“Spirit Led Operation”, the need of the hour!

This life is supposed to be one of being Spirit led, and not one of being led by our carnal mind and will. What we want to do, should not even enter our priorities. Do we practice being Spirit led? Do we care what the Spirit might be saying? Do we even know what it’s like to hear from the Spirit, then go out and be led by His Spirit?

Of course, this takes lots of practice, patience and perseverance. Learning to operate in and of the Spirit is the great need of the day for all those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is the day of preparation before the real needs hit our land. If we wait, we will be like the majority who will have not taken the time to learn and prepare the ways of the Spirit in operation.

May the Spirit of God within us take precedence over our mind and body.

Quietness and alone time with God is the essential need of the hour. No real relationship, no real fellowship with God through His Spirit can be developed unless this time is being taken on a regular basis. You can’t learn of the Spirit unless time is taken with the Spirit. When the Spirit is ruling, leading and guiding our lives, then we go into and operate in the realm (the kingdom) of God. The realm of the Spirit is the kingdom of God. Remembering that, “God is Spirit”, His Kingdom is spiritual, and it’s takes a birth of the Spirit to understand this Kingdom, and to be able to operate in it.

If we don’t spend this “alone time with God“, no real foundation can be laid to operate in the Spirit. We will operate out of the intellect and the flesh. It will be easy to follow the ways of man and religion. We will fall into routine, familiarity and comfort. All three of these ways are ways that our flesh is well acquainted with.

We are reminded, that the biggest battle that the believer faces, is that of the “flesh versus the Spirit“, if indeed one is endeavoring to have the Spirit rule their life. If not, there will be no real battle taking place because the carnal mind will be ruling. Let us not forget that this kind of mind is “enmity with God”.

So, Spirit operation is the need of the hour. To be able to know where to go, what to say and what to do is going to be ever more so needed in the coming days. Let us not be left behind, because whither we want to believe it or not, God is busy assembling his “Army” of Spirit led believers that are going out into the world to do what the Spirit has ordained them to do. They are being equipped and trained while they are out and about practicing being Spirit led, and the power is being manifested in the fulfilment thereof.

“Rise up O Spirit of God!”


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