Hidden until they come out

She turned around and looked at me. I smiled and said, “God bless you”. Then fiery demonic spirits jumped out of her and were flying all around the bus.

I was headed off to another part of town to visit a brother who has been struggling since the police shot his dog over a month ago. As I was walking to the bus stop, I stood across the street waiting for the light to change. I saw all the people there waiting for the bus. As the light turned red, the cars stopped, myself and others crossed the street. As I got to the corner, I noticed that it was very quite and I went to prayer to see if the Lord would have me to share out loud, the Gospel.

I started in. I sensed that He wanted me to keep it to a tone where only those who were present at the stop could here. So I did. It was quick and to the point. The usual sharing of the Christ, Sin, separation, forgiveness etc. Only after about five minutes, the bus came, and we all filed into line to board. I smiled and said nothing, neither did anyone else. I got on and felt led to sit about half way down, so I did. The seat ahead of me was empty. Little did I know who was about to sit there.

She was a lady that I am guessing was about 65. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, and she had a sun bonnet on. I didn’t notice her sit down, but after she did, she turned and looked at me. I smiled and said, “God bless you”. Then fiery demonic spirits jumped out of her and were flying all around the bus.

She went into one for the next 5 minutes. She said that she “loved God and went to church”, but we should not be “proselytizing”. “What right did I have trying to make others believe what I believe, you are not acting like Jesus”. After a few sentences, she began to get loud and hot. She grabbed her bags, as if she was leaving. I said, “we should be sharing the Gospel. The bible is full of reasons as to why we should.” She stood up and said, “I can’t take this, I moving to the back.”

I sat there just praying for the lady. Went she sat down in her new spot, she quickly found a guy to go along with her position on sharing the Gospel out loud. I continued to pray. Soon, she got up to de-board and stood across from me, waiting for the bus to stop and the doors to open. The bus came to a stop. She turned around and glared at me. I smiled and said, “have a nice day”. I could tell that she wanted to say the same, but didn’t. All she said was, “ah, ok. I will pray for you.”

I have been ministering long enough to know when the demonic spirits are present. She dumped a big load on that bus. I immediately began to call on the blood of Jesus. My stop came a few stops later. When I got off and my feet hit the sidewalk, I knew then there were spirits hanging onto me. I rebuked them, pleaded the blood, and prayed hard. It took some real spiritual battling as I walked down the sidewalk.

Finally, after sometime and walking, the victory was won through the blood. A constant reminder that there is truly power like no other, in the blood of Christ.

Another testimony, of a women that on the outside appeared to be your friendly, kind, everyday lady. And in this case, a church goer. Inside was another story.

In my years of street ministry, I am seeing more and more, that women are rising to the occasion, so to speak, and are very subtilty being used by the enemy. I have run across a couple of older women that would put most demonic men to shame, as far as to what they are carrying. Their bags so to speak, are full. At the slightest mention of sin, the demons inside them, explode!

I didn’t receive complete revelation of what had happened that day, until the evening came. Basically, she had heard the word “Sin” in the gospel message. The demons inside her, of course didn’t like that. Also, she was probably engaged in a sinful lifestyle. What I was sensing was lesbianism.

In the coming days we are going to see more and more people with sinful lifestyles rise up against the Gospel and the preaching of Sin. Some of the most violent are going to be women, and women of all ages. I have seen some very young and pretty women, turn on a dime, at the mention of Christ and sin. Remember, we don’t war against flesh and blood. But spiritual wickedness in high places. Those “high places” could surprise us.


2 Responses to “Hidden until they come out”

  1. Stella Bick Says:

    Hi Richard – man you got guts…… and that is what God is looking for… men that will stand, though the heavens fall…. to stand firm and be faithful. Like you say, when you do this all the time, it does not take a rocket scientist to recognize what spirit is present in a person. I find it so in my own life – when I feel that evil presence, I can hardly bear to stay around it. We truly are fighting a spiritual battle against powers and principalities that we are not equipped to handle alone. But praise God, he gave us the story found in 2 Chronicles, chapter 20 – “The battle is not ours, it is God’s battle.” All we need to do is to go out and stand firm and see what God will do. I prayGod will give you the strength you need to continue standing firm. He will fight those demons for you. I pray God will send a force of angel protection to surround you in the walking of your ways and the living of your days. Stella

  2. Richard Says:

    Stella, Bless the Lord! It’s a fierce battle out there for sure. And yes, on our own, we are no match for the enemy. He could chew us up and spit us out in a fraction of a second. But, praise God Victory is ours! “Having done all to do, stand!”
    Thanks for your prayers of protection. Without the “blood”, I’m dead meat. Oh yeah, and the full armour of God too!
    Bless you!

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