. brian Says:

    Richard, great post, and I would confirm how the world caters to our selfish fancies by advertising its wares. But guess what, so does the gospel! John 3:16 explicitly states that it is all about you, and God has taken extreme measures to articulate it, written in His own sons blood. In a world that is addicted to convenience, I can find nothing more convenient than God making me a way for eternal life. Praise the Lord!

  3. Richard Says:

    Awesome Terri! May Kelley be filled with the Spirit, and may he dump it out on all those that God puts into his path! He’s covered in the blood as he goes out!
    Thanks for sharing, and God be with you both!

  4. Richard Says:

    True brother! This world despertaly needs God. And we must get the Gospel out in whichever way that He is showing us personally. We must not keep it to ourselves, and say, “I got mine!”
    God bless you as you go out!

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