Jesus reminders

Sometimes, that is all we are. But, with that reminder that you just gave them, what do you think a really big God could do with that?  Most of the time, only eternity will tell the results.

That’s what it was today, as I was riding the bus home. I went to the usual back of the bus, and sat on one of the sides seats. It was a particularly talkative bus crowd this night. Most nights, coming home, it is usually on the quieter side. Next to me in the back seats, were two young girls and one guy. In the seat across from me was a guy also.

For the next 25 minutes, I listened to their talk. It ranged from what they were going to do that night, to talking about having sex and drugs. Which is all typical, and of course came as no shock. They spoke of those of who they knew, who had “same sex’. One girl talked about being “bisexual” and might even go there tonight.

So, as this was going on, I was asking God when would it be a good time to bring in “Jesus”. I waited. I sensed that this was not to be the easy way of waiting till they “hit the ringer” to get off at the next stop, then give them a tract as they passed by me. No, I was to hand them each one as soon as things calmed down. I had time working for me.

The guy that sat across me, pulled the wire to get off at the next stop. By their conversation, I could tell that he would be the only one getting off. So I waited. The bus stopped, he said his goodbyes, and off he went. Then, a guy who was sitting a couple of seats up from me, came and sat in the side seat, across from me. They all knew each other. I could tell that they were planning to get off at a particular stop in downtown.

Five minutes later, things calmed down, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining cards that I had. I smiled at the guy across from me and handed him one. Then I handed one each to he girls. The last one was the guy next to the girls, who was closest to me. When He received the card, he immediately let out a “John 3:16 that’s my favorite!” I said, “Oh yeah!” He said that it is the one that he will never forget. I told him that just this week, I had run into a guy around 20 years old who had never heard of the verse before.

Now, the awesome thing here was that this guy was the “leader” so to speak. And here he was talking about the Bible. He had went on and mentioned how that Genesis was his favorite book. I said that I also liked it very much. Talk about how the conversation changed! It went from dirty sex and drugs, to Jesus and the Bible, within seconds!

Our stop came, and we all parted our ways. All four of them were reminded about Jesus once again. I prayed that in God’s timing and way, they would have alone time to read the cards. I even suggested to God that tomorrow morning after their Saturday night when they awake in the morning would be a good time 🙂 I even saw one of them lying in bed the next morning and having a discussion about Jesus and what the “John 3:16” card had to say.

Sometimes, all God wants us to do is just be a “Jesus reminder”. God bless you as you do also.


6 Responses to “Jesus reminders”

  1. fireball3316 Says:

    i so love how you share Jesus with people and how often and so gracefully – such a good challenge! it gets me excited to read it! and stoked we’re friends on fb now!

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks Claire! I hope that many other’s get excited, challenged and stoked about sharing Jesus in their world. Like I have said many times, “some are called to be Evangelists, all are called to Evangelize”. God bless you as you share!

  3. brian Says:

    Hey Richard, thanks again for hosting your experiences..On Sunday pm, I was traveling and trying my best to hear the score of the Broncos/Steelers game. As I heard the very end, I heard the broadcaster say “Tebow 316”, which I perceived to be just another “pot-shot” at his faith and witness. Upon further inspection, I came to find out that God (through Tebow) threw for exactly 316 yards. This is no coincidence folks…the Lord can use anyone and anything to communicate His love and reconciling message. Let’s be encouraged by how the Holy Spirit moves across this world. Amen.
    Jeremiah 6:16

  4. Richard Says:

    Right on Brian! Yeah, I read about that. Bless the Lord! He works in ways outside of our little world and understanding. He’s sooo Big! Amen, good verse! (except the end of it 🙂 God bless you brother as you go out!

  5. forthefrustratedchristian Says:

    I love how eager your were to share about the savior! We always look for opportunities to share the gospel

  6. Richard Says:

    Forthefrustratedchristian, hey thanks for stopping by! Well, I can honestly say that that “eager” comes from the “quickening” of the Holy Spirit within. If up to me, I would be sleeping 🙂 God bless you!

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