Where did “God bless you” go?

Tonight, as I was purchasing a couple of shirts, I smiled at the cashier and said, “God bless you”.

This is nothing new for me, I do it all the time. And you might also do the same . But, tonight I was impressed to say afterwards, “when was the last time you heard that?” She smiled and said, “wow, I don’t think I have ever heard that since I have worked here”. I said, “really!”. She went on to say, “you don’t hear that anymore”. I said, “that’s really sad”. She smiled and agreed.

Can we put a value on telling someone “God bless you?” A couple of years ago, I had a vision of a lady that was a grocery checker and a customer said “God bless you” to her and she ended up re-commiting her life back to God. She went to lunch and into the lunch room and after it got quiet, she sat there and remembered when she was young and in “Sunday School” and how wonderful that was. Soon, she ended up confessing to the Lord, tears rolled down her face, and God met her right there in the lunch room. It was because God used someone to smile and say “God Bless You”. We will never know this side of eternity how valuable a few words spoken could be.

Like I’ve said before, “God gave us a mouth for much more than eating”.

“God bless you” is not the least we can say, and it’s certainly not the least we can do.


2 Responses to “Where did “God bless you” go?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I say that too, and I remember that it took a month or more for this phrase to flow easily, naturally. I wanted to be very present/conscious/public with my faith, and this was an easy way to incorporate it into my life. thanks for sharing your story. “God bless you!”

  2. Richard Says:

    You are welcome! Glad you were blessed! Keep saying “God bless you!”

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