Traveling in the Spirit

One of my favorite things to do is to be led of the Spirit, and see where it takes you. Taking out the front door and not knowing where you are going. This of course has to be done through walking and taking public transportation. Also, one must learn to sense and hear to some extent, before they take out and travel in the Spirit. If you get visions, that also can lead you to a place, person or thing. Like anything else in God’s kingdom, it is a learning experience for those who desire to be led out by His Spirit.

I do hope to hear from many other’s in the coming days who also have similar type experiences. Just before writing this tonight, I thought of a brother in New Zealand who also goes out and travels as the Spirit leads him. I know there must be many more who practice this on a regular basis. I believe it is going to be very needful in the coming days, to know how to hear and follow to a certain place, person, thing or town etc.

Because of God’s great love for humanity, being led out by His Spirit will in most cases, involve people. Sometimes, you will be led to pray over a certain place, thing, or town etc. But, as you do this, always beware of your surroundings and any people that might be in the vicinity.

Look forward to hearing from you.


3 Responses to “Traveling in the Spirit”

  1. Stella Bick Says:

    It is a learning experience to recognize the “Still Small Voice” of the Holy Spirit. My constant prayer is to pray for the gift of wisdom and the gift of discernment. God will never lead anyone in any way that would be in counter-conflict to His Word. The discerning of Spirits is a gift of great value in these last days of earth’s history. The ear must be carefully tuned to listen to the voice of God sent to us through His sweeet Spirit. We also need to OBEY the leading of the Holy Spirit. I give you kuddos for doing just that Richard. God is taking you on quite a journey. Please know that prayers are following you in your travels.

    I do not have a street ministry such as yours, but I have a ministry that affects many areas, music, preaching and personal counselling. I fought getting on Facebook for many years, but a pastor’s wife kept encouraging me to get on. She had a prayer ministry through FB. Finally I got on and determined it was not for me at all. Then one day, I prayed the prayer of Jebez for God to enlarge my territory….. He compelled me to go back to FB and make it a ministry for him. So feelling my way ….. that is what I did. That was a year ago. Today, I have over 2200 followers. I feed them scripture, encouraging words and videos, all under the inspiration and direction of God’s impressions to me….. “That still small voice.” God will use every avenue we are willing to take with Him to spread the message of His grace and everlasting love.
    May God be with you each day as you work in His fields. Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Awesome Stella! That’s what it is about! Hearing and being obedient in our individual callings. God bless you, and thanks for your prayers and encouragement

  3. Richard Says:

    I tried to find you on FB. All I see is a pic of four children, and someone who has 24 friends? What’s the deal?

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