Are we open to God?

Don’t choose or base your faith on what other’s say or do. God is personal, and we are ultimately accountable to Him. We must base or choose our faith according to what is being shown to us personally. He speaks and reveals Himself in many different ways. He is not confined to a box. However, we must keep our hearts door open to receive what He is trying to show us, or reveal to us. Yes, He most certainly speaks through His written word, but He also speaks through our conscience within. The “still small voice” can be Him speaking to us. This understanding is gained however, as we progress in our walk with Him. Also, a lot of the time, He speaks through people. So, we must be open as He speaks and reveals Himself to us personally.


2 Responses to “Are we open to God?”

  1. hamiltonmj1983 Says:

    Would you say that there is a grounding point, or a constant, in faith? Many Christians would claim the bible to be the “constant” of all Christianity, with experiences being individual parts of faith.

    Also, because God is personal, how would you say that one should make faith his/her own?

  2. Richard Says:

    MJ, thanks for you comment. My hearts desire in this post is to reach the non-believer. It does us believers good to stand back and observe how people outside may look inside, or at it from another angle that we might have never seen, or may have forgotten.
    As far as “how should one make his/hers their own?” Through the Word and the Spirit. Does the written word have to be always present? No.
    I don’t know if you spend some time with non-believers on a regular basis and listen to them, but if not, I would greatly encourge you to do so.
    God bless you!

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